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① Blockchain Lao Qin team: what impact does the stock market rally have on the currency circle

I have always believed that all kinds of coins are a product of pure speculation, which has neither value nor value. It has no use value, it is just a hype code when the funds are involved. Once the funds are withdrawn, the price will return to zero sooner or later. Please participate with caution. A sharp rise in the stock market will divert funds, which is beneficial to the currency circle.

②Brief introduction of Li Hailong in the currency circle

Li Hailong is really not a simple person. He is congenitally blind in both eyes, which means that he has not been able to see since birth. He has never been to school. Through his own efforts, he learns to type 120 times a minute on the computer. When the computer is broken, he repairs it himself. He can also program computer software. People who know him will ask him how to do it. He only answers in four words. The most surprising thing is that he used 700 Ethereum to become more than 60,000 Ethereum, and he occasionally helps others publish articles.
Expansion information:
1. Before 2017, those who entered the currency circle basically made money and made a lot of money. Since 2017, the super traders of the capital market are also optimistic about the leeks in the currency circle and start to use the blockchain The name continues to be high-quality packaging to attract investment again. At this time, players in the capital disk also began to participate in various blockchain projects under the name of high-level blockchain. The word blockchain also makes People are very easy to remember in people’s brains. Players can say these terms, blockchain, decentralization, openness and transparency, and cannot be tampered with. It sounds very professional to people. In fact, Mao of the blockchain has never seen what it is like.
2. The currency circle is a term or concept in the blockchain industry. It is a circle formed by a group of people who pay attention to virtual encrypted digital currency or issue their own digital currency to raise funds. Among them, Bitcoin is more important in the currency circle. a virtual encrypted digital currency. The currency circle is a field that lacks formal supervision. Everyone needs to be alert to various scams when contacting the currency circle, especially fake trading platforms, OTC fraud, phishing, counterfeit currency, etc. The currency circle is the natural circle formed by digital currency players. Digital currency is virtual currency, and the number one is Bitcoin.
3. Token is an encrypted virtual currency. It consists of a symbol that acts as a representation. In the currency circle, BTC and ETH are recognized and leading tokens. Airdrops are a very popular cryptocurrency marketing method right now. In order to allow potential investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to obtain information about tokens, the token team will regularly distribute unknown tokens to the accounts of participants in the currency circle, and the amount is proportional to the number of original tokens. If you want to get more airdrops, you must buy more tokens. This is a very effective way of publicity for currency marketing.

③ Hunan Tuoxiang Technology Co., Ltd. founded by Li Hailong, a blind person in the currency circle, breeds mice Price

Abstract Dear, it is true that Hunan Tuoxiang Technology Co., Ltd. founded by Li Hailong, a blind person in the currency circle, breeds mice!

④ There are several dealers in each currency circle

There are countless dealers behind each currency, large and small, currency exchange, digital currency transactions platform.

⑤ Currency circle, how to step into the most high-end circle

I just answered one, you can check me in my answer or give a rough introduction to newcomers. Buy and sell digital currency in the currency circle. To enter the most high-end circle, you must be clear about the purpose and specific process of digital currency issuance. The general necessary condition is that you must have a reliable project or a regular enterprise and then contact The blockchain technical team helps you make a token system, then find a professional team to help you package and promote it, attract angel investment institutions, and finally find a digital asset exchange to help you list coins and enter the secondary market. Nowadays, most of the transactions are in the name of individuals or the issuance process is not rigorous. Most of the digital currencies are MLM coins. I hope my answer will be helpful to you.

⑥ What are some professional terms in the currency circle

26 Explanation of common terms in the blockchain industry model. is a shared distributed ledger in which transactions are permanently recorded through additional blocks.

2. Block—Block

In the Bitcoin network, data is permanently recorded in the form of files, which we call blocks. A block is a set of records of some or all of the latest Bitcoin transactions that have not been recorded by other previous blocks.

3. Node – Node

A copy of the ledger operated by the participants of the blockchain network.

