Coin Rising Trading Mining Scam

⑴How long will the mining scam last at most

About ten years, the mining scam will already exist in name by 2021

Bitcoin mining in the mining scam goes from CPU to GPU When it comes to the evolution of ASIC mining machines, the computing power is concentrated in the hands of large mining pools, and some large mining pools have equity relations with mining machine manufacturers, when more than half of the bookkeeping rights are in the hands of certain people.

It is the basis that the Bitcoin system has been attacked by 51%. The value of the decentralized bookkeeping advocated by Bitcoin exists in name only, and in the end it becomes a system of centralized bookkeeping and no supervision, which will be attacked by human beings. Greed swallows it up, so it will cool down in about ten years, and it will be replaced by other forms of virtual currency if it persists for about ten years at most.

Development of Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s white paper clearly states that Bitcoin is just an experimental peer-to-peer electronic cash system, the founder of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto (disappeared) and the development team never advertised that buying Bitcoin would have high returns.

In the early days, some mutual aid platforms such as 3M used bitcoin as the target of participation to defraud, leaving a bad public impression on bitcoin. Some organizations run scams under the guise of Bitcoin.

In addition to this, it should be noted that if you analyze it rationally, you will find that Bitcoin itself is not a Ponzi scheme, and there is no fraud. You can’t say Bitcoin just because someone cheats in the name of Bitcoin is a scam.

2 How long does the mining scam last at most

Many articles on mining revenue use static data as the basis for discounts, and use the current currency price and difficulty to support those who buy mining machines Conclusion, but the income of the miner is directly related to these two parameters. The difficulty of mining increases about every 14 days when new mining machines leave the factory every month, and the bitcoin income of each mining machine will decrease. and downtime. Therefore, it is fundamentally wrong to use static data to buy or not to buy a mining machine.

For the above 4 simulations, (a) the average difficulty increased by 7.4% per period in the past 1 year, (b) the current daily bitcoin income per T is the beginning of the impairment, (c) the current retail investor can Find the preferential electricity price, (d) the current selling price of the mining machine, and (e) different currency prices, as the discount data of the investment mining machine, see the downtime date, the net income and the return value.

1) At the current price of RMB 44,000, the miner can only dig out RMB 32.87 in revenue and then shut down, and can only recover 13.15% of the original.

2) Calculated at the price of USD 10,000, and the price of RMB 68,000, the miner can only dig out RMB 127.79 of revenue and then shut down, and can only recover 51.12% of the cost.

3) 100% return of the capital will be pushed back. For example, the currency price is now RMB 92,305, and the capital will not be returned until the mining stops on April 6, 2019.

4) At the historically high coin price, mining activities will also be shut down on May 18, 2019, with a net profit of RMB 405.88.

Some people will question my data, saying that you just can’t find cheap electricity and mining machines. Then I estimate that the cost price of the mining machine is RMB 125/T, and the bare electricity price of the mine is RMB0.22+RMB0.08 to simulate the construction cost. It is impossible to recover the cost at the current currency price.

Here are a few conclusions:

1) Buying a mining machine now requires a strong expectation of currency price appreciation, otherwise you will never see the day of return. If there is a strong appreciation expectation for the currency price, then you only need to buy the currency, and you don’t need to consider mining at all.

2) The difficulty increased in the past because mining machine manufacturers continued to increase production capacity in order to boost performance. From an average of 70,000 units per month in 2017 to nearly 300,000 units per month (calculated based on S9 13.5T and the increase in computing power of the entire network, ignoring the old mining machines that have been eliminated), the income of a single mining machine is exponentially reduce. From simulation 5), even mining machine manufacturers are losing money in the current environment.

The percentage of difficulty increase does not seem to be much different, but the number of new miners is 4 times. The end result of this devastating investment in production capacity is that people who buy mining machines are all pickers. Mining machine manufacturers are all applying for listing at sky-high valuations. How to support the performance of listed companies in the long run? Is the purpose of listing to raise funds for research and development or to cut leeks in the last wave?

