cosmic ternary force

A. What is a triple world?

Anyone who has seen Silent Hill should probably feel that there is more than one space in the movie. Regarding the question of how many spaces there are in Silent Hill, there are generally three views of “death theory”, “dualism” and “trimonism”. Viewers who are “dead” (that is, think that Silent Hill is “the underworld” and that the person who entered Silent Hill actually died in the car accident in the title sequence) may have “didn’t understand” the movie or were subtitled by a mistranslated line – “You are all dead” (actually “You are all cursed”) misleading. “Trinity” is a widely supported view, and even more articles summarize the three worlds of Silent Hill succinctly and vividly with the words “Yellow Chengcheng”, “grey” and “black lacquer”. But I think that although there are three worlds in Silent Hill, the term “triadism” is inaccurate.

What are the three worlds of Silent Hill:
1. The real world: the real world, in this world, Silent Hill is an abandoned town, that is, “Huang Chengcheng” ”, which is due to the fact that most of the film’s realistic daytime uses a warm, sunny hue.
2. “The world of the table”: the world of “grey”, the world in which the heroine Rose finds herself after waking up in a car accident, as if it were winter, but it is actually demonized The world that Alessa created with the power of evil trapped all those who “deserved” in it.
3. “Inner World”: the “dark” world, which is the world that has been transformed irregularly after the surface world has sounded the alarm. It is a bloody, dirty scene with various monsters appearing and appearing. Alessa is a reflection of her inner pain and repression and is controlled by her evil powers and feelings of hatred. Both the surface world and the inner world are concepts borrowed from the Silent Hill games.

B. What does biological trinity refer to

The ternary formulation should first originate from the Tao Te Ching. Two, two give birth to three, and three give birth to all things”. Taoism believes that “three” derives all things; the “three” recognized by Chinese folk means stability and harmony, such as “three-legged confrontation”. “Yuan” usually means beginning and beginning. Based on this principle, various folk ternary theories have been extended, but these ternary theories based on the principles of the Tao Te Ching all have a key flaw. They are world views from the standpoint of materiality. , limited by the human space-time world. This is very different from the triadism we are going to talk about today. Our triadism was earlier called the law of three – the theory of layers. The Top of the Century – The Law of Three” and “The Law of Three – Theory of Hierarchy” have already been described in detail. Today, we may make further supplementary explanations from the standpoint of the entire cosmos system.
There are various explanations to explain the process of the creation and operation of the universe through Sanyuan Lun, which is due to the different standpoints of the observers.
1. The interpretation of Tao Te Ching We classify it as the way of view of nature. The Tao here refers to the noumenon of all things. We have no way of knowing what an ontology is? But it is clear that the production of all things must have relative motion! In this way, a model between absolute ontology and relative motion emerges – “one”, “one” is a symbolic ontology. Dao gives birth to one, one is Tai Chi; one gives birth to two, two is yin and yang; two gives birth to three, and three is the combination of yin and yang;
2. The three-body Buddha in Buddhism and the Trinity in Christianity belong to the way of life view. Buddhism’s Dharmakaya Buddha, Sambhogakaya Buddha, and Yingshen Buddha are the avatars of Christianity: Holy Father, Holy Son, and Holy Spirit, which not only reflect the creation process of life, but also produce the level of life from top to bottom.
Third, Chinese folk traditional culture has an explanation of the trinity of heaven, earth and man. They believe that human beings are born in the Three Realms, that they are born with human nature, that the earth bestows their lives, and that their bodies are born from their parents, so the Three Realms are the origin of human beings. Also: Humans have three natures, one nature, two natures, and three habits. The natural nature is pure good and no evil. Mencius said that the good nature refers to the natural nature; the innate nature of human beings is the innate nature, and the innate nature is pure evil and no good. Habits, habits can be good and hateful, “close to Zhu is red, close to ink is black”, the sex that Gaozi said “can be both east and west” is exactly the habit.
Fourth, the explanation of time-space and life structure can be summed up in physical way. The trinity of time, space and life is “one”, time and space are the universe, time represents movement, and the reincarnation of things is one-way. Space produces the form of all things and life. Time and space and life prove each other to form a complete world.
It is the heartBody life, energy body life, material body life.
Compared with the interpretation of the trinity of heaven, earth and human in traditional Chinese folk culture, it is completely in line with the nature of innate human beings, that the earth confers human life, the body born from parents, and the three natures of human nature, disposition, and habits.
Compared with the explanation of time, space and life structure, it is obviously much more detailed, because the difference between the world and life is made. We use the material world for detailed analysis. The world is composed of time and space, and life is composed of spirituality and physicality. Their corresponding relationship: time corresponds to spiritual life, which is invisible; space corresponds to physical life, which is tangible. Time corresponds to the reincarnation of the soul; space manifests the existence of physical life.
If we only look at the sequential process of life creation through “a lifetime of knowledge, knowledge produces energy, and energy and biology”, the original triadic theory is enough to reflect this principle. Because of this, human history has always All energies are focused on the development of physical civilization, and they believe that one, two, and three are the main tasks for life to come to the world. They believe that only through the promotion of binary opposition is the last word for the development of world civilization. Therefore, everyone thinks that Peace and development are short-lived, and struggle is the eternal theme. It is precisely because of this that the world has finally reached the point where it cannot wake up without painful surgery (see “The End of Civilization” for details).
The purpose of a new ternary theory is to bring you a completely different view of the universe from the past. What it establishes is the theory of world hierarchy, which is beyond the world contradiction theory of “yin and yang”. It gives us more Inclusive rather than confrontational. It advocates the upstream of life rather than downstream. The so-called “follow the ordinary, go against the immortal” is the principle of the law. In a sense, our “three” represents a life-centered theme. She is the end of things when you are resigned and downstream, and she is when you go upstream and cross the ladder of levels. It is possible to become the boss of all things and bring you to the source of conscious life! It can be seen that the beginning, the generating process and the end of any thing are derived from “three”.
The meaning of life lies in the improvement of consciousness, the growth of the mind, and the evolution of the mind. This is the mission of life at the upper level. Of course, we do not deny the evil energy that must exist and be released in the physical world, because the soul wants to experience everything, every planet is a school, and it comes from the creation of the creator, no matter whether the creator is God, consciousness or Energy, the only constant, she is the embodiment of everything that manifests through our one-two-three process!