4. GoCentralization

Decentralization is a phenomenon or structure that must arise or exist in a system with many nodes or in a group with many individuals. The influence between nodes will form a nonlinear causal relationship through the network.

5. Consensus mechanism

The consensus mechanism is to complete the verification and confirmation of the transaction in a very short time through the voting of special nodes; for a transaction, if the interests are irrelevant If several nodes can reach a consensus, we can think that the whole network can also reach a consensus on this.

6. Pow – Proof of Work

Proofof Work means how much currency you get, depending on the amount of work you contribute to mining, the better the computer performance, the more money you get There will be more mines.

7. PoS – Proof of Stake

Proofof Stake, a system for distributing interest based on the amount and time of currency you hold. In the POS mode, your “mining” The profit is proportional to your coin age, and has nothing to do with the computing power of your computer.

8. Smart contracts

Smart contracts are computer protocols designed to spread, verify or execute contracts in an information-based manner. Smart contracts allow for trusted transactions without third parties that are traceable and irreversible.

9. Timestamp

A timestamp refers to a string or encoded information used to identify the recorded time and date. The international standard is ISO 8601.

10. Turing completeness

Turing completeness refers to the ability of a machine to perform computations that any other programmable computer can perform.

11. Dapp – Decentralized Application

It is an open-source application that runs automatically and stores its data on the blockchain in the form of cryptocurrency tokens. Form incentives and operate with protocols that show proof of value.

12. DAO – Decentralized Autonomous Organization

It can be considered as a company that operates without any human intervention, and gives all forms of control to a set of Broken business rules.

13. PrivateKey – Private Key

A private key is a string of data that allows you to access a token in a particular wallet. As cryptocurrencies, they are hidden from all but the owner of the address.

14. PublicKey – public key

is paired with the private key. The public key can calculate the address of the coin, so it can be used as a certificate for owning the coin address.

15. Miners

A computing device or software that attempts to create blocks and add them to the blockchain. In a blockchain network, when a new valid block is created, the system generally automatically gives the block creator (miner) a certain amount of tokens as a reward.

16. Mining Pool

It is a fully automatic mining platform, which enables miners to contribute their respective computing power to mine together to create blocks and obtain block rewards. And distribute profits according to the proportion of computing power contribution (that is, the mining machine accesses the mining pool – provides computing power – obtains income).

17. Public chain

A completely open blockchain refers to a blockchain that can be read by anyone, can be sent by anyone, and the transaction can be effectively confirmed. Everyone in the world can participate in system maintenance, and anyone can read and write data through transactions or mining.

18. Private chain

The write permission is only for a blockchain of a certain organization or a specific few objects. Read permissions can be open to the outside world, or restricted to any degree.

19. Consortium chain

The consensus mechanism is a blockchain jointly controlled by a number of designated institutions.

20. Sidechains

pegged sidechains technology (pegged sidechains), which will realize the transfer of bitcoin and other digital assets between multiple blockchains, which This means that users can access the new cryptocurrency system while using their existing assets.

21. Cross-chain technology

Cross-chain technology can be understood as a bridge connecting various blockchains, and its main application is to realize atomic transactions, asset conversion, regional Information exchange within the blockchain, or solving Oracle problems, etc.

22. Hard forks

The blockchain has a permanent divergence. After the release of the new consensus rules, some nodes that have not been upgraded cannot verify the blocks produced by the upgraded nodes. Usually a hard fork happens.

23. Soft fork

When the new consensus rules are released, nodes that have not been upgraded will produce illegal blocks because they do not know the new consensus rules, which will generate Temporary fork.

24, Hash——Hash value

Generally translated as “hash”, there are also direct transliteration as “hash”. Simply put, it is a function that compresses a message of any length into a message digest of a fixed length.

25. Main chain

The term main chain originates from the main network (as opposed to the test network), which is an officially launched, independent blockchain network.

