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“One” ranking of domestic currency exchanges

Hello, you can refer to it, I hope it will help you. .
Hello, there is currently no regular military foreign exchange trading platform in China. All foreign exchange spot accounts are illegal and fake! ! ! The so-called fake order means that the fraudulent company has created a fake trading software and background account
. The order you buy and sell is not actually linked to the exchange, but directly to their background. It is equivalent to them betting against you, you lose money, they make money, you make money, they lose. . If you have a local government background, you can run away.
It is recommended to go to a regular futures platform to open an account and deposit money
At present, there are
Shanghai Stock Exchange
Dalian Exchange,
Zhengzhou Exchange
, Shanghai Stock Exchange

『Ⅱ』What is the difference between the currency circle and the chain circle

Chain circle”, “currency circle” and “mining circle” are stupid Not sure, but aside from those connections, the essence of the three is actually quite different. In the blockchain ecosystem, it is currently roughly divided into three circles, namely “chain circle”, “coin circle”, and “mining circle”. Three They are related to each other, but they are also very different.
Chain circle – chain circle, the representative of the technology school. The threshold is higher than the other two circles, mainly focusing on the development and application of blockchain technology, so For ordinary people, it is more difficult to step in.
Blockchain can be divided into three stages: private chain, public chain and alliance chain.
The currency circle, the currency circle, can be said to be the most colorful It is a circle with the lowest entry threshold among the three circles. It focuses on the speculation of encrypted digital currency. The main features are the issuance of coins and speculation. The coins issued based on blockchain technology are mainstream coins, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Smaller. The coins issued by ICO are altcoins, which have certain risks. The hype is caused by the lack of supervision in the industry and the common background operations. At present, ICOs have been banned in China.
Mining circle – mining circle, yes The circle of a group of people who focus on “mining”. This mining is different from mining in life, but a behavior to obtain virtual currency rewards. Those who participate in mining are called miners .
Mining requires the help of tools. In the early days, it was possible to mine through ordinary computers. Later, with the continuous increase of the number of mining people, it began to develop into mining machine mining and mining pool mining. The cost of mining Higher, for example, the power consumption is huge, and the electricity bill is also a lot of expenses.
The threshold of the mining circle is slightly higher than that of the currency circle, but lower than that of the chain circle. Most people have heard of mining, but they are really involved in mining. There are still fewer people in the mine.
Compared with the chain circle and the coin circle, the mining circle will also be affected by the external natural environment, such as the damage of the mining machine in the mine.
Under the current background , it is meaningless to hype the concept of blockchain. Blockchain practitioners must find a way to contribute value to the society, to create wealth, not to evaporate wealth, so we do not distinguish between the currency circle and the chain circle, can create The value is the good circle.
The Xueshuo Innovation Block Chain Technology Workstation, a subsidiary of Lianqiao Education Online, is the only approved “Student Learning Workshop 2020- Xueshuo Innovation Workstation” carried out by the School Planning and Construction Development Center of the Ministry of Education of China. “Blockchain Technology Major” pilot workstation. The professional station is based on providing students with diversified growth paths, promoting the reform of the combination of professional degree research, production, learning and research, and building an applied and compound talent training system.

“Three” How to make money in the currency circle

About digital currency, tell me your opinion, listen to it, just laugh it off if it doesn’t make sense.
Currency is a transaction The measured value of the unit. It is as if my country only has RMB as legal tender, which means that government guarantees have value. If it is like those war-torn areas, ten pounds of currency may not be able to buy an egg, which is the reason.
Speaking of digital currency, digital currency, until now, no country has recognized it as the currency in circulation in its own country. It seems that last year or the year before, our country also banned some, so in this case, digital currency, only You can sell at a higher price than you bought it, and you can make money. But digital currency itself does not have any value, and unlike stocks, it is your ownership of a listed company. So, when you can’t find someone to buy digital currency, it’s worthless.
Ponzi scheme in history, Dutch tulips, when they were the most expensive, a tulip was worth buying a house, and when no one bought it, all the tulips rotted. Get a potato. Therefore, Buffett said that digital currency is a bubble and a scam, and it is estimated that this is what he thinks.
In addition, there is a saying in the stock market that when the market isWhen my mom starts talking about stocks, that’s when the stock market peaks. I think this also applies to digital currency. When many people are discussing how to make money, when they can make a lot of money, it is the time when the risk has accumulated to a great extent. At this time, if you go in, you may be trapped.

“4” The little white in the currency circle, which great god has the knowledge of the currency circle, and asks for pointers to develop in the currency circle

The currency circle is very chaotic and it is not recommended to start now

『Wu』 What is the real reason for the recent slump in the currency circle?

Recently, the attention of the emerging cryptocurrency – Dogecoin’s slump has remained high. In this round of slumps caused by the cryptocurrency “big market” Bitcoin, Dogecoin has been plunging all the way; it fell to a minimum of $0.4 a piece, and was almost cut in half. Huichacha has some small insights on the reasons for the slump in the currency circle:

1, the demand for the currency circle has decreased.

Under the trend of the spread of the epidemic, the number of transactions in the world has decreased, people have become conservative, and the total social consumption has been greatly reduced. At this time, the transactions settled with Bitcoin and other settlements have been greatly reduced, the demand has decreased, and the price will increase. fall.