C. What is the meaning of the trinity in the cosmological dimension theory?

The ternary, in the Taoist doctrine, originally refers to the origin of the universe and the origin of the Taoist classics Origin, after the Sui and Tang Dynasties, it was derived

as the name of Taoist gods and major Taoist festivals, which continues to this day.

There is no “three yuan” in Taoist writings, but the ancient calendar and legalists used the first day of the first lunar month as the beginning of the year, month, and day, and called it

Three yuan day, Because this day is “the Yuan of the year, the Yuan of the time, the Yuan of the month”, this “Yuan” should be the meaning of the beginning. In ancient art

Sixty years are regarded as one Jiazi, the first Jiazi is Shangyuan, the second Jiazi is Zhongyuan, and the third Jiazi is Xiayuan. One hundred and eighty

Year is the beginning of the week of “changes in heaven and earth”, collectively known as “three yuan”, and this “yuan” also means unit. Early Taoist Taiping Dao

There is a theological thought of “Three Traditions”, saying: “There are three names for vitality, the sun, the yin, and the neutrality. There are three names for the body, heaven, earth, and

People. Heaven has three names, sun, moon, and stars, and the North Pole is the middle. Earth has three names, mountains, rivers, and plains. People have three names, father,

Mother, and son. Ruler has three names , the ruler, the subject, and the people.

If you want peace, these three should always be the center of the heart, without losing your share of the baht, so that the same worries can be integrated into one family, establish peace, and prolong life

I doubt it.” At the time, there was no three-dimensional theory. “Three Kingdoms, Wei Shu, Zhang Lu Biography” quoted “Dian Lue” as saying that the five buckets of rice “please

The method of prayer, the name of the patient, and the meaning of persuading sin. As three links, one goes up to the sky, and one goes up the mountain. , one of which is buried in the ground, and one of which is buried in water. It is called the handwriting of the three officials.” Sanguan and Sanyuan are also not linked together.

