Does the owner of the currency circle make money?

『One』Can mining make money now?

No matter what you do, there are those who make money and those who don’t.

『II』 Will the bosses who open gold mines make money in 2020?

In everyone’s impression, the bosses who open gold mines will be very profitable, but now It is unclear whether gold mine development is so profitable. It is very likely that there are fewer gold mines now, so it will not be as profitable as before.

“Three” How profitable bitcoin mining is

This depends on resources. Professional mining machines are profitable, while ordinary mining machines may be more profitable. hanging. Just look at traffic ore mining and you will know that the super mining machine has a lot of income.

『4』 Is it true that bitcoin mining makes money?

The current bitcoin mining is not making any money, and the electricity bill is not enough. So it is not recommended that you do it.

“Wu” Can Bitcoin Mining Make Money?

It is not very profitable now. In 2012, the price of Bitcoin was about 1000+, using a personal PC Mining, you can mine more than one coin a week. The current price is around 20,000.
1. Bitcoin (Bitcoin: Bit Gold) was originally a network virtual currency, which can purchase real-life items. It is characterized by decentralization, anonymity, and can only be used in the digital world. It does not belong to any country or financial institution, and is not subject to geographical restrictions. It can be exchanged anywhere in the world. Therefore, it is used by some criminals as a money laundering tool. . In 2013, the U.S. government recognized the legal status of Bitcoin, causing the price of Bitcoin to skyrocket. In China, on November 19, 2013, one bitcoin was worth 6,989 yuan.
2. On January 7, 2014, Taobao issued an announcement announcing that the sale of Bitcoin, Litecoin and other Internet virtual currencies and other commodities will be banned from January 14. On February 26, 2014, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin (Joe Manchin) of West Virginia issued an open letter to various regulatory agencies of the US federal government, hoping that the relevant agencies can discuss the status quo of Bitcoin encouraging illegal activities and disrupting the financial order. Pay attention and demand that action be taken as soon as possible to completely block the electronic currency. On January 11, 2017), the Shanghai Headquarters of the People’s Bank of China, Shanghai Financial Office, etc. carried out on-site inspections on Bitcoin China.

『Lu』How does blockchain mining make money?

Mining is the most primitive “exploration method” to obtain digital currency. To solve a complex mathematical problem, if the blockchain is compared to a large ledger, the block is a page in the ledger, and all miners are bookkeepers, and the process of mining is bookkeeping , but also to maintain the normal operation of the entire network.
The process of mining is very simple. Take Bitcoin as an example. Every 10 minutes, all the miners calculate a math problem together. Whoever calculates the answer first is equivalent to digging the block and getting the corresponding reward as a reward. of Bitcoin. The earliest equipment for mining is to use a computer, and the computer CPU is used to calculate mathematical problems for mining. As the price of bitcoin rises, more and more people participate in mining, and CPU mining has gradually transformed into a professional graphics card. Become a specific miner. This evolution is due to the problem of computing power. I just said that mining is “all miners calculate a mathematical problem together”. The higher the computing power, the stronger the computing power and the faster the speed. If the computing power of the graphics card is 5 and the computing power of the mining machine is 100, then the mining efficiency of using the mining machine is 100 times that of the computer.

Warm reminder: Investment is risky, and you need to be cautious in choosing. According to the notices and announcements issued by the People’s Bank of China and other departments, virtual currency is not issued by the monetary authority, and does not have currency attributes such as legal compensation and mandatory. It is not a currency in the true sense, does not have the same legal status as currency, cannot and should not be used as currency in the market, and citizens’ investment and trading of virtual currency are not protected by law.
Response time: 2021-04-16, please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank for the latest business changes.
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『柒』Coin It is said in the circle that IPFS & filecoin mining can make money, is it true?

It is true, but to be precise, it should be Filecoin (FIL coin) based on IPFS, with a total of 2 billion pieces, but it has to wait for the mainnet Only online can be done. According to friends of ipfs interstellar agents, it is expected that the mainnet will be launched in July and August, so it is necessary to invest as soon as possible. 70% of Filecoin comes from mining.

『渌』 Can the blockchain still make money? Can the blockchain make money through mining?

