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(1) What to do if there is a mining virus in the computer

There is a virus in the computer, then the best solution is to format the system disk or the entire disk, or reinstall the system after repartitioning, and use the system CD Or make a U disk boot disk to install, use shortcut keys or enter the bios to set the boot item to boot from cd or usb and then install the system, so that the computer can return to normal operation

㈡ There is a mining virus in the win2008 server, please answer!

Under the premise that it cannot be completely killed, back up your data and then reinstall the system, otherwise it will be really troublesome to delay work

㈢ The computer has a mining virus


First of all, if it is a virus written by a rookie, you can find the file path in the task manager, directly terminate the process tree, or directly find the path and delete it.

Second, if the other party’s technology is sufficient, it is difficult for us to terminate the process, then we can download a computer manager, and the current computer manager also increases the mining virus The scan rate can be directly cleaned if found.

Third, if the computer housekeeper can’t handle it, we can do avast killing. This program is the first in antivirus. For mining viruses, More like a sword.

Fourth, if we suspect that the computer has a mining virus after using avast, we first open the process and manually put the file path into the quarantine area.

Fifth, after putting it in the quarantine area, we use the relaxation of avast for analysis, and then send it to the staff of avast, remarking that it is suspected to be a mining virus, the other party Give us a manual analysis, and if so, the other party will also delete it for us.

Sixth, if we still have doubts after the professional firmness, if it is not a big cow, then the uncle needs to reinstall the computer. Pack everything.
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㈣ How to troubleshoot mining viruses

Using Tencent Computer Manager antivirus software, a comprehensive anti-virus program, a total of four anti-virus engines: Tencent Computer Manager Cloud Engine, Kingsoft Cloud Antivirus, Xiaohongsan Local Antivirus Engine, Trend Local Engine, that is to say In addition to its own cloud killing engine, Tencent Computer Manager Computer Manager also applies local killing engines from two major foreign brands, which effectively guarantees accurate virus killing! ! Can thoroughly clean up virus Trojan programs! !

(5) The performance of the mining virus

Fault phenomenon: During the use process, it is found that the service is often shut down for no reason. After logging in to the server, it is found that the CPU utilization rate reaches 100%. During the detection of abnormal processes, no processes with abnormal CPU usage were found (use top, htop and ps -aux to check), so a fault was reported.

Detection process:

1. Find the corresponding directory of his shell script and delete the directory or file.

2. Check whether there is a mining Trojan file in the scheduled task. In the scheduled task, avoid running the mining Trojan file regularly.

3. Add hosts mining virus to access the corresponding website to avoid secondary access and download.

4. Check whether the liunx command is damaged. If it is damaged, download “procps-3.2.8” and compile it, restore top and other series of commands.

5. Check whether the process is abnormal.

6. Check the intrusion entry, such as whether there is a weak password in redis, whether there is a vulnerability in the website program on nginx or apache, and check the location of the nginx or apache log review vulnerability.

7. Check the ssh login log.

8. Switch ssh login to key login.

9. Restart the server and check whether the process is normal.

㈥ The mining virus is found in the PC, what should I do if there is nothing to do with it?

Use the stubborn Trojan star in the computer housekeeper toolbox to check and kill, the stubborn Trojan horse of the computer housekeeper Nemesis is specially designed for

Malicious threats that ordinary anti-software cannot remove or cannot detect at all. It adopts a very powerful anti-kill engine

, so it can remove all kinds of threats. Stubborn Trojan virus

㈦ My computer seems to be infected with a mining virus, what should I do?

  1. It is recommended that you install Rising Antivirus V16+ and upgrade to the latest virus After the library is installed, restart the computer and press the F8 key to select the safe mode, and scan and kill the virus;

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