The word “Sanyuan” was only recorded in the Taoist book “Supreme Secrets”, which was written in Bei Zhou Zhou year. The scroll

27 “Shangqing Shenfu Pin” quoted “Dongzhen Sanyuan Jade Inspection Cloth”, saying that the person who wore the “Sanyuan Xuantan Jade Inspection Purple Inscription”,

If you wear the body for nine years, it is possible to “ride the three yuan and become an official of the three yuan”. This sutra is included in the text

of the Dongxuan Department of “Dao Zang”, and its full name is “Shangqing Sanyuan Jade Inspection Sanyuan Bujing”. The “three yuan” mentioned in this scripture refers to heaven, immortals and earth, namely Shangyuan

Jade Inspection Tiandalu, Zhongyuan Jade Inspection Immortal Zhenzhen.�, Xiayuan Jade Inspection and Inspection Site Jade Text. Attached is “Three Yuan Memory Summoning the Spirit of the Spirit”,

The god of its memory is “Tai Su Yuan Jun” and her three daughters, Zi Su Yuan Jun, Huang Su Yuan Jun, Bai Su Yuan Jun , the three goddesses

are also collectively known as “Three Elements Yuanjun”. Therefore, the “three yuan” of the Shangqing school does not refer to the three officials of heaven, earth and water. “Supreme Secrets” volume

52 has “Sanyuan Zhaipin”, which believes that people who follow the Tao “become popular, competing with the five gods, deep in the dust and sin, never conscious,
br />
The same length as sin, the mountains and seas are accumulated, the past life to the present, I don’t know the fate, whoever took a few kalpas to catch up to today, sins end the world, where is the book

Executing for the three officials, detaining the territorial servants, although self-cultivation is harsh but incomprehensible, the true spirit does not fall, attacked by demons, and the thoughts are not focused. My life will be secluded and ravaged, and it will last for thousands of kalpas, and there will be no escape.” Therefore, it is necessary to celebrate the auspicious day of the three-yuan Daqing,

“Burning incense in the Qingzhai, first thanks to the predecessors and today’s accumulated deeds. , the earth will not forgive, the gods will not mourn, and the ghosts will not forgive

Billions of sins and omens”. Accordingly, in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the “three officials” and “three yuan” have been linked together.

The fourth “July 15” of “Art and Literature Collection” compiled in the early Tang Dynasty states: “The Taoist Classic says: July 15, the day of Zhongyuan,

Government school check, search the human world, distinguish between good and evil, the saints in the heavens, the universal palace, the simple determination of dooms, the biography of people and ghosts, the prisoners of hungry ghosts, all at once Gathering. With his daily work as Xuandu, he dedicated it to Mount Yujing, collected flowers and fruits, rare and strange objects, banners, banners and treasures. This scripture, the Great Sage of the Ten Directions, Qi Yongling Chapter, the prisoners are full of hungry ghosts, freed from

All suffering, and can be returned to the people.” The “Art and Literature Collection” refers to the Taoist scripture as “The Mysterious Spirit of Taishang Cave” Treasure Sanyuan Yujing Xuandu Daxian Sutra.

“Dao Zang” is included in the text category of Dongxuan Department. The book has explanations and annotations, and the author is unknown. The note says: “The three elements, the Yuan, the original

But the above three organs are the foundation of all things, so they are called the three elements.” The book

The general system is located in the Sanyuan Jiufu, and the three officials of heaven, earth and water examine the merits and demerits of the school, and there is no loss. The three yuan is said on the fifteenth day of the first month

The day is Shangyuan, that is, the celestial ruler; the 15th day of the seventh month is the middle yuan, that is, the local ruler; Check it out. All sentient beings are governed by the three officials of heaven, earth and water.” In “Taishangdong Xuanlingbao Three-yuan Lingbao Three-yuan Quality Precepts, Merit and Virtue Sutra”

The description is more detailed, saying that there are three heavenly officials There are thirty-six officers in the three palaces and three houses, forty-two officers in the three houses in the three houses, and forty-two officers in the three houses in the water officers. The department records the life, death and merits and demerits of people, “the duty test is correct,

The date is limited, and there is no error”. The scripture also states: “There are also three palaces, six houses, one hundred and twenty joints, and thirty-six thousand gods in the human body. />A person who does good deeds will save his immortal name. Life and death, sin and blessing, must first be influenced by the body and spirit, and it is also natural.” This connects the gods and gods with the gods of the human body and becomes the god of the human body. A surveillance system for good and evil behavior.

The “Yunji Qilu”, volume fifty-six, “On Yuan Qi” compiled by Zhang Junfang of the Song Dynasty stated:

“After the chaos, there is the energy of the three elements of heaven, earth and water, which forms Human relations grow and nurture all things. People also follow the law, and they are called Sanjiao and San

Dantian, which is used to maintain the body and shape, and to generate spirit.” Calling the three dantian of the human body as “Sanyuan” is a part of Taoism. alchemy’s statement.

