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What is “One” Huo Miao Coin

To conduct currency transactions on, you first need to register and apply for an account, and then conduct transactions through deposit and withdrawal. Users can choose to buy long or sell short contracts to obtain the benefits of rising/falling digital currency prices by judging the rise and fall. Simply put, buying currency at a low price and selling it at a high price is how the currency circle is played. Although the current national policy does not support this kind of virtual currency, it has not been explicitly prohibited. Exchanges like Huobi belong to the nascent exchanges, replicating the era of Wanjia Bank. However, although the price of virtual currency is very high, there are also many online scammers. When trading in the currency circle, you should learn more about it, and then start!

How to play the “2” Tarot cards

It is best to do the opening ceremony. But if you haven’t done this deck, don’t forget the next deck. And tarot needs card spirits, which I will explain below.

After you remove the packaging from the outside of the cards, you must look at each card with great concentration. After that, if you buy 78 cards, you have to find the 22 big arcana cards first, and put away the remaining 56 small arcana cards; then, you must find a bigger table, Or on a clean bed, preferably not on the ground, unfold the 22 cards in two columns in order.

If you are right-handed, please use your left hand; if you are left-handed, please use your right hand to stroke each card gently, and the whole process requires A quiet environment, as well as a calm mood, the best time is between 8:00 and 10:00 in the evening. After that, collect all the cards in order, face down, and start shuffling.

At this time, it is the key to determine the shuffling direction of your future divination. If you shuffle the cards clockwise, then you must use this direction to shuffle the cards in future divination, and vice versa. The same is true. In the process of shuffling, you should slowly experience the feeling of the card turning in your hand, and pray for its help in the future.

When you feel that it is enough, you gradually swell the cards into a pile, gently push the pile of cards into a row, and draw a card according to your intuition. This is a very important card! It represents the “spirit” of the card you have, and this will directly affect the characteristics of the deck, and it can also be seen where the deck specializes in the transmission of divination problems.

Let’s shuffle again. Put the twenty-two large tarot cards face down and stack them in your hand. Concentrate and don’t think about anything. Then, begin to obey your own will, take a drop from the middle of the deck, and place it on the top of the deck. Repeat the same action several times, the number of times depends on your will.
Next, place the cards on the flat surface. In the same way, your mind must still focus on shuffling the cards in a circle (this can refer to the opening ceremony at the beginning. If you shuffle the cards in a clockwise direction, then you must use this direction to shuffle the cards in future divinations. and vice versa), and start shuffling with both hands in the clockwise direction. While shuffling the cards, narrate the questions to be speculated in your mind, and think about the cards to be adopted.
Listen to your inner voice, you will feel when you can stop; at this time, slowly gather the cards (don’t forget to do it in a clockwise manner), and finally restore it to a stack of cards, Lay it horizontally.
In addition, there are some rules of conjecture that require the person asking the question to concentrate and meditate on his own question. At this point, you just need to keep your mind free of distractions; when to stop shuffling the cards is up to the person who asks.

Cut the cards
When you’ve shuffled the cards and stacked them face down in a stack, ask the person who asked to cut the cards. Of course, if the person asking is yourself, you have to cut the cards yourself.
First of all, ask the opponent to concentrate, pick up a drop card from the top of the stack of cards according to your own will (absolutely must not take it), and place the drop card below the original stack (that is, close to the stack). Your direction), becomes two falls.
Again, take another drop from the top of the second drop; this will be placed on top of the first. Now, you have three cards in front of you.
Next, it’s up to you to stack the cards back. First pick up the first drop and place it on top of the second drop; then pick up the combination of the first drop and the second drop and place it on top of the third drop. In this way, it is restored to a stack of cards.
We have one last cut action left. In the process just now, the cards are all facing down. We are now going to turn the cards straight down (see image below). This action must not be mistaken: if you are speculating for the other party, your rotation direction is counterclockwise; that is, ���Rotate the left end of the tarot card 90 degrees downward to make it straight. If you’re speculating for yourself, rotate the card 90 degrees clockwise. Once you make a mistake, the meaning of the entire card will be completely reversed, so be careful

