Crypto Runner:A Run to Earn themed NFT Gaming, Easy to play and Earn

A Run-to-Earn Fantasy Themed NFT Gaming on BSC


Cryptorunner embodies the play to earn mechanism like no other, the easy to play game enables gamers of all experience levels to have fun running and earning. Cryptorunner is a huge step at fostering mainstream adoption of blockchain NFT gaming.

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What is Crypto Runner?

Crypto Runner is the first Metaverse Run-To-Earn game on BSC where you can enjoy a real racing experience and earn money at the same time.

Our team has over 5 years of experience in blockchain development with a diverse skill set in the gaming industry. We decided to form a synergy to build a successful NFT game that will win mainstream attention, just like Subway Surfers, which has over 1 billion downloads on the Playstore alone.

Crypto Runner is a big step forward in promoting the mainstream adoption of blockchain NFT games. This comprehensive ecosystem includes endless runner games on BSC, an NFT marketplace, an innovative betting platform, rare collectibles, and the CryptoRunner community.

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CryptoRunner is a huge step at fostering mainstream adoption of blockchain NFT gaming. NFTs are used in CryptoRunner because we believe that NFTs in gaming create much more value for the players than traditional games.

The value lies in the real ownership rights given to users over their acquired in-game assets. Within CryptoRunner, each NFT character has its own uniqueness, rarity, and advantages. These assets are considered as valuable digital assets and are tradable within the cryptocurrency market / NFT marketplaces. Enabled by blockchain technology, these digital in-game items have real value. Beyond financial incentives, they allow users to interact deeper on an emotional level while racing through the beautiful city of San Francisco, connecting with fellow players, and upgrading in-game characters.We building a comprehensive ecosystem for Runners who will use their skills to enjoy real racing experience.

CryptoRunner Game

CryptoRunner is a 3D first-person endless runner game for mobile devices which uses the accelerometer to control the character. The player‘s aim is to run as far as they possibly can across five lanes before they lose in order to achieve a high score, which they can then try to beat. The player controls by Swipe as he runs around the open 3d abstract environment in 3D Space. while holding a few Power-ups inline the game. By tilting the device, the player must avoid the oncoming obstacles and NPCs while also trying not to Collide with obstacles and moving obstacles. If the device is tilted too much or swiped before or after time, the player will bust and game over or If the player hits an obstacle, it is game over.

How to Play CryptoRunner?

The game is from a fast-paced first-person perspective, with the main focus on the Young Runner‘s Players in the character‘s right hand. The character runs the open 3d abstract environment in 3D Space. passing shops, people and obstacles, and it is the player‘s objective to tilt or swipe their device left or right or use in order to dodge obstacles that may appear before them
They may collect few Collectibles in Game Coin, the game‘s currency, along the way while also encountering the occasional power-up. If the player runs into an obstacle – whether it is a person standing in the way or an unfortunately positioned bin – the player will hit the obstacles. If the player loses timing or swipes or collides with an obstacle, it is game over. Obstacles will vary between people, rubbish bins, wet floor signs, mop buckets and NPCs standing around. Guards, which are also an obstacle of sorts, will run toward the player to pose a moving threat.
The game will feature coins that the player must collect along the way, which contributes to their score. The score is displayed on the HUD up the top of the screen, as well as the number of coins and the player‘s high score. The coins may also be used to purchase upgrades for power-ups as well as potential customisable items for characters. Also few NFT NPC, and player Character as well.

Game Plot

After being wrongfully held in custody for 3 months by the Market Regulators, the runner has managed to get his hands on some confidential information as well as a list of private keys he plans to use as Leverage. The law enforcement agencies with their Dogs must apprehend the runner as he runs through the streets of San Francisco.

How to  Earn Money with CryptoRunner?

1.CryptoRunner token known as $RUN and officially represented by $RUN are utility Tokens (have a wider range of use) that have real value and can be used for all transactions in the CryptoRunner Metaverse. They are hosted on the fast permissionless BSC (Binance smart chain) network.

The primary utilities of the HERO token are:
  • RUN Farming: RUN tokens are used for farming Points that users can use for NFT redemption.
  • In-game Transactions: $RUN is used to open Chests, upgrade Star Ranks, and trade in-game items.
  • Marketplace: $RUN will also be used for trading in the market place
  • In-game Rewards: $RUN is used to reward users when they win the leaderboard and game quests.
  • In the future, CryptoRunner Ecosystem will update with more use cases for the $RUN token.
    A Run-to-Earn Fantasy Themed NFT Gaming on BSC
2.NFT Marketplace

CryptoRunner NFTs Marketplace is where you create, sell, and buy NFTs digital content.


Users can Stake their tokens to receive points that can be used in claiming rare in-game collectibles

4.Treasure Hunt

treasure hunts once every month, where 100 players will come across a MysteryBox worth $100 or Rare NFTs

5.Daily Race

Players will race daily to collect token rewards and other hidden gems in the metaverse


Achievments, tasks, unions, battles, collections and many more to earn

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