Does Bitpie wallet support shib?

「一」How to mention the coins in the cold wallet of Bitpie to Huobi Exchange

「細」 Bitpie shib How to Transfer to Ethereum

PeaceRelay is the first to transfer the liquidity of Ethereum Classic to Ethereum by employing a two-way relay.
Atomic swaps are a trustless solution, but impractical and cannot be used in smart contracts by themselves. PeaceRelay only works on blockchains that support expressive smart contracts, which are expensive to maintain. Helping tokenization and exchange through federation is technically and legally difficult to deploy in practice, and is not entirely trustless.
The road to the ideal decentralized solution will require several major innovations. We recognize that it is now more important to advance a technically appropriate approach that can now be used for functional applications, and as much as possible to adhere to the principles of decentralization, to build the foundation for the future of the ecosystem.

“Three” Can Bitpie wallet put Ethereum?

I think bitpie can be considered from a security point of view. After all, they still have principles and bottom lines. Said not to use third-party Apple certificate. The Apple version can only be downloaded from the overseas app store. The Android version can be downloaded directly from Bitpie’s official website.

『4』 Newcomers ask for advice, can eos coins be mentioned in the Bitpie wallet?

No, currently eos is an eth-based erc20 token, which can only be stored eth wallet, recommend imtoken wallet

『Wu』 Is Bitpie a cold wallet?

Bitpie wallet is a hot wallet, because it can be used in browsers and mobile devices use on.

Cold wallet refers to a bitcoin storage technology developed by an information technology company that provides secure storage solutions for blockchain digital assets. The cold wallet integrates the functions of digital currency storage, multiple transaction password settings, publishing the latest market and information, and providing hard fork solutions, which can effectively prevent hackers from stealing.

The storage function of a hardware cold wallet is similar to that of a hard disk, but when it trades, it requires a payment password, and a strong seed password is randomly generated to obtain the private key and address, and each transaction requires a password. Transactions are digitally signed and remarked, which can be checked at any time; the online terminal APP can query the latest market and information online, open and transparent information, automatically detect transaction confirmation, and never touch the private key, which is safe and secure.

『Lu』 Is Bitcoin and other digital currency wallets really safe?

There are so many digital currency wallets on the market at present, it is recommended to choose a relatively well-known and official wallet. Relatively safe. For example: Bitpie Wallet, Huobi, Binance, etc. However, these apps cannot be downloaded at present, and you need to log in to the App Store with a foreign account to search them.

『柒』 Is the Bitpie wallet officially certified?

Abstract Bitpie wallet is not an officially certified wallet, it is a virtual currency wallet. Can be used because domestic virtual currency is illegal.

『渌』 Can the USDT on Huobi be mentioned in Bitpie wallet?

Yes, Bitpie supports all USDT systems, you mention Omni, ERC20, TRC20 is fine. In the future, USDT on EOS and Algorand will also support.

How to buy TRX in the Bitpie wallet

Abstract and enter the wallet page after remembering the mnemonic phrase, Find one-click buying and selling on the homepage.

“Pick up” special wallet can be transferred to SHIB

Abstract Bitpie supports multi-destination addresses to issue coins, which is more convenient for users who send frequent transactions. You can fill in the destination address by copying and pasting it, adding it from the address book, or scanning the QR code of the destination address with the camera. After entering the correct amount and destination address, confirm that there is no problem, click OK.

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