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A. How to treat the post-80s women’s 10 million bank deposits “missing”, the court ordered the bank to compensate 4.5 million yuan

Because they acted in two identical cases, but there were completely different cases result. So come in and play, and by the way, as a depositor, in case of a similar incident, the precautions should be taken.
In 2013, I represented a friend who sued the bank for compensation when his savings account was stolen.
My friend and bank card were both in Beijing, and the bank card was stolen at one or two o’clock in the morning. I woke up at 8:00 and turned on a bunch of SMS reminders for withdrawals. All the more than 100,000 yuan in the card was taken away, leaving only a few dozen yuan. Then the money was taken.
My friend quickly called 110 and asked 110 to go to the police station to make a record. I reminded my friends to go with the stolen bank card. Considering that the money may not be recovered, I need to file a lawsuit with the bank,
I asked my friend to go to the nearest bank immediately after leaving the police station to withdraw some money from the remaining dozens of dollars. My friend said it was not necessary, so it was only a few dozen dollars. I said it was to get evidence, so I did it.
As expected, the bank must not agree to be liable for the loss of the depositor.
Later, I filed a lawsuit with the bank. In our proof
1, the fact that the bank card was stolen,
2, the bank card was stolen when it was in my hands, and it was definitely not my actions.
3. The bank card is always in my hand, and it is not simply because the password is leaked.
4. The bank card can be copied, which is caused by improper bank supervision and failure to fulfill its security obligations.
After three court sessions, the Haidian court ruled that the bank should bear 90% of the responsibility. Later, the bank appealed and the second instance upheld the original judgment.
This is the first one.
But in the second case, I received an appeal after losing the first instance. Although it was similar to the first one, the result was quite different! !
Let’s go out first, and if anyone reads it, I’ll look back and see if I can find the judgments of the two cases.
(The case has been filed, and it will take a long time. I will look for it when I come back after the two courts next week.)
The second case (I took over the case, but because of the collision, another one A colleague’s agent), received a case where the bank card was stolen and swiped and was judged to lose the first instance.
At that time, it was not long after the first case was won. Although it was the second instance, I knew that it would be difficult to change the verdict in the second instance, but after all, there was a bottom line for the first case, and the two cases were too similar, so I still had confidence. I took the case in full.
Unfortunately, the second case was lost. At that time, I remembered the reasons for losing the case. The judge wrote it in detail, but it was nothing more than a bank fund management institution. The plaintiff could not prove that the stolen funds were caused by poor bank supervision. Involving criminal issues, the plaintiff’s claim will be dismissed comprehensively.
Actually, there are a lot of opinions on the second judgment, especially the application of the first sentence before the people is particularly unreasonable. But unfortunately that’s the result.

B. Tesla is a mortal

On July 10, 1856, Tesla was born in Smilian, Croatia, Yugoslavia. Tesla was frail and sickly when he was young, and his physical fitness was better than his peers. He was poor, and his eyes often had hallucinations. His family once thought that he had some unknown diseases, but these diseases not only did not affect him, but also gave him a superpower compared to his peers. That is when doing one thing, other friends may try to do an experiment, but Tesla doesn’t need it, just imagine it in his brain, and it’s done, just like Iron Man’s holographic projection, It’s just that Tesla did it in his head. As an adult, Tesla used this superpower to invent a lot of things, inventing motors and high-voltage transformers, creating the first radio-controlled machine, robotics engineering principles, solar engines, X-ray equipment, electrical energy meters, Speedometers, cold light lamps, electronic clocks, electronic therapeutic devices…, he made about 1000 inventions in the fields of science and engineering. One of those inventions that we are using right now is alternating current.

C. How to apply for an ICP license

ICP filing Many people may know, but they don’t know what an ICP license is. After the company is registered, when the company conducts business, some businesses need to apply for an ICP business license. So what is the difference between an ICP license and an ICP filing? Let’s help you to learn about the science.

Maybe you don’t understand this, so let’s take a simple example. All websites in my country need to be put on record, but only websites that provide paid information services need to apply for an ICP license.