Regularly, in addition to tarot, there are also two monochrome scarf. One is used to wrap the tarot, and the other is used to spread the table during divination. Cloths of the same color will bring different magnetic fields to the cards. If you have money, just stick to the same cloth. For different problems, use different cloths. If you don’t have money, the first choice is black and white. In addition, it is best to have four things representing the four elements, and put them on the table when divination, which can increase the accuracy. There is also a wooden box to hold the tarot. These full sets of equipment must be carried every day — even if they are not fortune-telling, this is called “cultivating cards” professionally. That’s it.
Love or Friendship: Green or Pink Knowledge or Education: Gray
Money: Yellow or Gold Career or Status: Purple
Personality: Blue Health: Brown or Green
The Gathering of Power : Black Purity: White

In fact, it doesn’t matter if there is no cloth, just remember to wipe the table and wash your hands. Of course, the cards are best to have bags, sets and boxes, but that’s just for fear of damage. Carrying it every day can make you more intimate with the card, and you can often divination, which is good for improvement, but it is not a fixed rule. Tarot can accommodate anything, the important thing is yourself.
It should be noted that the divination should be serious, wash hands in advance, and the environment should be clean and clean. If you buy cloth, it must be pure silk or pure cotton. In short, it must be a natural thing, otherwise Tarot will not be able to contact the outside world.

What should I do if the operation process is wrong?
I can tell you that if you forget to wash your hands and wipe the table, it is still acceptable; if you forget to shuffle the cards; if you forget to cut the cards, even if the card array has been spread out, you can never do divination; if the card array is deviated, For example, the past is placed in the present… It doesn’t matter, as long as the process in your heart is right, the position is set by people, and it is not that important. If a card falls out during shuffling…you can put it back and shuffle, just shuffle a few more items. And if it falls out again, or if you encounter this card again in the card array, you must explain it carefully, and you can use it as a key to explain.

About the magic carving
The magic carving, as the name suggests, is the time when the devil haunts. Many fortune-tellers and magicians avoid doing anything at this time. There are many kinds of magic carvings, but mainly at midnight and afternoon, 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., and 4:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, they are considered “safe times”.

Choose the card that suits you
As long as it is the card you like. If not, it’s okay to see it at first sight. It is best to give it to someone else (usually from the master), if you can’t send it, you have to give it to someone else, and let someone else buy it and then hand it over to you. But that’s just a statement, not a requirement. I just bought the card myself, so it doesn’t matter.

There are a few very important points before counting cards:
1. Clean… hands, table, clean…
2. Quiet… External “devils” disturb…
3. Keep secret…do not publicize the privacy of the inquirer…
4. Meditation…purify the environment with meditation…

Meditation is used to reflect the answers to the questions. Meditation is the most influential result of divination…. To become a good fortune teller, the most important thing is to master the meditation method:
a Before divination, meditate… Imagine yourself as the center… Surrounded by a circle… Nothing in the circle… Quiet, empty like the universe….
b Think again Around the circle there is an energy wind, fire, water, earth, ask them to give strength…. Think again… Imagine these four energies are gathering inside the circle… Gradually merging into itself….
At this point…prepare to come to an end before opening the card…
When you know the other party’s question, you can start meditating…. Maybe… ask the inquirer to meditate on the question together…feelings, etc. … If you can hold the opponent’s hand and meditate together, the effect is better… (If you feel embarrassed, you can also take the card, and then ask the other party to put his hand on the card. )… meditate until you feel it before starting Shuffle the deck….
Undo the deck….in which the continuous meditation does not stop….
When the question is finished…..can be ready to close the deck….
After that, you have returned to the original world…

And other problems

4. It will be very tired after counting cards

This question has been said by the temple master as “contributing power to the devil” =.=

Actually… (shakes his head and sighs)

It’s just Because card counting requires concentration, it usually takes half an hour or more than an hour to count a card. Of course, it will be tiring!

5. Is a day only one question?

This is what I learned from my cousin, I was a little surprised at the timeSurprised, because the palace master cousin is also a high-level intellectual, how could she hear such rumors?

The answer to this taboo is of course no.

If you have time, it doesn’t matter if you have 100 questions a day (at most you will be tired at the end), there is absolutely no such taboo question ^ ^

6 .Does a question only count once?

Actually, the question is logically sound (the part that causes bad luck doesn’t count).

Master, please think about this question first: “What do you want from tarot divination? 』

If you want to get the real situation and assistance, you can see the clues in the first divination, why do you need to divination a second time?

If you ask for the same answer as you wish, why bother with divination, if you can’t imagine it yourself?

If there is a huge change in this problem, of course, it is possible to do divination twice, otherwise it is generally “unnecessary” to do divination more than twice!

7. Do I have to use black cloth to wrap the card?

The answer is also no.