3) Many people are taught that Bitcoin is a good thing and has its existence value. How could it collapse? The currency price will be supported at the downtime price, otherwise, if no miners are willing to keep accounts, the system will be finished. Therefore, many Bitcoin believers have a belief that the difficulty and the price of the currency have an inevitable relationship, and short-term fluctuations do not matter, because they see that the price of the currency is $50,000 at the end of the year, and the long-term mining mentality is long. This fallacy is exactly the same as static data splitting. When the public wakes up, the investment will not come back.

⑶ Bitcoin mining machine scam, how to deceive, please gods, can you tell me in detail

whether bitcoin is a scam

⑷ mining The project is getting more and more popular. I recently heard about UTC. Is it a scam?

To say that it issues digital goodsThere is a scam in the currency, I believe it, but if you say that there is a scam in mining, unless you buy a “non-existent” mining machine or computing power, the chance of being cheated is almost zero, then listen to me tell me about the past life of UTC this life.

So, it is hard to say whether UTC is a scam, but this model is indeed an innovation in the currency circle. ”, but it may become an “alternative investment product”. I personally am more optimistic about this mining model.

And as far as I know, the team behind UTC, as well as the financial and technical support are relatively reliable. If it is a scam, these institutions that invest in it will not make such a big fight to deceive.

⑸ Behind the bitcoin surge: is it the ultimate scam or an investment upstart

The price of bitcoin has reached $8,000 in the past two days with some positives, which is a normal change, to see if it is an ultimate scam or an investment Upstarts or investment opportunities, depends on the following aspects: 1. Does the trading volume and price of Bitcoin futures in the United States match? 2. Whether bitcoin trading and mining will attract the world’s big investors, such good news will be realized. 3. Does the US, EU economy support risk-taking funds into gold and bitcoin? 4. Are geopolitical risks calm? Everything remains to be seen, and it is still too early to draw conclusions.

⑹ Why do you say that mobile phone mining is a scam?

Because all those who come in after mobile phone mining will be cut off.


1. In the past two years, various “get rich overnight” myths about blockchain have been staged continuously, “mining” Cryptocurrency has become a new trend of getting rich, and mobile phone mining is becoming more and more popular.

2. For real mining, there will be special mining machines. After all, every mining machine is not cheap now. Automatic mining on mobile phones can be obtained very cheaply. It’s not Bitcoin, basically the altcoins issued by myself are not worth much, and they will still be cut into leeks at that time.

⑺ Is transaction mining a new model launched by Bihao Exchange?

Since the appreciation of Bitcoin, various altcoins and digital currency scams have emerged one after another. Mining is an adjective for obtaining bitcoins. There is no innovation at all, and it has long been there.
The country has issued a policy to prohibit domestic transactions of all virtual currencies. So what you said about the currency is a scam, deceiving you into the pit.
The current bitcoin has long lost its former glory, and the price has fallen sharply. The digital currency bubble burst.

⑻ Bitcoin mining machine scam, how to cheat, please gods

Bitcoin mining machine scam is to make money by leasing or selling mining machines.

A so-called “miner” refers to a computer that installs and runs specific software and algorithms. As we all know, Bitcoin can only be obtained by running algorithms for a long time on a computer, and the total amount is limited. Therefore, some manufacturers have launched specially designed and optimized computer products, which are called “miners”.

In January 2018, at the International Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, USA, a mining computer named “Kodak KashMiner” appeared at the venue, arousing people’s attention. However, critics now point out that the mining machine scheme is actually a scam, and the propaganda for profit is also false.


1. The ordinary computer configuration used by bitcoins at home cannot meet the requirements of bitcoin mining machines, and the electricity bill for mining a day The cost is hard to get back.

2. If you have to use a Bitcoin mining machine to mine coins, it is recommended to choose a reliable and legal platform to be more stable. Mining on a legal platform can be seen every day, and you can withdraw it when you reach a certain amount.


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