“Shen Tong Qi” is called “concentrating essence, nourishing the mind, and understanding the three elements of morality”. Yu Yan, a Taoist scholar at the end of the Song Dynasty and the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, annotated “Sanyuan” as “the three fields of the upper, middle and lower

“. In Volume 30 of the “Daoshu” compiled by Song Zengyu, there is “Sanyuan Pian”. The lower navel and above belong to Yan; the lower element belongs to the lower part of the navel and above the waist.” “People have the three elements,

The three elements are blocked, and the six qi are in chaos”; “Among the three elements, the middle element is the most respected”; “The upper qi is sufficient, if it moves, it does not move.

Between the trance, the natural formation is sent to the sea of ​​​​qi, so the Zhongyuan is injected into the pearl of the lower Yuan, and the vitality is stabilized. The Zhongyuan is Yang, male

Also; Xiayuan, Yin is also female”; “Zhongyuan guards Xiayuan, left white and right black, combined into one”; “External Qi does not enter,

Internal Qi If it does not go out, it will be in harmony with heaven and earth, and its lifespan will be endless.” Zhang Boduan’s “Wuzhen Pian” has the sentence “Four images and five elements are all from the earth,

The three elements and the eight trigrams are not from the ren”. Dong Dening commented: “The three elements are the three talents. The three lights of the sun, moon and stars are the three essentials of water, fire and earth in the earth

, and the three things of spirit, energy and spirit in man.” This creates the universe in the teachings of Neidan cultivation and Taoism

Theory linked together��. Chen Yining, a well-known modern Taoist scholar, also called “three yuan” in “Huang Ting Jing Lectures” as Yuan Jing,

Yuan Qi and Yuan Shen.

According to the third volume of “Yunji Qilu”, “Taoism Three Caves Zongyuan”, “Sanyuan” also means the origin of the universe and Taoist scriptures

It is said that ” The original Taoist originates from the beginning, has no precedent, and the traces should be affected. It is born from the wonderful one, from the wonderful one, divided into three elements, and from the three elements to the three qi, and from the three elements Qi changes to give birth to three talents. The three talents are nourishing, and all things are prepared. Among the three elements, the first one is the hole and too no element, the second one is red, the second one is too void, and the third one is dark and quiet, mysterious . From the three elements, Tianbaojun, Lingbaojun, and Shenbaojun are respectively transformed.

The three princes lived in Qingweitian in Yuqingjing, Yuyutian in Shangqingjing, and Dachitian in Taiqingjing. Each of these three monarchs is the leader of Taoism, namely

The gods of the three caves. “Tianbao-jun speaks twelve scriptures and is the leader of Dongzhen;

Lingbao-jun speaks twelve scriptures and is the leader of Dongxuan; Shenbao-jun speaks twelve scriptures and is the leader of Dongshen.” From this, the Taoist three-hole system and various Taoist scriptures including it are derived.

D. What is Triarchic Theory

Triarchic theory of intelligence

A theory of intelligence proposed by Sternberg (1985) is one of the more influential theories of intelligence at present.

The rise of the triadic theory of intelligence is influenced by the information processing theory in cognitive psychology, which attempts to explain the abilities required in cognitive activities from the perspective of cognitive process. According to the assumption of the triad of intelligence, the reason why individuals have differences in intelligence is because of the different ways that individuals process information when faced with stimulating situations. Therefore, trying to measure the way that individuals process information in cognitive situations can be used to identify the level of individual intelligence.

According to the idea of ​​the triad of intelligence, human intelligence is an intellectual unity composed of three-sided relations. The three sides of the intellectual integration can be regarded as the three components of intelligence; the lengths of each side vary from person to person, and thus form individual differences in intelligence. The three components of intelligence that make up the intelligence complex are:

1. Componential intelligence (componential intelligenc) refers to the ability of individuals to use knowledge to analyze data in problem situations, and to achieve problem-solving capabilities through thinking, judgment, and reasoning.
2. Experiential intelligence refers to the ability of individuals to integrate different ideas and form insights or creativity when they use existing experience to deal with new problems.
3. Contextual intelligence refers to the ability of an individual to use the acquired knowledge and experience to deal with his daily affairs in daily life.

