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“One” Which digital currency wallet is reliable and simple and practical?

A safe and reliable digital wallet should be designed from at least 5 dimensions:
1. Security risks of the operating environment
The core files of encrypted digital currency wallets—private keys/mnemonics are stored on the terminal device. Whether it is a PC or a mobile terminal, if the terminal device is insecure , there is a very high security risk for the private key/mnemonic.
A secure digital wallet is designed to avoid the possibility of theft of private keys/mnemonics due to the operating environment. The security problems of the operating environment on the terminal mainly include virus software, operating system vulnerabilities and hardware vulnerabilities.
2. Security risk of network transmission
The security of network transmission is more reflected in whether it has a good ability to resist man-in-the-middle attacks. A man-in-the-middle attack means that the attacker creates independent connections with both ends of the communication and exchanges the data they receive, so that the two ends of the communication think they are talking directly to each other through a private connection, but in fact the entire session is completely controlled by the attacker.
Although most digital wallet applications use the HTTPS protocol to communicate with the server, the man-in-the-middle attack method can obtain the content of the HTTPS protocol by installing a digital certificate in the user terminal.
A secure digital wallet needs to be able to scan the legality of all digital certificates in the terminal, check the proxy settings in the network transmission process, and ensure the security of the basic network communication environment.
In the development of digital wallets, whether to use two-way verification for communication verification at the network transmission level is also an important criterion for measuring the security of a digital wallet application.
3. Security risks of file storage methods
For the private keys/mnemonics of digital wallets, the storage method of terminal equipment also needs to be paid attention to in security design. The access rights of the private key/mnemonic file storage directory, the private key/mnemonic storage form, and the encryption algorithm design all need to be carefully designed.
During the security analysis of many mainstream digital wallets, we found that even well-known digital wallets are relatively random in the storage of private keys/mnemonics. There are both plaintext storage and encrypted storage, but the decryption key is fixed and hard-coded in the code, which does not play any role in security defense.
4. The security risk of the application itself
The security risk of the application itself is mainly concentrated on the security defense of the application installation package itself.
Whether the application installation package is tamper-resistant is a very core technical capability. In addition, aspects such as memory security, anti-debugging capability, life cycle management of private key/mnemonic usage, debug log security, and development process security during application operation also need to be designed and enhanced.
5. Security risks of data backup
If the mobile application can be backed up, a machine with more powerful computing performance can be used to brute force the private key/mnemonic phrase. For example, if the android:allowBackup attribute is set to allow backup, then the system’s backup mechanism can be used to back up the data files of the application, and the private key/mnemonic of the encrypted digital currency will be backed up to the external medium. This breaks the security boundary design of the operating system from another direction.
For the majority of users, the security of digital wallets also means the security of wealth, so we must be careful when choosing digital wallets and cannot be taken lightly.
I have used several wallets such as Bixin socoin and CoinPlus.
In terms of personal experience, socoin and CoinPlus are very simple and easy to use. They are not only decentralized multi-functional cross-chain digital currency wallets with social functions, but also integrate cross-chain multi-currency wallets and payment settlement platforms. , currency trading platform, social group, information market and other functions, can meet almost all your needs for digital currency in one stop.

『Ⅱ』What is DeFi Blockchain Finance TS Taishan Token

In the currency circle, what are investors most afraid of? First, the vision is not good, and the second is the prevalence of funds.
The former loses money and admits it, while the latter falls into the trap and screams. In the bizarre circle of the currency circle, there are many capital disk projects. Every day, there will be a lot of running disks, and a lot of new disks will appear every day.
Shortly after the collapse of “Nine Rings”, a new public chain scam called “MUSO” appeared on the market. It sounds like a public chain, but it is actually a “low investment, high rebate” fund pyramid scheme.
From the perspective of the project introduction, the MUSO project is widely promoted around the concept of blockchain and DeFi, known as the Macedonia blockchain gold in the United States.�� Service Co., Ltd. has a deep project background.
However, the so-called strong background boasted by the project team actually has no data to prove it, not even an official website. Just relying on the opening and closing of the project team’s mouth, it is estimated that black can be said to be white, what is there? Credibility?
Besides the background, the US MSB financial license and RIA financial investment license that the platform emphasizes are actually no big deal.
Let’s not say that it only takes tens of thousands of dollars to get these licenses, just say these licenses, these two licenses are regulated by the United States, where can they be controlled in our territory?
Isn’t it funny that you are showing off in China with a US regulatory pass?
After analyzing the authenticity of such a pile of data, let’s take a look at the model of the MUSO project. The so-called DeFi of MUSO is the game of depositing coins to generate interest and pulling people’s heads. It is easy to win money first, and then run to pay. To put it bluntly, it is the capital disk of the currency circle, and there is nothing worth explaining.
According to the platform’s gameplay, if an investor deposits 100+ USDT, the member’s income can be increased by 1.8% every day, capped at 7%, and the income will end at 3 times the participating amount.
According to this calculation, the user’s funds can be recovered in only 86 days.
It seems that it has little effect on investors, but in fact, the design of “setting a lock-up threshold and withdrawing no income in advance” is designed to delay the payment of funds for the platform and facilitate running away.
And, taking 10,000 steps back, can a funded project like the MUSO project really last for 3 months? This is a question of thinking.
In addition, in addition to the previous basic gameplay, the platform has also followed the trend to set up a deeper capital disk routine: liquidity mining.
Like the NGK public chain exposed some time ago, MUSO also requires investors to exchange the mainstream currency USDT for the platform currency USDM to pledge and mine, and then obtain more USDM income.
One thing to note: what you invest in USDT is USDM of the trader.
From the moment you invest, your U is transferred and replaced by worthless so-called platform coins. You can only cash out the mined USDM on the platform, or pledge to mine MUSO. They don’t give you legal currency, so you can’t withdraw it if you want.
Finally, let’s take a look at this so-called dynamic income. How many generations can you share, and you can get up to 10 generations of income. Do you still need to think? A standard pyramid, a veritable person pulling people, a proper pyramid selling method!
What DEFI, what is decentralized blockchain finance, all packaging is removed, this is the capital disk.
Get out of the car now. In addition to the stop loss, there may be a small profit. If it is a little later and the trap is deep, you will not be able to leave if you want to.
There is a door for complaints and rights protection! Bitfinancial Network · 315 Rights Protection Direct Train – Your little assistant for rights protection, the exposure platform for capital disks in the blockchain field!

『Three』Whether the currency circle has changed in 2019, what are the reliable community projects?

Buying the super energy EES to bring you to realize the freedom of wealth.

“4” currency circle, what good projects are there recently? Bitcoin has reached 5,500 US dollars, and experts say that the bull market will begin in the second half of the year

Yes , Get your bullet ready, the bull market is ready to begin, Bitcoin is at $5,327
Chinese billionaire and Bitcoin leader Zhao Dong predicts that the long-awaited Bitcoin (BTC) price cycle is yet to come, which is in line with many crypto Analysts and enthusiasts think the opposite.

On Thursday, April 12, he posted his bitcoin price prediction on Weibo, initially reported by Chinese cryptocurrency news site 8btc, that Zhao predicted a bitcoin bull run later this year. Start.


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