How popular is the blockchain, even my mother knows this word , many people aroundThe person inquires about this.
In fact, what they really think is that they want to know how this thing makes money. After all, in recent years, various information on the Internet has spread how much bitcoin has risen, and how popular is the blockchain today? Internet companies in the halls have joined in, and ordinary people also want to splash a few times in this “pond”. br /> under.
So what exactly is a blockchain?
The “China Blockchain Technology and Application Development White Paper 2016” issued under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology explained: Broadly speaking, blockchain technology is to use the blockchain data structure to verify and store data, and to use distributed node consensus algorithms. It is a new distributed infrastructure and computing paradigm to generate and update data, use cryptography to ensure the security of data transmission and access, and use smart contracts composed of automated script codes to program and manipulate data.
Simply put, blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger database. Decentralization, that is, different from the traditional centralized method, there is no center, or everyone is a center; distributed ledger database means that the recording method is not only to store the ledger data in each node, but also each node. Data that replicates the entire ledger will be shared synchronously. At the same time, blockchain also has the characteristics of disintermediation and information transparency.
Let’s take an example to illustrate. For example, in our usual online shopping, after placing an order, our money is sent to the intermediary platform of a third-party payment institution. After the seller delivers the goods and the buyer confirms the receipt, the buyer will notify the payment. The institution sends the money to the seller’s account.
However, the transaction model supported by blockchain technology is different. Buyers and sellers can trade directly without going through any intermediary platform. After the transaction between the buyer and the seller, the system publishes the transaction information in the form of broadcasting, and all the hosts that receive the information record the transaction after confirming that the information is correct, which is equivalent to all the hosts making a data backup for the transaction. If there is a problem with the order output by this machine, it will not affect its data information, because there are countless machines backing up data at the same time.
When it comes to blockchain, we have to mention Bitcoin, as if you don’t know anything if you don’t put the two together.
In fact, although the blockchain is a blockchain and bitcoin is bitcoin, most of the people who care are concerned about the currency, and not many people care about the chain. Even if he says he cares about the chain, in fact, it is just improvising, the other party is more concerned about which coin is more profitable, how can I join it?
In fact, what the author wants to say is that you don’t have to catch up with every trend. If you haven’t caught up with these waves in the stock market, self-media, micro-business, and artificial intelligence, then the blockchain is the same. A new product will appear to replace it soon.
What role does the blockchain have to make everyone so obsessed with it? Let’s take the example of shopping above to illustrate that the so-called two-party transactions are not without us now, but they are all two-party transactions. If one of the parties receives the money and does not ship it to you, or if it says that he has not received the money, he will not recognize this. What to do with the account.
How does the blockchain solve this?
It is also a transaction, but in the process of transaction, everyone knows that the other party gave you the money, and you have no way to deny it. In the final analysis, it is a question of credit value.
What can blockchain bring us? There was such a news in the society that how to prove that your mother is your mother. Even if we have an ID card and a household registration book, we still need a government agency to identify it, which is rather cumbersome in practice.
With the help of the blockchain, credit can be established at low cost through mathematical principles rather than centralized credit institutions. In this way, our birth certificate, household registration book, and real estate certificate can all be verified on the blockchain. Your mother is your mother’s problem.
Another example is the food safety issue that has already been implemented. Cainiao, Tmall, and have begun to use it. With the help of blockchain technology, a reliable mechanism is established for all transactions, allowing producers, suppliers, processors, distributors, retailers, regulators and consumers in the food chain to obtain food source and status information at any time. , to facilitate the tracking of contaminated food, speed up the removal of problematic food, and effectively prevent the spread of food safety problems.
And when consumers buy food, they can easily see where the food they eat comes from, how long it was produced, and what fertilizers have been applied. For the arrival of the blockchain, are we ready? We still need to see the future.

“9” BTC mining to make money

Currently the most popular The most common way of bitcoin trading is contract trading. According to the price fluctuations, to obtain income, it is far better than traditional mining and direct trading. After all, there is no need to really hold virtual currency.��, just need to judge whether the price is up or down, very suitable for current investors, simple and convenient


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