If you have special preferences, you can also wrap the cards with other colors of cloth ^ ^

8. The cards must be collected in order, and cannot be collected randomly.

Collection of cards in order is a good way for beginners. You can practice and memorize the order of the tarot cards, you can also memorize the meaning of the cards by the way, and you can also think about the order of advancing the cards in the process of collecting each card, so as to increase the ability to solve the cards later.

Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter if you collect cards randomly ^ ^

It’s just that there are so many benefits of collecting cards in order, it seems a pity if you don’t do this Oh ^ ^

9. Second hand cards cannot be used.

This seems to be a problem for a lot of people.

A deck of tarot cards (in terms of imported 78 complete tarot cards) can often cost NT$7-900 or more, which seems to be a bit high for ordinary students, so some people will choose The second-hand brand used by a friend is also cheaper to buy.

I just heard that there are some taboos for second-hand cards, so my head is a little big ^ ^

In fact, don’t worry, there are not so many taboos for second-hand cards. You can try the Eastern and Western sanctification ceremonies provided on the station, or use incense to smoke the card once.

For those who don’t believe it at all, there is nothing wrong with using it directly^ ^

13. Everyone can only find one fortune-teller in his life.

According to the original provider (Thirteenth University), he thought that perhaps some immoral fortune-tellers had raised alarmism in order to protect their own rights, because Yass quite agreed with this statement , it was extended to explain ^ ^

15. Tarot cards have card spirits, as well as the power of gods and ghosts to support them

Because of this problem, there are people in Hong Kong and Taiwan As I mentioned, it is a very popular question, and Yas also plans to get a special article to play, so I will not answer it here for the time being. Everyone should look forward to it~~~

16. So based on the previous question, you can’t discard cards at will, otherwise there will be problems.

Whether it is based on the previous question or not, this matter is nonsense. In foreign tarot teaching, it is even mentioned that unused cards can be exchanged or sold with others, so you don’t need to worry.

20. Don’t use cards during menstruation.

Many girls feel uncomfortable during menstruation, may not even have an appetite for a meal, or even need to concentrate on counting cards?

This is just a white lie to measure your physical condition. If you have a strong head, you can naturally ignore it.

21. A person can only have one set of tarot cards in his life.


Otherwise, how can a foreign tarot card company survive?

22. You can’t divination when you are asleep.

Who wants to be able to divination while sleeping can be considered a kind of special function…

Dream divination is not counted~~~

23. Can no longer Do divination after meals, otherwise it will affect the accuracy.

Otherwise it would be true.

After a meal, it is only suitable to do some things to relax the body. At this time, card counting is very unfavorable for digestion. In addition to the usual drowsiness after a meal, it is strange to calculate accurately^ ^

24. Before using the tarot cards, you must perform the sanctification ceremony, otherwise the tarot cards will not obey the master’s words.

Are you jumping the hoops at the master’s words? Or go solo? Or play a unicycle?

Stop making trouble

“Three” What is Huobi is a platform for virtual currency transactions., and are currently the top three exchanges in China. is one of the domestic trading platforms for digital currencies such as Bitcoin, ranking among the top three. If you are a novice, it is recommended to do some research before speculating on coins. Of course� If you are a resident user, you can judge for yourself.
Expansion information:
1. is a bitcoin trading platform established by Beijing Huobi Tianxia Network Technology Co., Ltd. in 2013. In September 2014, DigCoin, a digital currency mining service platform under Huobi, was launched. On September 15, 2017, announced that registration and RMB recharge services will be suspended from now on. Huobi stopped virtual currency trading on October 31, 2017.
2. According to the national enterprise information publicity system, on July 22, 2021, Beijing Huobi Tianxia Network Technology Co., Ltd. was dissolved due to a resolution and plans to apply to the company registration authority for cancellation of registration. Creditors are requested to within 45 days from the date of the announcement Declare claims to the liquidation group.
3. Huobi Group, in August 2018, formally reached a strategic cooperation with Blockchain Research Institute (BRI), an internationally renowned blockchain research institution, and became a member of BRI’s “Blockchain Institution Joint Research Project”. Will enjoy all the research results and industry opportunities of BRI in engineering, including but not limited to: case studies, strategy white papers, seminars, customized summit reports, BRI summits, etc. On September 28, 2018, Huobi China held a strategic conference with the theme of “Linking Industries, Empowering Entities” in Hainan Ecological Software Park, announcing that Huobi China’s headquarters officially entered the Hainan Ecological Software Park, and Huobi Group’s global operation center also will settle in the park.
4. To conduct currency transactions on, you first need to register and apply for an account, and then conduct transactions through deposit and withdrawal. Users can choose to buy long or sell short contracts to obtain the benefits of rising/falling digital currency prices by judging the rise and fall. Simply put, buying currency at a low price and selling it at a high price is how the currency circle is played. Although the current national policy does not support this virtual currency, there is no order to prohibit it. Exchanges like Huobi belong to the nascent exchanges, replicating the era of Wanjia Bank. However, although the price of virtual currency is very high, there are also many online scammers. When trading in the currency circle, you should learn more about it, and then start!