Those who don’t know the “jargon” of the currency circle, come and learn:

1. What is fiat currency?

Fiat currency is French�Currency is issued by the state and the government, and only government credit is guaranteed, such as RMB, US dollar, etc.

2. What is token?

token, usually translated into token. Token is one of the important concepts in the blockchain. Its more widely known name is “token”, but in the eyes of professional “chain circle” people, its more accurate translation is “token”, which represents the district. A proof of stake on the blockchain, not a currency.

Three elements of Token

One is the digital proof of rights and interests. The certificate must be a proof of rights and interests in digital form, representing a right, an inherent and intrinsic value;

Second, encrypted currency, the authenticity of the certificate, tamper-proof, privacy protection and other capabilities are guaranteed by cryptography;

The third is to be able to flow in a network, thereby Verification can be done anytime, anywhere.

3. What is Jiancang?

Opening a position in the currency circle is also called opening a position, which means that a trader newly buys or sells a certain amount of digital currency.

4. What is Stud?

Coin circle stud means putting all the principal in.

5. What is an airdrop?

Airdrops are a very popular cryptocurrency marketing method. In order to allow potential investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to obtain token-related information, the token team conducts frequent airdrops.

6. What is lock-up?

Locking generally refers to investors opening new positions opposite to their original positions after buying and selling contracts, when the market moves in the opposite direction to their own operations, also known as pair locks, order locks, or even U.S. It’s called Double Flying Butterfly.

7. What is candy?

The candy in the currency circle is the digital currency that is distributed to users for free at the ICO of various digital currencies.

8. What is a break?

Breaking refers to falling below, and hair refers to the issue price of digital currency. A currency break is when a certain digital currency falls below the issued price.

9. What is private placement?

Private placement in the currency circle is a way to invest in cryptocurrency projects, and it is also the best way for cryptocurrency project founders to raise funds for the operation of the platform.

10. How do you see the K-line chart?

Candlestick Charts, also known as candle charts, Japanese lines, yin and yang lines, stick lines, red and black lines, etc., are commonly referred to as “K lines”. It is plotted with the open, high, low and close prices for each analysis period.

11. What is hedging?

General hedging is to carry out two trades related to the market at the same time, in opposite directions, equal in quantity, and offsetting profits and losses. In the futures contract market, buy the same amount of positions in different directions, and when the direction is determined, close the positions in the opposite direction, and keep the positive direction for profit.

12. What is the position?

Position is a market agreement that promises to buy and sell the initial position of the contract. The person who buys the contract is a long position and is in a position that hopes to rise; the seller of a contract is a short position and is in a position that hopes to fall.

13. What are the benefits?

Positive: Refers to the news that the currency has received mainstream media attention, or that there is a breakthrough in the application of a certain technology, which is conducive to stimulating the price increase, which is called a good news.

14. What is bad?

Bad: news that prompts a fall in currency prices, such as bitcoin technical problems, central bank suppression, etc.

15. What is the rebound?

The price adjustment phenomenon in which the currency price rebounds due to the rapid fall in the downward trend. The rise is less than the fall.

16. What is leverage?

Leveraged trading, as the name suggests, is to use a small amount of capital to invest several times the original amount, in the hope of obtaining several times the rate of return or loss relative to the fluctuation of the investment target.

⑦ How does the currency circle make money?

About digital currency, tell me your opinion, listen to it, and laugh it off if it doesn’t make sense.
Currency, as a measure of value in a transaction, does not necessarily have value in itself, it can only be used as an intermediate unit of measure. It is as if my country only has RMB as legal tender, which means that government guarantees have value. If it is like those war-torn areas, ten pounds of currency may not be able to buy an egg, which is the reason.
Speaking of digital currency, digital currency, until now, no country has recognized it as the currency in circulation in its own country. It seems that last year or the year before, our country also banned some, so in this case, digital currency, only You can sell at a higher price than you bought it, and you can make money. But digital currency itself does not have any value, and unlike stocks, it is your ownership of a listed company. So, when you can’t find someone to buy digital currency, it’s worthless.
Ponzi scheme in history, Dutch tulips, when they were the most expensive, a tulip was worth buying a house, and when no one bought it, all the tulips rotted away. ��� a potato. Therefore, Buffett said that digital currency is a bubble and a scam, and it is estimated that this is what he thinks.
In addition, there is a saying in the stock market that when the aunts of the vegetable market start discussing stocks, it is the time when the stock market peaks. I think this also applies to digital currency. When many people are discussing how to make money, when they can make a lot of money, it is the time when the risk has accumulated to a great extent. At this time, if you go in, you may be trapped.

