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『One』Now what other coins can be mined with ordinary computers

Some new virtual digital coins can be mined with computer computing power, such as ETH, ZEC, Monero, XRB, etc.

Because the computing power of the entire network is not high, the computing power of the personal computer can collide with the probability of the hash collision in a short time, so as to obtain block rewards. Tokens generally have little value, or are not extremely risky, and therefore, do not make much sense.

(1) Extended reading of coins without mining machines:

Mining risks:

1. Electricity bills:

The “mining” of the graphics card requires the graphics card to be fully loaded for a long time, the power consumption will be quite high, and the electricity bill will be higher and higher. There are many professional mines at home and abroad in areas with extremely low electricity costs, such as hydropower stations, while more users can only mine at home or in ordinary mines, and electricity costs are naturally not cheap. There is even a case where people in a community in Yunnan carried out crazy mining, which caused a large area of ​​the community to trip and the transformer was burned.

2. Hardware expenditure:

Mining is actually a competition of performance and equipment. Some mining machines are composed of more such graphics card arrays. With ten or even hundreds of graphics cards coming together, various costs such as hardware prices are inherently high, and mining involves considerable expenditure.

In addition to the machines that burn graphics cards, some ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) professional mining machines are also being put into the battlefield. ASICs are specially designed for hash operations, and their computing power is also quite strong. The power consumption is much lower than that of graphics cards, so it is easier to scale, and the electricity bill is lower. It is difficult for a single graphics card to compete with these mining machines, but at the same time, such machines are more expensive.

3. Currency security:

Bitcoin withdrawal requires up to hundreds of keys, and most people will record this long string of numbers in On the computer, but frequent problems such as hard disk damage will cause the key to be permanently lost, which also leads to the loss of Bitcoin.

4. System risk:

System risk is very common in Bitcoin, and the most common one is fork. The fork will cause the price of the currency to drop, and the mining revenue will drop sharply.

However, many situations show that the fork actually benefits the miners, and the forked altcoin also needs the miners’ computing power to complete the process of minting and trading. In order to win more miners, the altcoin will provide More block rewards and fees to attract miners. Risk instead makes miners.

『Ⅱ』Why intel or amd, nvdia themselves do not produce professional mining machines to mine bitcoins

1. The more mining machines, the greater the difficulty, The less coins you can mine.
2. The mined coins must be converted into fiat currency before employees can be paid. You dig a lot, sell a lot, no one buys, the price drops drastically, and the returns are pretty volatile.
3. Specialized in surgery. Why don’t they make computers? Why not make a cell phone? All kinds of smart hardware are so popular, why don’t they do it? Only by putting yourself in the right position can you develop in the long run. If you only see the immediate benefits and go mining, it is very likely that you will fail tomorrow.

『Three』 What other coins can bitcoin miners mine besides bitcoin, please explain in a little more detail.

There are currently no other uses. Mining other currencies is generally profitable. If you think bitcoin will rise in the future, you can keep mining bitcoin. If you and I have other coins with the sha256 algorithm, you can also mine.

『4』 P0C Is it profitable to buy coins and participate in voting now without a mining machine?

These are all tricks to cheat money in disguised form, and they are all illegal. The reason why they keep rising is to attract more takers. There is a risk of collapse at any time. Maybe you are the one who takes the last baton. Don’t participate in similar transactions, even for a while. Profits will be lost in the end.

“Wu” can still be used normally if there is no absenteeism for mining?

If there are no miners for mining, it will only cause the total amount of tokens to not be If it is added, it has no effect on the tokens that are already in circulation. As long as the currency is still in normal circulation, in theory, the value of a single token will increase. Many currencies have a total amount limit, not unlimited output. This is the basis to ensure that it will not have inflation problems. For example, the upper limit of Bitcoin is 21 million. When one day all 21 million Bitcoins will be If it is dug out, the miners will have nothing to dig, so no one will dig it.

『Lu』 If no one mines Bitcoin, who will keep the accounts

If no one mines, no one keeps accounts. Bookkeeping cannot be written in vain. Therefore, there must be a reward mechanism for mining. If the price of Bitcoin returns to zero one day, the reward will be worthless, and it will not be worthwhile. Someone else keeps accounts

『柒』 A cottage dug with CPU.��Is there a mining machine?

If it is an ordinary computer, any coins can be mined, but if it is a professional bitcoin mining machine, it can only mine bitcoins.
However, some people are already developing mining machines that can mine a variety of algorithm coins. The mining machines that Rian Technology plans to launch can mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, Sand Coin, Dogecoin and so on.

『渌』 The bitcoin trading platform has been cancelled, so is mining still useful?

You are an expert!

Bitcoin mining is the most important source of bitcoins and the method to obtain original bitcoins.

Bitcoin mining refers to the process of generating new blocks and calculating random numbers. A simple understanding is that the computer in the Bitcoin network continuously collects transaction data and continuously performs the process of calculation and verification. Once the verification is passed, a block is generated, and each block is rewarded according to certain rules. a certain amount of bitcoin.

Therefore, in fact, the bitcoin trading platform and bitcoin mining are two different concepts, and the mining machine still plays a very important role.

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『玖』I heard from a friend that she made a lot of money after buying that mining machine. Is it true that she made hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars but

I advise you not to touch this kind of currency that is not recognized by the country. After all, it is not a mainstream currency and even if it is a mainstream currency, no one dares to say that it will make money.


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