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①What does usdt-trc20 mean

RC20USDT is a stable currency jointly issued by TRON and TEDA company Tether. Compared to the old stablecoins (Omni-USDT and ERC20-USDT etc.). ), TRC20-USDT has greatly optimized the transfer fee and transaction confirmation speed.
In terms of cost, TRC20-USDT can be transferred for free. The refund fees of mainstream exchanges show that the USDT based on the Omni protocol has the highest refund fee, ranging from $4 to $10, while the refund fee for ERC-20 ranges from $1 to $5, while the TRC-20- The USDT refund fee is zero, which means that users can enjoy a free refund service.
In terms of transaction confirmation speed, USDT based on TRON network gives full play to the performance advantages of the third-generation public chain. The TPS of TRON can reach thousands of levels, and it can achieve secondary confirmation of transactions, which is significantly better than Omni (transfer confirmation takes ten minutes to several days) and ERC20 (minutes to hours). The extremely fast transfer speed can meet the diversified needs of stablecoin users and avoid the damage of network congestion to the interests of investors.
Expansion information
1. Features of TRC20 There is no handling fee for payment. There is no handling fee for USDT to be transferred by the wave field, but there is still a handling fee for the exchange to withdraw TRC-USDT (charged by the exchange). Example: tr7nhqjekqxgtci 8q 8 zy4pl 8 otszgjl6t (TRC-20 contract) Most exchanges support the deposit of TRC-USDT, but since TRC-USDT is still in testing, the deposit of the exchange is closed.
2. Features of ERC20. The type of fee paid is ETH. ERC-USDT, like other tokens in Ethereum, is stored in the address of Ethereum, so each time you transfer, the type of fee to be paid is ETH. Example: 0xdac 17 f 958 d2ee 523 a 2206206994597 c 13d 831 EC 7 (ERC-20 contract) Most exchanges support delisting, and the delisting amount is lower. Basically, all mainstream exchanges support ERC-USDT withdrawals. When withdrawing, you can choose to withdraw from a BTC address or an ETH address. In addition, taking Huobi as an example, the minimum withdrawal limit of ERC-USDT (2 USDT) is currently lower than that of Omni-USDT (200 USDT). Support smart contracts to make online transaction inquiries more convenient. Unlike Omni-USDT, ERC-USDT can support smart contracts. ERC-20 USDT transactions can be found in mainstream Ethereum browsers. Interested users can go to Tokenview’s Ethereum browser to learn more about ERC-USDT transactions.
3. TRC20 has some advantages that can make investors feel good about investing in this stable currency. Investor sentiment towards Bitcoin is uncertain as it halving, which has intensified investors’ choice for stablecoins. Therefore, some people in the currency circle believe that the rapid rise of TRC20 as a global stable currency is the inevitable result of market choice.

② Is it better to invest in GEC coins or buy Zanli for life

I. What is GEC Environmental Coin?

2017 was the most popular year for digital currency ICOs, and it was also the year in which zero coins were born the most.

In this year, GEC environmental protection coin was also born.

According to the official publicity materials, GEC environmental protection coins are designed and issued by the World Environmental Entrepreneurship Foundation, with a total of about 8 billion, which is halved every five years.

After crawling the source code of the official website of the World Environmental Protection Entrepreneurship Foundation, I found that it is basically a copy template.

The operation page of the GEC project is also low.

However, this does not affect the deception of GEC MLM at all.

The first is the commitment to “only go up and not down”.

GEC’s external publicity is “0 investment, 0 risk and 0 operating cost, everyone can participate, everyone is the main body, the mining machine is exclusive, the mining currency is owned by itself, and the benefits are huge”.

Let’s add GEC’s violent currency price increase in the past three years. At present, the GEC price exceeds 1,300 yuan, and it has increased by more than 18,000 times in three years. Are you a little excited? It can be said that it deeply touches human nature.

The second is the people-pulling mechanism that is essential for MLM coins.

It is obvious from this that there are two core ways to get more GEC coins:

1. Keep buying cloud mining machines;

2. Continuously promote cloud mining machines and revenue sharing.

As a result, the wheel of MLM is turning. According to official information disclosure, the number of registered users of the GEC platform has already exceeded two million.

It’s been two or three years, why is GEC still alive

Before this, there were quite a few funds under the banner of blockchain and mining, such as Wuxingcoin, Magic root coins, etc., but it will collapse or be cracked by the police in less than a year.

The World Environmental Entrepreneurship Foundation, the issuing organization of GEC, was also named and exposed by the official media “Beijing Business Daily” in April 2019, and pointed out that its high income, attracting people, suspected of pyramid schemes, and illegal On June 12, a series of issues such as ICO were also included in the list of illegal social organizations by the Zhejiang Civil Affairs Department.