⑧ Is Paicoin related to Zhang Peng?

1. Is it related? Picoin is one of the more special existences, and it claims to be an encrypted digital currency that can be “mined” on mobile phones. According to the official website of Pibi Chinese Evangelist, Pibi was built by a doctoral team from Stanford University, and it is a chance for ordinary people to make money. Compared with the need for enough mining machines to mine Bitcoin, the way to mine Picoin is the simplest in the currency circle. According to the Pibi Chinese evangelist website, Bicoin users only need to download PiCoin to mine for free, without power consumption or traffic, and they only need to click once a day to mine PiCoin.
2. Paicoin has been in operation for more than 2 years, and the funds have not seen any substance, only “all kinds of brainwashing benefits”, the so-called “big news”, the so-called “20 million fans”, and each person counts him as 5,000 , that is 10 billion. In addition, from the team leader to the ordinary fans, no one saw a penny. In other words, at this stage, Pi Network has achieved nearly 20 million active users simply by “drawing cakes”.
3. After Zhang Peng fled overseas, he contacted several marketing companies and publicity companies, gave some early high-level benefits, and designed the PI coin gameplay. The original intention of the project was to cut a wave of leeks in early 2020, but later an advertising company found Zhang Peng, took a fancy to the size of PI coin fans, and cooperated with each other. PI coin opened a harmless advertising profit model, So far, it has made a profit of nearly 100 million.
Expansion information
1. In the currency circle, such currencies are “as much as a cow’s hair”, and the probability of surviving is very small, and investors who join later may encounter the risk of “smashing the market”. At present, such virtual digital currencies are emerging in an endless stream, and Wu Haifeng worries that “mining” with mobile phones will lead to user privacy in a “streaking zone”. He said that most of the apps in the currency circle can be downloaded in the mobile application market only by relying on overseas IDs, and borrowing someone else’s ID may upload files in their own mobile phones. These virtual currency apps may also upload user privacy information during use, allowing user privacy to run naked in the online world.
2. A small number of scams in the cloak of blockchain will set very low entry thresholds for users in the early stage, including low operating thresholds and free funding thresholds, and increase the popularity of the project through the head-pulling reward model and a lot of publicity. At this stage, it is essentially to build a multi-level distribution system. When the second stage is reached, that is, the project party starts to announce that the virtual currency can be transferred or traded, there is the possibility of capital circulation, which will provide the project party with the opportunity to sell the token, and the risk will also be greatly increased. There are also some projects that collect users’ private information in the name of blockchain, or can make profits through the reselling of personal data.

⑨ What does the currency circle air force mean

Bearish Legion

⑩ Top 20 currency circle exchanges Rankings

2017-2019 are various, and exchanges of all sizes have sprung up. After two years of shuffling, there are currently three echelons of exchanges;

The first tier: BNB (Binance) OKB (OK) HT (Huobi)

The second tier: Bkex (Bike) Biki MXC A network Q network Zhongbi K network


The third tier: other various small exchanges

Currently the first tier of exchanges is booming, the second tier is chasing after continuous innovation, and the third tier are also seeking new development directions.

At present, the basic business of exchanges is similar, mainly looking at services, user experience, and innovation (new gameplay).

Personally, I am optimistic about the Bkex Global platform. Born in 2018, he is already growing up and will definitely be incorporated into the first echelon in the future. Let us wait and see! ! !


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