Cool Cats NFT Partners With Nifty Gateway For Wallet-To-Wallet Feature

Cool Cats has become the latest NFT project to partner with Nifty Gateway for its upcoming wallet-to-wallet feature. The new feature from the NFT marketplace will aim to significantly lower the gas fees that come with NFT trading.

Cool Cats is one of the NFT projects partnering with Nifty Gateway for the feature launch. Credit: Cool Cats

Cool Cats to take part in Nifty Gateway’s wallet-to-wallet feature

Cool Cats made the announcement earlier today via its Twitter account. Notably, it is among a few different NFT projects that have partnered with Nifty Gateway as part of this rollout. Other big projects joining Cool Cats include World of Women, World of Women Galaxy, and DeadFellaz.

In essence, Nifty Gateway’s wallet-to-wallet feature is aimed at lowering gas fees for NFT traders. The way it does this is by taking as many of the steps as possible involved in transferring NFTs, off of the blockchain. Of course, reducing the number of on-chain transactions means less money lost to gas fees.

As Cool Cats describe in the tweet, the Nifty Gateway wallet-to-wallet feature could save users up to 70% on gas fees. What’s more, there are no gas fees to list NFTs or cancel listings. In addition, there will be no marketplace fees for 30 days upon the launch of the wallet-to-wallet feature.

The wallet-to-wallet feature is set to go live on Nifty Gateway this month. As a matter of fact, it was going to launch today, however, Nifty Gateway tweeted out that they’d be pushing back the launch to iron out a few more things.

Nifty Gateway has had a big couple of weeks recently. For one thing, it recently announced that it would be integrating MetaMask wallet on its platform. It also hosted a massive NFT sale by renowned artist XCOPY. By the same token, it will be hosting the sale for the upcoming Fewo World from FEWOCiOUS.

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