“4” What are the top ten reliable digital currency trading platforms

The rankings are generally unreliable, for two reasons:

1. Water injection of transaction volume. The reports of Bitwise and BTI show that most of the trading volume of the top exchanges is water injection or “wash volume”, and the domestic exchanges are more serious, and even some exchanges’ washing volume is as high as 90% or more. I will not guide the public opinion. , there is no interest related, you can search according to the above keywords, there is a lot of news.

2. Ranking platform advertising strategy. At first glance, you may feel that the rankings are fair and beautiful, but where you don’t easily pay attention, these platforms operate very sneakily, for example, if you look at the second page of some ranking platforms (because everyone will only pay attention to the first page) , the second page will not be turned at all), all kinds of bulls, ghosts, snakes and gods are on it, and those with weak trading volume also appear on it. This belongs to the shop bully. So we still have to keep our eyes open.

How to choose? Shift the priority of transaction volume in your mind a little bit, and look at the negative comments on the exchange, the controversial coins on it, and the features you want to try, and put them in order. , it’s OK.

『Wu』 What does it mean to cut leeks in the currency circle? What should you do to avoid being cut leeks by others?

Cut leeks means that Xiaobai has just started investing, and he is not I know the way of going up and down too much. I see that it has gone up a lot. I worry that it will go up again if I don’t buy it. I buy it at a high price. , that is, if you cut the flesh, you will really lose a lot. How to avoid being a leek? There are three points. The first is to learn. Only by understanding the routine can you avoid chasing up and down. Second, choose a good exchange, such as Huobi (huobi point pro), Bit Rabbit Exchange (bitrabbit com), etc. Why? Because a good exchange has several characteristics. First, a good exchange can think about users and not treat users as leeks. Second, the best exchanges have strict risk control and do not The Air Project garbage project will be launched, which will prevent you from selling coins that return to zero. The third point is to buy coins for high-quality projects. Hope to accept.

『Lu』 Recently I heard that the HIEX trading platform is very popular in the currency circle. I would like to know more about it. Anyone who knows or has bought it please ask Amway! ! !

Recently bought it is very good, conscience recommends you to go. This is some information about the platform, you can refer to
The world’s first digital currency exchange that introduced a digital asset banking mechanism, holding HC coins can enjoy investment income. Really revitalize the user’s idle assets!
1. Hold coins to share dividends, digital bank income, transaction mining, recharge mining and other new ways to play!
2. The world’s first digital asset bankManaged exchanges
3. Exclusive HC investor protection system, freeing you from the trouble of junk coins
4. HC currency asset income distribution, exchange income dividends, double income distribution guarantee
5. Officially allocate 20 million USDT to HC holders
6. The next thousand times coins are coming
7.HC super mall, a mall that can be paid by HC!
8. Retail investors will never lock up

『柒』How does Xiaobai enter the currency circle

Be careful of pyramid schemes. There are many virtual coins that are pyramid schemes and fraudulent organizations. It is best to first understand whether the virtual currency you want to invest in is a pyramid scheme.