Paid information services basically include the provision of paid information services to Internet users for the purpose of profit (for example, certain fees must be paid in advance or after the fact to�Voice, text, data, images and other information in any form browsed or downloaded through your website, or text, ringtones, pictures and other information sent to mobile phones, landline phones and other terminals that can be browsed or downloaded )) and other business activities; and other similar business activities that charge fees and then create web pages for them according to user requirements and publish them on the website are also business activities and require an ICP business license.

What will be the consequences if the commercial website fails to apply for an ICP license? The telecommunications management agency of the province, autonomous region, or municipality directly under the Central Government shall order it to make corrections and impose a fine of more than 5,000 yuan and less than 50,000 yuan. So if your website is non-operating, you only need to apply for ICP filing. If your website is a commercial website, then you need to apply for an ICP business license.

You need to apply for an ICP license. Industry
1. Information instant interaction service needs to apply for ICP license;
2. Information search query service needs to apply for ICP license;
3. Websites that operate games and game recharge sites need to apply for ICP License;
4. Websites with membership fee function, that is, if the website has registration and payment conditions, it needs to apply for an icp license;
5. Recruitment websites, such as Zhaopin, 5.5.5, download resumes, browse resumes , job sites and other websites that charge fees need to apply for an icp license;
6. Information publishing websites, such as Ganji,, have websites that charge fees to release information, and websites that charge fees to browse information need to apply for an ICP license;
7. Internet financial services, such as p2p platform, bitcoin China, this kind of paid-for website needs to apply for an icp license.

Conditions for applying for an ICP license

1 The operator is a legally established company.

2 There are funds and professionals suitable for development and business activities.

Three Have the reputation or ability to provide users with long-term services.

4 There are business development plans and related technical solutions.

5. Sound network and information security measures, including website security measures, information security and confidentiality management system, and user information security management system.

6. Documents that have been approved by the relevant competent authorities in relation to the content of information services that require pre-approval as stipulated in the ICP management measures.

7 Other conditions stipulated by the state.

What materials do I need to apply for an ICP license?

  • A written application for an ICP license;

  • . The company’s business license (copy) or the company name approval notice;

  • . Company profile, including technical personnel and management personnel engaged in ICP business, venue facilities and corresponding resources;

  • The company’s financial report or capital verification report audited by an accounting firm in the past year;

  • Articles of Association, the company’s shareholding structure and relevant information of shareholders;

  • Anyone engaged in Internet information services such as news, publishing, education, health care, medicines and medical devices should submit to the relevant supervisors The approval document of the department’s pre-approval;

  • feasibility report and technical plan for operating ICP business;

  • for User’s ability to provide long-term services and safeguard measures, including follow-up capital guarantee, technical force guarantee, business operation guarantee, and built-in management model;

  • Information security protection measures: including website security guarantee measures, information security and confidentiality management system, user information security management system;

  • relevant materials proving the company’s reputation;

  • company Commitment to operating telecommunications business in accordance with the law.

  • The ICP license is still relatively easy to handle. I wish all the best!

D. What is NFT

In simple terms, non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, are proprietary digital assets. Therefore, no non-fungible token is the same. Let’s explain it this way, when we send 1 BTC to the user and receive 1 BTC, nothing changes for us. That’s because every coin is the same, which makes it a fungible digital asset. NFTs are like Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. It’s unique and that’s what makes it valuable. There are no other paintings in the world.

Each badge is basically an ERC-721 token that can be stored in the Enjin wallet and traded like any digital asset. Each badge is unique because it is owned and defines its future value.

To earn the badge (ERC721) token, one needs to submit their candidacy and make valuable contributions to the Azure platform. Members will receive digital badges after Microsoft Teams has reviewed the “good work.” Claims can then be made by scanning a QR code.

This is just one way to get NFTs. Other NFT platforms such as CryptoKitties, WAX and Qtum use a different approach.


Fungible cryptocurrencies have proven their importance in the digital asset ecosystem. On the other hand, non-fungible tokens are potential opportunities to tokenize tangible assets with unique pedigrees. All in all, NFTs will expand the scope of blockchains in the real world.


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