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A. What is the cross-position leverage in the currency circle and how to play it

The currency circle is a natural circle formed by digital currency players. Digital currency is virtual currency, and the number one is Bitcoin.
Cross position means that when buying and selling stocks, all funds are used to buy stocks, and there is no remaining funds. For example, if you have 100 yuan, and all the 100 yuan buys stocks, it is called a full position.
Leveraged trading in the currency circle refers to the fact that when investors trade virtual currencies, they perform leverage operations to purchase more virtual currencies with less funds. Among them, futures contracts are more common in the currency circle. Expanding the investor’s profitability, but also amplifying the investor’s risk.
For example, if the investor adds three times the leverage, when the underlying object purchased by the investor falls by 10%, the short-selling investor, under the action of 3 times the leverage, will have a return rate of 30%. If the purchased subject matter rises by 10%, the short-selling investor will lose 30% under the action of 3 times leverage. When the investor’s loss rate reaches 100%, the position will be liquidated.
Generally speaking, the higher the leverage ratio, the greater the risk. Investors should reasonably control their positions during the trading process to avoid being liquidated.

Reminder: The above information is for reference only and does not make any suggestions.
Response time: 2021-10-28, please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank for the latest business changes.

B. Recently I heard that the HIEX trading platform is very popular in the currency circle. I would like to know more about it. Do you have any friends who know or have bought it? Ask Amway! ! !

Recently bought it is very good, conscience recommends you to go. This is some information about the platform, you can refer to
The world’s first digital currency exchange that introduced a digital asset banking mechanism, holding HC coins can enjoy investment income. Really revitalize the user’s idle assets!
1. Hold coins to share dividends, digital bank income, transaction mining, recharge mining and other new ways to play!
2. The world’s first exchange to introduce a digital asset banking mechanism
3. The exclusive HC investor protection system allows you to avoid the trouble of junk coins
4. HC currency asset income distribution and trading Dividends from all income, double income distribution guarantee
5. Officially allocate 20 million USDT to HC holders
6. The next thousand times coins are coming
7. HC super mall, available HC payment mall!
8. Retail investors will never lock up their positions

C. What platforms are popular in the currency circle recently

Huobi, Binance, okex

D. How powerful is the coin exchange?

This is quite powerful and is the world’s leading digital currency trading desk. The transaction operation is simple, especially suitable for the novice in the currency circle. If you are interested in digital currency trading, you can try this platform.

E. What is USDT in the currency circle?

USDT is positioned as a stable currency and is a digital currency linked to legal currency. USDT is now a mainstream exchange The base anchor currency of , the price is basically stable at 1 US dollar, so many people equate USDT with the US dollar.
USDT is not U.S. dollars, but can be exchanged for U.S. dollars. There are many ways to exchange USD, you can convert it into USD through Tether, or buy Bitcoin with USDT, and then exchange it for RMB through over-the-counter transactions.

F. How does the currency circle make money?

About digital currency, tell me your opinion, listen to it, if it doesn’t make sense, just laugh it off.
Currency, as a measure of value in a transaction, does not necessarily have value in itself, it can only be used as an intermediate unit of measure. It is as if my country only has RMB as legal tender, which means that government guarantees have value. If it is like those war-torn areas, ten pounds of currency may not be able to buy an egg, which is the reason.
Speaking of digital currency, digital currency, until now, no country has recognized it as the currency in circulation in its own country. It seems that last year or the year before, our country also banned some, so in this case, digital currency, only You can sell at a higher price than you bought it, and you can make money. But digital currency itself does not have any value, and unlike stocks, it is your ownership of a listed company. So, when you can’t find someone to buy digital currency, it’s worthless.
Ponzi scheme in history, Dutch tulips, when they were the most expensive, a tulip was worth buying a house, and when no one bought it, all the tulips rotted. Get a potato. Therefore, Buffett said that digital currency is a bubble and a scam, and it is estimated that this is what he thinks.
In addition, there is a saying in the stock market that when the aunts of the vegetable market start discussing stocks, it is the time when the stock market peaks. I think this also applies to digital currency, when a lot of people are talking about how to make money,�When you make a lot of money, you have accumulated a lot of risk. At this time, if you go in, you may be trapped.

G. I heard that the HiEX trading platform in the currency circle is very popular recently, I would like to know more about it. Do you have any friends who know about this platform, ask for answers

Currently, among domestic projects, HC, which has the potential to become a “Hundred Times Coin”, is the platform token that the HiEX exchange is currently promoting. As the right representative of HiEX, the total issuance of HC is constant at 2 billion and will never be issued additionally. And, HC will distribute most of the income to the holders of HC in a timely manner.
Its features can be summarized as:
1. Dividends from holding coins, trading mining, exclusive recharge mining and other gameplay!
2. Exclusive break guarantee fund.
3. HC protection system, the minimum daily decline cannot exceed 10%. Unlimited.
4. Investors’ rights and interests are permanently guaranteed.
5. The first TOKENHC with practical application scenarios.
6. The future thousand times coins.
7. Retail investors will never lock up their positions.
Recently official news said that HC will rise across the board before this weekend. After the increase, the price is about 0.55, compared with the current 0.25 yuan/piece. It can be said that it is a good time to officially fry the bottom, and start now. You can make a small profit before it even opens!

H. Currency Exchange Platform

There are many trading platforms, but it is more reassuring to choose mainstream ones, such as Huobi, Binance, OKEx, Kucoin,, etc. Now many market websites can see the top exchanges, such as BlockCC, tokenclub, etc.

I. What is the currency circle

The currency circle, that is, the circle naturally formed by digital currency players. Digital currency is virtual currency.


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