Deng Jianpeng: It is recommended to give clear legal protection to digital assets legally acquired in the Metaverse

On April 14th, Deng Jianpeng, a professor at the Central University of Finance and Economics, issued a document titled “The Metaverse and Its Future Rule Governance”. According to the article, the current laws on the protection of digital assets in the Metaverse are not clear enough, there may be excessive speculation in the Metaverse economic system, some digital assets may have the nature of securities, some digital assets have the function of currency substitution, and commercial transactions have problems such as money laundering. This requires good rule governance by the “community”, but also needs to be shaped by real-world laws. The article stated that in the future, the law should stipulate that digital assets legally obtained in the Metaverse are equivalent to online virtual properties, that is, to give clear legal protection. For Chinese users, how to achieve unified transactions in the Metaverse with various digital payment methods will be a serious problem. In particular, the transactions generated by the current mainstream Metaverse projects in foreign countries are mainly priced in the digital assets issued by the project, or priced and traded in mainstream digital assets. Metaverse projects bring real legal obstacles. How to encourage Chinese companies to enter the Metaverse and protect their future business interests requires the coordination of relevant regulatory policies.

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