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What does “One” EOS Rubik’s Cube mean

EOS can be understood as Enterprise Operation System, which is a blockchain operating system designed for commercial distributed applications. EOS is a new blockchain architecture introduced to achieve performance scaling of distributed applications. Note that it is not a currency like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but a token issued on top of the EOS software project, called Blockchain 3.0. The main features of EOS are as follows:
1. EOS is somewhat similar to Microsoft’s windows platform. By creating a developer-friendly underlying blockchain platform, it supports multiple applications to run at the same time, and provides the underlying template for developing dAPP.
2. EOS solves the problem of delay and data throughput through parallel chains and DPOS. EOS can handle thousands of transactions per second, while Bitcoin is about 7 transactions per second, and Ethereum is about 7 transactions per second. 30-40 transactions;
3.EOS has no handling fee, and the general audience is wider. The network and computing resources needed to develop dApps on EOS are allocated in proportion to the EOS owned by the developers. When you own EOS, it is equivalent to owning computer resources. With the development of DAPP, you can lease the EOS in your hand to others. From this point of view, EOS also has extensive value. To put it simply, if you own EOS, it is equivalent to owning a house and renting it to others to collect rent, or owning a piece of land and renting it to others to build a house.

『崴』Why the blockchain is a machine for creating trust

In the blockchain system, according to a set of competition rules , select the bookkeeper, and everyone who participates in the competition has the opportunity to win the elected bookkeeper. We assume that this rule is a Rubik’s Cube competition, and whoever solves the Rubik’s Cube first will get the right of bookkeeping. This reflects a feature of blockchain bookkeeping: decentralized bookkeeping. By playing the Rubik’s cube game, the bookkeeper is randomly generated to ensure that the bookkeeper is no longer a centralized organization.

『Three』What are the applications of the blockchain for wool wool?

I may practice the application of wool number, save money, and then today.

『4』How about Hangzhou Block Cube Technology Co., Ltd.

Introduction: Block Cube is an application technology development company focusing on the blockchain field, dedicated to the blockchain Technical research and development and operation of DApps based on blockchain. The company’s first product is a product that provides users with encrypted asset circulation applications based on blockchain true random number technology. In the future, a blockchain-based currency/chain user ecological chain will be established.
Legal representative: Xie Xunbin
Establishment time: 2017-06-19
Registered capital: RMB 100,000
Business registration number: 330181000716518
Enterprise type: limited liability company (Sole proprietorship by natural person)
Company address: Room N411-79, Kangfa Science and Technology Innovation Park, Phase I, Industrial Functional Zone, Linpu Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

『Wu』 The best blockchain Which game platform is it?

It is recommended that everyone enter the industry to be cautious and play less imitation. The risk is too high. It is recommended to play the official real game with bitcoin. It is better to grab the time and automatically sell bitcoin. Take it to the official sale, safe and reliable
If you want to play, you can add me to know about the account number, just contact us.
Maybe you will think why I want to tell everyone for free because recommending a player can get it on the platform 2 dollars
To be honest, I can definitely make money now, but I don’t know it later, so if you want to make a fortune, you really have to seize the opportunity

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