On April 14 this year, a netizen asked the relevant regulatory authorities whether the GEC environmental protection coin was an illegal pyramid scheme in the voice of the people on the red net. After investigation, the Longhui County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau gaveIt has come to a clear conclusion that the operation method of “GEC Environmental Coin” is suspected of pyramid schemes.

Seeing this, a big doubt came to my mind, why is GEC still alive after 3 years of being classified as a MLM scam?

③What are the main target customer groups of EOTC

1. What is EOTC?

EOTC is the economic entrance of the Metaverse.

EOTC is a bridge of trust to the virtual world.

EOTC is the world’s first decentralized OTC exchange.

Second, what pain points does EOTC solve in the blockchain industry?

EOTC version 1.0 solves the problems of security, stability and trust in buying and selling coins,

EOTC deploys smart contracts on Ethereum to provide safe, stable and trustworthy CNY and USDT decentralized exchange services.

Solve 3 major pain points in the industry at the same time:

1. Trust pain point

There are hackers stealing money, platform running away, and platform doing evil in centralized exchanges A crisis of confidence.

EOTC is a fair, just and open decentralized exchange written entirely on the chain. Users’ assets are completely in their own hands, so there is a natural foundation of trust in technology.

2, Power supervision

Any centralized exchange is composed of individuals, organizations or companies,

Natural persons, organizations, and legal persons are Within the scope of legal constraints, it is impossible to avoid the constraints of relevant laws and regulations in certain regions.

EOTC is a smart contract code with complete community autonomy, no company and no boss, and is not currently within the scope of legal constraints.


3. Do evil money

The core governance method of centralized exchanges is human governance,

People are the biggest variable, so centralized exchanges can never absolutely eradicate evil.

EOTC is a decentralized exchange with complete community autonomy. All rules and consensuses are written to death in code, and it is impossible to do evil at all.

The problem of black money freezing cards has always plagued users in the currency circle. EOTC has fully considered the problem of black money governance from the beginning of its design, and has established a complete system for preventing and controlling black money freezing cards.

3. What is the future development plan of EOTC? What will EOTC do in the future?

EOTC is the leader of decentralized OTC, and will develop into a decentralized currency and contract Exchange leader.

EOTC, as the entrance to the metaverse economy, will redefine and empower the metaverse ecology from technology, capital, hardware, etc.

EOTC currently announces B4 (Bitcoin No. 1) before the four halvings) planning.

EOTC version 1.0 will realize the exchange business between CNY and USDT, and build a trust bridge between the real world and the blockchain.

EOTC version 2.0 will add more fiat currency transactions and deploy more decentralized exchanges on the public chain. At the same time, EOTC’s currency, contract, and lending exchanges will be launched.

The 3.0 version of EOTC will develop the metaverse entrance-IF (If Bridge) in the form of cross-chain, and seize the mainstream economic entrance of the real world into the metaverse.

EOTC version 4.0 will comprehensively deploy the metaverse ecology in terms of technology, capital, hardware, etc.

4. What are the main target customer groups of EOTC?

The main service groups of EOTC 1.0 to 2.0 are thousands of individuals and enterprises who love blockchain.

The Metaverse is the next generation of the Internet and the future of mankind. As the entrance to the Metaverse, EOTC is determined to serve all mankind.

5. Who are the main competitors of EOTC?

Centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges, late counterfeit copycats, etc.

EOTC From the 1.0 to 2.0 stage, the main competitor is the centralized exchange. At present, the transaction volume of the centralized exchange is about 100 times that of the decentralized exchange. After 924, the centralized exchange stated that it will withdraw from mainland users, so from December 31, 2021, EOTC will enter a state of competition without centralized exchanges. EOTC will see an explosion of users like Binance after 1794.

④ What are the options for withdrawing gold in the currency circle now?

Currency, as the name suggests, is a pure electronic currency project represented by Bitcoin. Such projects include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, NEM, Dogecoin, Bytecoin, and Dogecoin. We call this type of currency blockchain 1.0. The main value of such coins is to be used as electronic cash. Take Bitcoin as an example, a large number of merchants around the world support Bitcoin payment. There is no essential difference between coins other than Bitcoin and Bitcoin, but local optimizations have been made in the total amount of coins, transaction time, encryption algorithm and anonymity. For example, compared with Bitcoin, Litecoin has adjusted the total amount of coins, optimized the encryption algorithm of proof of work, and shortened the transaction confirmation time.

