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Crypto Sword is a Game-Fi project on Binace Smart Chain


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Crypto Sword is a Game-Fi project on Binace Smart Chain.We want to create an interesting P2E NFT game, with passionate sword battles and immersive combat effects, to give players a great gaming experience.

How to play &Earn?

Before you start playing Crypto Sword, you must have more than one Sword in your wallet.
Link your wallet to the official website to mint your Crypto Swords.
Please note that when minting the Crypto Sword, your wallet must prepare SWD and BNB.
Crypto Sword

1. General mode

After minting the sword, you can challenge the mysterious enemy.
According to your sword level, choose different fight levels. Each level of the boss has different win rates and rewards.
The reward base is in $SWD equal to 5 USDT and will have a different bonus ratio accordingly to the level of difficulty.
Boss has three levels, Easy, Normal, and Difficult.

2. Advanced Mode

You can add the win rate for your sword, boost each time cost (30$) SWD + 0.02 BNB.

Each boost has a random chance to increase the winning rate by 1~5%, and each sword can increase the winning rate up to 15%.

Every sword only has three chances to boost.

3. Rich mode

Select two words of the same rarity to merge and cost (40$) SWD + 0.04 BNB can improve rarity.
Merge 2 Common swords can get 1 Rare Sword.
Merge 2 Rare swords can get 1 Epic Sword.
The highest rarity that can be improved is Epic.

Can you make money playing the Crypto Sword?

The project is not yet fully established. Follow us and keep updating.

For more information, you can

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