『渌』 Douyin short video operation rules and gameplay What

Let’s talk about the recommendation mechanism of Douyin first
A video is released, Douyin will give a recommendation volume of about 300-500 for a new video in the early stage, and then recommend the user’s activity according to this part The quality of the video is judged by its degree, and then a second wave of recommendations is made, and so on. The magnitude of each recommendation increases exponentially.
Therefore, as long as the video quality is good, the platform will automatically give 100,000 views and 1,000,000 views, and the traffic pools rise in turn. Each upper layer is determined according to the performance of the video in the original traffic pool. of.
What content should Douyin do
For Douyin’s ecological content, currently creating a personal IP for vertical original video is a good way to attract traffic, and there is also a great room for monetization in the later stage.
After raising the account for a period of time, you can start to create a personal IP. Let’s enrich the information first. The nickname and signature are the key. The nickname can be based on your own product, and you can choose a pain point name.
For example, if you are selling weight loss products, you can write “Chinese herbal medicine for healthy conditioning of obesity”, or “I am good at losing weight and slimming down” or the like.
0 difficulty and 0 cost to create original videos
After creating a personal IP, what works should Douyin publish in order to attract accurate traffic?
It’s actually very simple, teach you a trick, such as your product The Moments of the account are very rich in material. If there are a large number of product pictures/videos, before and after customer comparison pictures, etc., then you can transfer all the materials that you usually send in your Moments and send it to Douyin.
It is difficult to create a high-quality personal IP through Douyin. It requires a very professional knowledge system for account positioning, copywriting editing, video editing, and operation processes. You can also find professional Douyin. The sound generation operating company helps us solve all the above problems.

How to play the new game of “9” forked coins

In September 2017, the central bank and other seven departments jointly issued the “About Preventing the Risk of Token Issuance and Financing”. “Initial Coin Offerings” (ICO) is defined as unapproved and illegal public financing, suspected of illegal sale of token tickets, illegal issuance of securities, illegal fundraising, financial fraud, pyramid schemes and other illegal and criminal activities.

In 2017, ICOs became very popular relying on concepts such as “digital currency”, “blockchain” and “smart contract”. However, it is only through the release of a “white paper” by a team of several people, and some people can even start financing activities without a white paper. This way of operation has buried great risks for investors, and the outside world has always disputed the legitimacy of ICOs. . In September last year, seven departments including the central bank gave clear certainty to ICOs, and at the same time stopped various token financing activities. The seven departments stated in the announcement that token issuance financing is essentially an unapproved and illegal public financing behavior, which is suspected of illegal and criminal activities such as illegal sale of token tickets, illegal issuance of securities, illegal fundraising, financial fraud, and pyramid schemes.

However, after the ICO was banned, a new way of playing – IFO has emerged in the currency circle. The so-called IFO refers to the issuance of forked currencies based on mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. On the basis of the original blockchains of these mainstream currencies, another chain is split according to different rules to generate new digital currencies. Those who hold mainstream currencies can obtain new coins after the fork during the IFO process, and IFO has become a new virtual currency financing method.

On August 1, 2017, the birth of BCH marked the first fork in the currency circle. The size of the Bitcoin block is only 1M, and the smaller the block and the smaller the capacity, the slower the Bitcoin transaction will be. In order to solve the problem of Bitcoin block congestion, the BCH blockchain successfully separated from the main chain at block 478559, resulting in a new cryptocurrency with a default block size of 8M, which can also dynamically adjust the block capacity. At the same time, those who originally held Bitcoin can get BCH for free at a 1:1 ratio.

Since its birth, there have been different opinions in the industry as to whether BCH is a new branch of Bitcoin or another “altcoin”. However, after the price of BCH experienced several ups and downs, it began to develop gradually and steadily. As of 20:30 pm on February 26, data from showed that the price of BCH reached 8058.8CNY (RMB), the price of BTC (Bitcoin) is 67558.69CNY.

Following the successful fork of BCH, more and more new virtual currencies are generated through IFO, such as BTG (Bitcoin Gold), BCD (Bitcoin Diamond), SBTC (Super Bitcoin) etc. Chen Yunfeng believes that according to the relevant technical description, some forked coins are upgrades or improvements to the original technology. If it is a fork in this sense, it is difficult to say that it has no value, and the risk of virtual currency investment has been repeatedly reminded at the regulatory level. In this case, the investment value should be judged by the investor himself.

Sharing Finance founder Shi Qingwei said that IFO is a new way of playing in the currency circle in the past two months, and most of the projects generated by IFO have no investment value. Some IFO issuers believe that they are not raising funds through ICO, but a fork of mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have a large number of users. After users get the forked coins, they will generally request to join the transaction, and then the IFO issuer will get huge profits due to the number of forked coins pre-mined before. He further stated that most of the forked coins generated by IFOs have no investment value and are even more risky than ICOs.

“pre-mined” forked coins may be at risk of fraud

So, how exactly does IFO make money? The “Daily Economic News” reporter found that miners developed forked coins in the Bitcoin block through technical means, and then distributed the developed forked coins to Bitcoin holders in proportion, and gained value in the transaction circulation, some of which It will also be traded and circulated through digital asset exchanges. It is worth noting that most of the forked coins will be “pre-mined” before the official release. The forked coins obtained by pre-mining are equivalent to being obtained for free, so the creator of the fork will be able to easily make profits. In the market, some people think that IFO in the name of “pre-mining” is actually a more naked game of token issuance and money-making.