Technically speaking, this kind of currency does not have much advantages compared with Ethereum. A programmer can make a new Bitcoin-like thing in half a day. Judging from the proportion of Bitcoin’s market value in the overall digital currency market, Bitcoin’s market value is rising, but the proportion of� decline. It shows that the growth of currency coins lags behind the overall growth. These coins are suitable for value-preserving investments. Basic public chains are divided into three types, namely development public chains, protocol public chains, and infrastructure public chains. The development-type public chain refers to the rapid development of DAPP applications based on the public chain. For example, Ethereum ETH, Xiaoyi NEO, Lisk, Arch Ashcoin, Qtum Chain Qtum and EOS, etc. The value of this type of public chain is mainly reflected in lowering the development threshold of DAPP and providing efficient development tools. The main feature of this type of project is that it has smart contracts, which we call blockchain 2.0. Protocol-type public chains are supplements to development-type public chains and are an important part of the public chain ecosystem. For example, Raiden RDN is a supplement to Ethereum, and the transaction congestion and transaction fee problems of Ethereum are solved through Raiden RDN. For example, Loopring solves the problem of decentralized transaction matching. Through the Loopring protocol, the cost of transaction matching can be reduced and the risk of running away from the exchange can be prevented. Such coins include Raiden RDN, IOTA, Stellar XLM, 0x protocol, SmartMesh, CyberMiles, etc. Infrastructure public chains refer to projects that provide basic capabilities such as computing, storage, and network bandwidth. The main representatives of such projects are storage projects, such as IPFS, Storj, Siacoin, etc. Computing power projects such as Golem, Elastic Project (XEL), SONM,, etc. The characteristics of such projects are that users are encouraged to contribute basic resources through token incentives to form a decentralized storage network and computing network. There are many application projects, and such projects generally focus on the business direction of a certain field. For example, social networking, identity recognition, payment, content copyright, trading market, games, live broadcast and other business directions. Application projects are generally based on business pain points in this field and use blockchain to solve them. The value of such projects is mainly reflected in the implementation of the business and the actual commercial value generated. At present, the blockchain field is still in the early stage, the infrastructure is not perfect, and the risk of application projects is greater than that of public chain projects. At present, application projects not only test the technical strength of the team, but also test the business landing and marketing ability of the team, and most of the problems solved by application projects do not require the use of blockchain technology.
In today’s currency circle, the first choice for long-term holding of valuable and promising digital currency is the basic chain project. The digital currency of the basic chain is the familiar Bitcoin, Ethereum, and of course, ADA, AE, ONT, which the master is optimistic about. The basic chain is the foundation of the application of blockchain technology. Only when the project progresses smoothly can a large amount of funds be owned. In the long run, there will be profit margins. Except for the currencies introduced above, other coins are “slag” at this stage. Because of the increase of small coins, there is no strong supervision, and it is more arbitrary. If the publisher wants to go long or short suddenly, it will affect the current currency. The direction of the planting, and the small currency is more likely to cut leeks and run away, and it is less safe. ADA, AE, ABT, and ONT are all new coins in the past two years. The increase is not stable enough. You can choose to hold a small amount. During this period, the bank card for speculating and withdrawing gold is frozen. So try not to withdraw money. If you really want to withdraw, it is recommended to digest it with your friends, or you may ask the platform’s key account manager for help, and there is a special channel. Of course, this also tells us to forcibly get rich, and don’t even think about going out without earning enough dozens of BTC! Of course, when most people lose money, they don’t need to withdraw money. Once a large-scale card freezing event occurs on the trading platform, it will not only cause asset loss, but more importantly, it will directly dampen the enthusiasm of investors to continue to invest in cryptocurrency. In the current environment, the “frozen card tide” is on the rise. Investors need to know the following two points:
1. Why are bank cards frozen? There are two main reasons for the freezing of bank cards: one is bank freezing, and the other is judicial freezing. The bank freeze is mainly because the bank believes that the user’s behavior has triggered the bank’s risk control system. The judicial freezing is mainly due to the funds involved and black money. The currency circle is now in a stage of rapid development, full of various black interests. The user’s funds are likely to be actively or passively involved in the “black industry chain” in a certain link of OTC deposits and withdrawals, but the user himself may not know it. Once this happens, all payment mediums for the user are frozen.
2, 2. What can retail investors do to avoid freezing their funds? The best way at the moment is to not deposit or withdraw money. If it is really necessary, try to choose a blue shield business, insist on checking the real-name qualifications, and ensure that the real-name information is consistent. In addition, it is best to use a dedicated card when withdrawing money, even if it is frozen in the future, it will not have much impact.

⑤ What valuable coins are there on Fcoin? How about the SEC social e-commerce chain?

