Currency MMS

⑴MMS is asking for money or traffic

MMS only needs money.

1. Intra-network point-to-point MMS, mailbox MMS:
Customers will charge 0.3-0.6 yuan/piece for sending, and receive free of charge.
2. Point-to-point MMS between networks:
Customers send 0.6 yuan/piece and receive free of charge.
3. International point-to-point MMS:
(1) China Mobile customers send point-to-point MMS in China to operator customers outside mainland China, 1.5 yuan each, and receive MMS free of charge;
(2) China Mobile customers roaming abroad to send point-to-point MMS: charged according to “uniform GPRS tariffs for international roaming and visiting” + “current MMS tariffs in China”;
(3) MMS sent by international visiting customers: 0.1 RMB/KB GPRS traffic fee billing, no other charges will be charged.
4. Montnets MMS:
The sending is charged according to the domestic point-to-point MMS communication fee, and the receiving is charged the information service fee. The specific information service fee is determined by the SP.

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