Obviously, Sternberg’s triadic theory of intelligence has theoretically expanded the concept of intelligence in traditional intelligence theory. If we look at the triad of intelligence from the perspective of traditional intelligence tests, the intelligence quotient (IQ) measured by traditional intelligence tests can only represent the combinatorial abilities in the triadic theory. Therefore, since the inception of the triad of intelligence, the question of whether IQ equals intelligence has become a new controversy in psychology. According to the trilemma of intelligence, IQ does not represent intelligence. In order to identify individual differences in intelligence in a measurable way, the traditional way of compiling intelligence tests is obviously not enough.

Combining the above two emerging theories of intelligence with multi-dimensional orientations, we can roughly see the new direction of research on the theory of intelligence in psychology in recent years. This new development direction will affect the development of intelligence tests. Until now, it was generally believed in theory that the way traditional intelligence tests would change, but in practice the much-anticipated new intelligence tests had yet to emerge.

E. The three elements of Taoism refer to which three elements

Taoism believes that the three elements are the beginning of chaos in the universe. The “Dao” qi is derived into three elements, namely, the first one is a hole, there is too no element; the second one is that there is no element in the red hole; Changed from the three elements to the three qi, namely the beginning, the yuan, and the mysterious three qi, and then the three qi transform into all things. The process of its creation and development is that before the chaos, it was the beginning of vitality; the vitality was running, and then there was heaven and earth, and then everything was transformed from the first yuan and the mysterious three.
Sanyuan is the Three Treasures. The first is Tianbaojun, who was born from Hundong Taiwuyuan, the second is Lingbaojun, who is born from Chihuntaiwuyuan, and the third is Yuanhua from Mingji Xuantong. The born god of treasure. The Three Treasures were ruled in the Three Pure Realms, and they were also called Sanqing for helping the Three Treasures. Emperor Tianbao ruled in the Yuqing realm, that is, Qingweitian, whose qi began to green; Lingbao ruler ruled in the Shangqing realm, that is, Yu Yutian, whose qi was yellow; Shenbao ruler ruled in the Taiqing realm, that is, Dachitian, whose Air mysterious white. The three elements are all of the same Dao Qi, so although the names of the Three Treasures are different, they are originally the same.
Sanbaojun is the highest god in Taoism, the sect of gods and the ancestor of creation. At the same time, he is also the leader of the scriptures, and he has passed down three teachings for Taoism.�� Thirty-six scriptures. Lord Tianbao speaks twelve scriptures and is the leader of Dongzhen; Lord Lingbao speaks twelve scriptures and is the leader of Dongxuan; Lord Shenbao speaks twelve scriptures and is the leader of Dongshen. Thirty-six Buddhist scriptures are synthesized in three holes. The three cave scriptures also have their own teaching objects, which are in line with the level of Taoism and Taoism. Those who begin to enter Taoism and study first enter the immortal stage, and climb to a state of no tiring. Therefore, the first teaching is to use the sacred scriptures of cave gods, and then the wisdom gradually becomes better. After entering the middle realm, the middle teaching uses the sacred scriptures of cave mysterious spirits. In the end, it ascends to the realm. Wisdom is used without stagnation. Therefore, the upper teaching uses the Cave Zhentian Treasure Sutra. Its purpose is to lure the common people to cultivate immortals and to prove the Tao from the ordinary through the culture of scriptures and education.

F. The triad of intelligence in the triadic theory

The triadic theory of intelligence proposed by Thunberg is from the external world in which the subject lives, and the subject’s psychological process of information. The inner world of representation and operation, the world of experience connecting the outer world and the inner world to characterize and describe the characteristics of intelligence. This constitutes the three main components of the ternary theory: situational sub-theory, empirical sub-theory and component sub-theory. Gorman mainly accepts the idea of ​​Sternberg’s situational sub-theory. This theory holds that intelligence is a behavior of adaptation, selection and transformation to the living environment of the subject. People with different social and cultural backgrounds have different understandings of intelligence and behavioral connotations, and the measurement of intelligence behavior must have more real-life characteristics. Gorman emphasized recognizing the emotions of others, regulating and handling interpersonal relationships, and also saw the restrictive effect of social culture on intelligence. It can be seen from this that it should be logical to subordinate emotional intelligence to intelligence. Emotional intelligence is just an extension of the connotation of traditional intelligence.