On November 15, 2017, the well-known super bitcoin team in China announced that it will implement a fork at the 498888th height of the Bitcoin blockchain on December 17, and start zero-knowledge on BTC Prove, support Turing-complete smart contracts and other technical experiments, and expand its block to 8MB, it will also launch smart contracts in early March 2018 to increase the scalability of BTC, and launch zero-knowledge proofs at the end of May 2018, 2018 At the end of November, the dynamic checkpoint was removed to achieve fully decentralized mining. If the fork is successful, a new split coin, SBTC, will be generated, and the original Bitcoin holders will be given away one-to-one. The total amount is 21.21 million, of which 210,000 are pre-mined for the fork and are managed by the fork team foundation. , which is mainly used to motivate early developers to invest in ecological construction and foundation operations.

Song Qinghui, a famous economist, said that due to the lack of regulatory policies and the extremely low threshold for user participation, IFO itself may be suspected of illegally selling token tickets, illegally issuing securities, illegal fundraising, financial fraud, etc. Many new virtual currencies born through IFO have little value. There may be cheating and fraud, and investors need to pay enough attention.

Shi Qingwei’s analysis believes that: on the one hand, IFO will cause great divisions in the community; on the other hand, the people who issue IFO are basically some investors, and few really do IFO projects in a down-to-earth manner People, because there is no strong execution and values, it is difficult for IFO projects to be made. To put it bluntly, some IFO projects are short of money, and they will not be done after cashing out, and there is no particularly big risk. It is enough to intensify market acquisition and cut leeks. The most typical risk is the risk of fraud, and the other is the risk of market operations. Some investors have been trapped in the IFO project.

In the opinion of Zhang Yexia, a senior researcher at Yingcan Consulting, firstly, there is no clear definition of IFO financing activities in Chinese law, and there is a risk of being banned; secondly, there is the risk of fraud, with the development of the IFO concept. It is easy to attract criminals to use concepts such as “mainstream currency fork” and “blockchain technology” to attract investors, but there is actually no so-called token issuance and technical research; the third is technical risk. The technology and standards of mainstream currencies such as Coin and Ethereum are different. There is no uniform technical standard, and the technical level is also different. The hidden dangers of technical security cannot be ignored.

Chen Yunfeng believes that for the financing behavior in the name of IFO, the forked currency issued by it has no practical application scenarios. Investors obtain the forked currency only through the digital currency exchange market transaction process. To obtain value-added benefits, this form of financing activities has not been clearly defined in the law, and specific regulations need to be issued by the relevant departments.

Hong Shuning, chief researcher of the Blockchain Lab of Suning Institute of Finance, believes that the risks of IFO are manifested in the following aspects: First, there may be serious loopholes in changing the protocol without careful consideration; second, rushing Released software will inevitably�A lot of bugs; thirdly, each IFO will divert some miners, causing fluctuations in the smoothness of Bitcoin transactions; fourthly, due to the low acceptance of forked coins, the price fluctuations may far exceed Bitcoins, which is unfavorable to investors.

Hong Shuning also said that IFO in the true sense should not have pre-mining behavior, because this goes against the original intention of Bitcoin development, fairness and freedom. In fact, IFO, like ICO, is a disguised financing method. Teams that need to pre-mine for profit should issue their own digital currency instead of using the banner of IFO.

None of them are legal.

“Pick up” the top 20 exchanges in the currency circle

2017-2019 There are various kinds of exchanges, large and small exchanges have sprung up like bamboo shoots after the rain. After two years of shuffling, there are currently three echelons;

The first echelon: BNB (Binance) OKB (OK) HT (Huobi)

The second echelon : Bkex (Bike) Biki MXC A network Q network China currency K network

The third tier: other various small exchanges

Currently the first tier of exchanges In the vigorous development, the second echelon is in hot pursuit on the basis of continuous innovation, and the third echelon is also seeking new development directions.

At present, the basic business of exchanges is similar, mainly looking at services, user experience, and innovation (new gameplay).

Personally, I am optimistic about the Bkex Global platform. He was born in 2018 and is already growing up. He will definitely be incorporated into the first echelon in the future, let us wait and see! ! !


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