Cold wallet must buy

『One』 If you want to store digital currency, is it necessary to buy a Kushen cold wallet to ensure security?

I think it is necessary, digital currency is not stored and protected It is easy to be attacked by hackers, but you still need to be careful. Using the Kushen cold wallet can ensure that the private key will never touch the Internet, which greatly enhances the security.

How to use the “2” cold wallet

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“3” cold wallet What’s the use

In layman’s terms, a cold wallet is a wallet that stores digital currency offline. Players generate digital currency addresses and private keys on an offline wallet, and then save them. The cold wallet is to store digital currency without any network, so hackers cannot enter the wallet to obtain the private key.

What are the pros and cons of “4” cold wallets

Advantages: Very safe, suitable for large amounts of virtual currency storage
Disadvantages: Inconvenient to create a wallet , the transaction is also very troublesome.

『Wu』 What is a cold wallet

In general, a cold wallet is a wallet that stores digital currency offline. Players are on an offline wallet. Generate a digital currency address and private key and save it. The cold wallet is to store digital currency without any network, so hackers cannot enter the wallet to obtain the private key.

『Lu』 I see that many people are using the Kushen cold wallet, and now they are considering whether to buy it or not, mainly worrying about its battery, is its battery life OK?

I am using the Kushen cold wallet now, and I don’t feel that the battery capacity is not enough. Its power capacity is 1200ml, which is a little less, but I don’t need it for other purposes, it’s not like a mobile phone. Playing games, by the way, charging through the computer usb, only charging, the computer cannot communicate with the hardware device.

『柒』 How many people use the Kushen cold wallet? Is it useful?

Many people who are mining have bought a Kushen cold wallet, in order to Security, this product combines hardware and software, hardware ensures secure storage, and software can query real-time storage.

Koshen Wallet provides blockchain asset security solutions. The private keys of digital assets based on digital signatures do not touch the network, avoiding the risk of private keys being stolen by network hackers. The Kushen wallet needs to be used with the hardware cold wallet, and the two transmit information through the QR code picture or NFC function.

But some users said that if the Kushen wallet is lost or broken, and the mnemonic, private key, or the seed password and payment password of the Kushen wallet were not backed up before, these bitcoins are equivalent to ” lost” because they can no longer be used. Decentralized wallets, while having absolute control over encrypted assets, also require users to bear the risk of loss or leakage of mnemonics, private keys or passwords.

Once there is a problem with the device, you need to contact customer service as soon as possible, and when you get a new wallet device, you only need to import the private key, or mnemonic, or related password, and you can restore the previous wallet , get back the original assets. So, be sure to make backups.

(7) Cold wallets must be purchased for extended reading

When using Kushen wallet, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

1. Kushen Wallet adopts Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) technical scheme, which will randomly generate a seed password according to the user’s environment, and set a payment password, double password protection, and the seed password is combined with the payment password Co-generate private keys of different currencies.

2. The seed password is not stored in the wallet device in plain text, but is encrypted and stored with the payment password. Therefore, even if the wallet hardware device is lost, others cannot directly obtain the private key. Based on this, it is recommended to set a strong Level payment password.

3. You must have both the seed password and the payment password to control the assets in the wallet. If you lose your seed password or forget your payment password, you will never be able to get your assets back.

4. Please make sure to back up the seed password and keep it safe, do not show it to others, do not enter it in any web page, it is recommended to copy it on paper, do not store it electronically, do not copy it to the clipboard (some software accesses the clipboard), and do not save on a networked device.

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