2. The risk of price crash is high.

Affected by capital speculation, virtual currency prices rose and fell sharply, making it difficult for ordinary investors to predict, and it is very easy to cause liquidation losses. Historically, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin suddenly fell sharply at the peak. It happened more than ten times. Behind the recent wild rise and then plunge of Dogecoin is a “leek cutting game” in which capital predators represented by “Musk” harvest ordinary investors.

3. Virtual currency has no intrinsic value and the risk is very high.

Virtual currency does not have the function of currency trading in essence, and it is not recognized by any country in the world. At present, the price of cryptocurrencies has risen sharply, mainly due to speculation caused by market speculation. Once all countries in the world explicitly deny these The value of virtual currency that is not controlled by the state, the virtual currency will become worthless in an instant, and the virtual currency held by the majority of investors will also be completely locked up.

Although Dogecoin is currently the fourth largest cryptocurrency, with a market cap of $68 billion; second only to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin. It may be the “asset” with the largest increase in “financial assets” in recent years. However, the reason why people can’t build their beliefs is because the market has not yet reached a certain consensus, and they don’t know what role this Dogecoin will play in the future. From an investment point of view, it is quite worrying to tell the truth about such cryptocurrencies that are not very practical and mainly rely on financial attributes to tell stories.

Cryptocurrencies are promising from an investment perspective, but please invest with caution. There will be no blind obedience or belief in Dogecoin; Dogecoin is, as Musk said, “it’s a fun collectible” or “joke”.

“Lu”s top 20 exchanges in the currency circle

2017-2019 There are various kinds of exchanges, large and small exchanges have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. After two years of shuffling, there are currently three echelons;

The first echelon: BNB (Binance) OKB (OK) HT (Huobi)

The second echelon : Bkex (Bike) Biki MXC A network Q network China currency K network

The third tier: other various small exchanges

Currently the first tier of exchanges In the vigorous development, the second echelon is in hot pursuit on the basis of continuous innovation, and the third echelon is also seeking new development directions.

At present, the basic business of exchanges is similar, mainly looking at services, user experience, and innovation (new gameplay).

Personally, I am optimistic about the Bkex Global platform. He was born in 2018 and is already growing up. He will definitely be incorporated into the first echelon in the future, let us wait and see! ! !

『柒』 What is the TS20 channel in the currency circle

Abstract RC20USDT is a stable currency jointly issued by TRON and TEDA company Tether , Compared with the old stable coins (Omni-USDT and ERC20-USDT, etc.), TRC20-USDT has greatly optimized the transfer fee and transaction confirmation speed.

『渌』 Several major forums in the currency circle

The main forums in the currency circle are as follows.
1. The Chain English Association, the joint venture association was established in March 2018. It is the first decentralized distribution in China that integrates high-quality currency data analysis, project analysis, information dissemination, webcasting, community operation, and joint venture funds. type alliance. Brand Insider Comments: The First Chain is popularized by the Chain English Association, or it can be said that the First Make Chain English Association. Every project brings fire to a community, a community creates a group of people, and a group of people creates a project. Complement each other, complement each other.
2. Th09club 09 community, Th09club 09 community, 09 originated in 2009 to commemorate the birth of Bitcoin. Th09club was originally started by a group of it geeks and the community.�Molecules created. In the early days, he mainly engaged in major technical forums and IT communities. In November 2019, the community launched the “Cultural and Creative Project”, which aims to explore the ancient historical and cultural heritage of Asia and save a group of endangered cultural and creative products through blockchain empowerment. Brand insider comments: 09 community members come from a wide range of sources and are distributed in all walks of life, mainly in the field of blockchain. Its members unite leaders in the vertically multicultural creative and financial worlds. Many coins in the circle are popular in the 09 community. This is a very noteworthy community.
3. The coin community, the coin play community provides blockchain enthusiasts with basic information and industry information in the field of blockchain, bitcoin (BTC), and digital currency, including bitcoin (BTC) market, trends, districts Blockchain research, etc. Brand Insider Comments: A very low-key operation community, hardly any relevant information about community operators can be found, it belongs to the type that makes a fortune silently. There is a lot of information in this community, and the updates are very timely. Sometimes you can get some quality content out of it.
4. The Dr. Yuan community, the Dr. Bi community forum provides the latest digital currency news, the most reliable cryptocurrency rolling project, the richest blockchain investment experience and the latest blockchain technology knowledge. Committed to creating an active community forum for investment and exchange of blockchain and digital currency enthusiasts. Brand insider comments: In line with the characteristics of the blockchain industry, it is also a relatively low-key community, and it is difficult to find community-related information. According to people familiar with the matter, the founders of the community come from a technical background. After making technical money for a large market, he successfully landed and operated in a low-key manner. Dr. Bi is positioned as a forum + news station, which is a good entry-level community.
5. Coinogo community, Coinogo community was established in May 2016. It is a one-stop digital currency and blockchain consisting of IT elites from large multinational enterprises, senior digital currency players, and blockchain technology elites. The comprehensive service platform was launched. Internet serial entrepreneur. Brand Insider Comments: A community that looks very high-level, won the most innovative blockchain community brand in China in 2018. In the blockchain field, there are very few communities that follow the regular army route. This community is characterized by simulated transactions, which can provide a near-real trading environment for novices, reduce the cost of entry as much as possible, and is also a good entry into the blockchain field.

『玖』 What platforms are popular in the currency circle recently

Huobi, Binance, okex


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