I am not a follower of the trend, usually I do my own research first. Reliable, and then start, it is always to avoid becoming a leek, to tell the truth, there are quite a lot of potential coins on FCoin.��SEC social e-commerce chain is one of them. Although it is not as popular as EOS, Ethereum, etc., it is still quite outstanding compared to a bunch of air coins. After all, the project party in the currency circle that does not aim to cut leeks is already very good.

⑥ What is airdrop candy

Airdrop candy is actually a stage in which many projects are newly launched to obtain tokens and chips at almost zero cost. It adopts the method of gift distribution, but due to its excellent publicity effect , the ability to spread, and the myth of multiple profits without capital have brought the concept of airdrops to the altar.

Generally known as airdrops, candy airdrops, virtual currency airdrops, digital currency airdrops, Token airdrops, free mining, currency circle airdrops, and some English-speaking regions also say it is classified as FreeToken, FreeMoney, and Candy.

Especially, airdrops not only fill in the income that feeds many marketers, but even create waves of myths of getting rich.

The world’s top four airdrop websites

1. (English) AirdropAlert:

AirdropAlert (http://AirdropAlert.Com) is the world’s first airdrop website , officially operated in 2017-8, is a well-known airdrop website in English, and the Google blockchain-related Airdrop keyword search volume ranks first.


Domain name features: English grammar style is generally composed of double spelling, airdrop affinity. The suffix adopts .Com (the most popular and oldest in the world), which is a typical portal operation. , – Never miss a Free Crypto Airdrop again!Airdropalert.Com

Second, (Chinese/English) Tokenairdrop

Coin Airdrop ( is the second airdrop website in the world. It was officially launched in 2017-9. It provides both Chinese and English services, mainly in Chinese. It was officially launched in 2017-9 and AirdropAlert appeared. The style of the website is relatively simple and simple, without too much information, the style is stable, and it always gives people the feeling of being at home. The world’s second largest airdrop website, and the number of airdrop search results on the Internet, Google, and 360 Chinese.


Domain Features: Token/Coin( currency) + Airdrop (airdrop) double spelling literal translation domain name, Chinese and English airdrop affinity. The suffix uses .Org (the most trusted search engine level) and .Com (the most popular and oldest domain name). Obtaining these domain names shows that the operator is very forward-looking and operates in a curious mode.

Coin Airdrop – High-quality Candy Airdrop & Virtual Currency Airdrop & Digital Currency Airdrop & Token Airdrop & Airdrop Coin & Free Coins! The most professional Candy Airdrop Network – Blockchain Airdrop Chinese Flagship!

3. (English) AirdropKing

AirdropKing (http://AirdropKing.IO) appeared late, but it has emerged in Telegram and successfully became the third largest in the world Airdrop website throne.


Domain style AirdropKing is a rather offensive domain name combination. The .IO suffix tells visitors that it is a blockchain technology-themed website.

Fourth, (Chinese) CandyAirdrop CandyAirdrop

CandyAirdrop.Com uses the .com domain name, which is quite satisfactory and mainly updates Chinese airdrop information.

URL: http://CandyAirdrop.Com

These four stations all support http https, and the update is timely!

⑦ What do people often say about currency trading?

What is the meaning of currency and fiat currency in exchanges? Traditional digital currency platform transactions are only Fiat currency transactions, that is, currency-to-data currency transactions. If you want to buy other virtual currencies, either increase the project investment, immediately recharge the currency online to start the purchase; or convert the previous data foreign currency back to currency, and then use the asset to purchase other desired virtual currencies. This kind of exchange method invisibly increases the economic development and economic cost of investors.

What do fiat currency transactions and currency transactions mean?

With the increase in the types of virtual currencies and the gradual expansion of the scope of application, traditional fiat currency transactions can no longer consider investors’ project investment requirements, and a large number of investors have just begun to choose currency transactions as investment. method. To put it bluntly, currency trading is a transaction that can be exchanged between digital currencies, which allows customers to invest in virtual currency projects in a more convenient, efficient and economical way without improving the basics of project investment.

To a certain extent, currency trading can fully utilize the asset effect. In terms of brand image, if the fall of currency A and the rise of currency B can be predicted and analyzed within a certain period of time, investors can trade according to the A/B trading pair, and obtain the profit caused by the fall of currency A and the rise of currency B. , thereby enhancing long-term investment. In addition, if the virtual currency sales market falls, investors can also buy and sell pairs based on USDT (virtual currency pegged to the US dollar) to reduce losses and ensure property safety.

On the other hand,�� Due to the risk of control factors, some regional government departments have completely prohibited financial companies from providing banking services for digital currency business processes, or strictly prohibited virtual currency to legal currency transactions in the region. In other words, virtual currency to fiat transactions will not be able to be carried out smoothly in some scenarios, and currency transactions can be used as an alternative method for customers to choose.


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