G. Perfect World International Low-level Uncertain Cosmic Trinity Kill, why no quests?

Yes, see the quests available Hint, there should be, either at Hui Ye or Elder Wanliu. Anyway, I remember that there are still 3 Essence Missions in the back. After finishing them, they will be given titles, and then some experience rewards. It’s nothing, just do it.

H. What is the relationship between the three-dimensional world view of different dimensions and parallel universes,

Is there another article on the definition of parallel universes that you are reading exactly the same as this one? The guy who is not yourself, but lives on a planet with cloudy mountains, endless fields, noisy cities, and 7 other planets orbiting a star, also called “Earth”? Every second of his or her life is the same as yours. Yet maybe she’s about to drop the article right now and you’re going to read it. This idea of ​​a “dummy” sounds strange and unbelievable, but it seems that we have to accept it because it has been supported by the results of various astronomical observations. The most popular and simplest model of the universe today states that there is a galaxy exactly like our Milky Way about 10^(10^28) meters away from us, and there is an exact same you in it. Although this distance is far beyond people’s imagination, it does not affect the authenticity of your “avatar” existence. The idea originally originated from a very simple “natural possibility” rather than the assumptions of modern physics: the universe is infinite in size (or at least large enough) and, as astronomical observations indicate, has a uniform distribution of matter. That being the case, it follows from the laws of statistics that all events (no matter how similar or the same) will happen an infinite number of times: there will be an infinite number of planets that give birth to human beings, and among them there will be people who are exactly like you – exactly the same The looks, names, memories and even the same actions and choices as yours – there is more than one such person, to be exact, there are infinitely many. The latest cosmological observations show that the concept of parallel universes is not a metaphor. Space seems to be infinite. If that were the case, everything that could happen must happen, no matter how absurd it may be. There are universes exactly like ours in places far beyond the reach of our astronomical observations. Astronomers even calculated their average distance from Earth. You will most likely never see your “shadows”. The furthest distance you can observe is also the furthest distance light has traveled since the Big Bang: about 14 billion light-years, or 4X10^26 meters — which defines the size of our observable event horizon, or simply, the universe size, also known as the Hubble volume. Likewise, the other universe you are in is a sphere of the same size. The above is the most intuitive explanation for the “parallel universe”. Each universe is a small part of a larger “multiverse”. Dimension It doesn’t matter whether algebra or equation, dimension has nothing to do with the two, it’s just related. As long as it is an unknown number, the multiple exponents of the unknown number can be called elements. For example, the number of times of a certain number in mathematics can be called the number of times of this number. Again, in physics, emptyThere may be multiplicity between the space, and the multidimensional space can also be said to be the several dimension space, so the dimension is not just the several power of X in mathematics. [Definition of Different Dimension] The word “different dimension” has been widely used in novels and TV works, and has become synonymous with time-space tunnel. But only “high-dimensional space” in the term is close to the meaning of the word. The world we live in is a three-dimensional space. Some people have suggested that the real world may not only be three-dimensional, but may be four-dimensional, or even more-dimensional. If it is a four-dimensional space, then time can be added, so that Some events that travel in time can be explained. But this idea is currently only in the imagination stage, and no one can confirm it. Based on this idea, mathematicians have constructed a multi-dimensional space model and studied it theoretically. This may be the different-dimensional space that you mentioned about the different-dimensional tunnel. In the different-dimensional space, people can not only change their position in space, but also change their position in time. That is to say, people can go to any era they want to go according to their own wishes. Some people say that “different dimension space” is Japanese (may appear in many Japanese comics), and translated into Chinese is “parallel universe”. Now this word has been widely used in novels and TV works, and it has become a time-space tunnel A synonym for . However, only “high-dimensional space” in the term has a similar meaning to this word. The world we live in is a three-dimensional space. Some people have suggested that the real world may not only have three dimensions, but may be four dimensions, or even more. Dimensional space, if it is four-dimensional space, then time can be added, so that some events that travel in time can be explained. But this conception is currently only in the imagination stage, and no one can confirm it. Mathematicians are based on This conception constructs a multi-dimensional space model and studies it theoretically. This may be the different-dimensional space reached by the different-dimensional tunnel you mentioned. In the different-dimensional space, people can not only change their position in the space, but also You can change your position in time. That is to say, people can go to any era they want to go according to their own wishes.”


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