Does Yishang Show have anything to do with blockchain?

1. What is the relationship between blockchain and digital currency

Digital currency is an application of blockchain.
Blockchain is the core supporting technology of the digital cryptocurrency system represented by Bitcoin. The core advantage of blockchain technology is decentralization. It can realize point-to-point transactions based on decentralized credit in a distributed system where nodes do not need to trust each other by using data encryption, timestamps, distributed consensus and economic incentives. Coordination and collaboration, thus providing solutions to the problems of high cost, inefficiency and insecure data storage that are common in centralized institutions.
The application fields of blockchain include digital currency, token, finance, anti-counterfeiting traceability, privacy protection, supply chain, entertainment, etc. With the popularity of blockchain and Bitcoin, many related top domain names have been registered , had a relatively large impact on the domain name industry.
Taking the tourism industry as an example, blockchain applications are mainly focused on travel travel, travel community reviews, digital identity management, credit consumption management, tracking pilots’ professional certificates and qualifications, hotel and airline loyalty programs, bookings Management, consumption points management, these application areas. In addition, blockchain also has applications in finance, games, entertainment and other fields.

2. About the relationship between blockchain and virtual currency

  1. Blockchain is the name of a database, and issuing currency is its own function .

  2. The public chain is that everyone can use it without authorization, just like countless QQ account registrations. The alliance chain requires authorization, just like the public security bureau does an ID card, according to the regulations.

  3. Bitcoin and Litecoin are not on the same chain.

  4. Virtual currency does not require collateral, just type the keyboard. There can also be the issuance of collateral, whatever you do.

3. What is the Moment Energy Chain and is it related to the blockchain?

The Moment Energy Chain is a blockchain-based The platform of technology is a basic generating block, connecting blocks, and recording the structure of blocks. DAPP uploads and reads data to these blocks. Moment Energy Chain adopts DPOS+PBFT consensus mechanism and efficient P2P network, a blockchain platform independently developed by Rong-Chain-Technology, which can provide customized blockchain services for enterprises and institutions. The platform can be applied to distributed photovoltaic transactions, charging rights transactions, energy asset delivery, application chain management and financing. Forgot to accept! Thank you!

4. Is there any relationship between digital assets and blockchain?

It should be related, I saw this sentence on the SMIC blockchain public service platform two days ago This platform is provided by China Securities Shudeng to provide initial registration services for enterprise information. I checked that the gold master digital asset service platform of China Securities Shudeng applies blockchain technology. So I think it might be related.

5. What is the relationship between blockchain and digital assets

Blockchain can be applied in many fields, and the application of digital assets is a major direction, which can be roughly divided into three Category: digital currency, digital financial assets and various digitizable financial assets.
Digital currency: virtual currency such as bitcoin.
Digital financial assets: digitalized stocks, private equity, crowdfunding equity, bonds, hedge funds, all types of financial derivatives such as futures, options and other financial assets.
All kinds of digitizable assets: real estate, data assets, intellectual property, artworks, luxury goods, cultural heritage, corporate assets, urban assets, etc.

6. What is the relationship between virtual currency and blockchain

Blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, and encryption algorithm. Blockchain is an important concept of Bitcoin. It is essentially a decentralized database. There are more and more applications of blockchain, but the most important application is Bitcoin. After all, you can invest to make money. If you are interested Why don’t you go to the OKEx Bitcoin exchange to open an account and try it out.

7. What is the relationship between Vocean and blockchain

At this moment, Satoshi Nakamoto also speculates on this result, and he feels that the technology is also constantly developing, better storage and accumulation The technology has the talent to store and transmit the ever-increasing blockchain.
Even so, Satoshi Nakamoto set a limit of 1M for each block to avoid excessive shortening of the blockchain.
Let’s make a calculation: every abnormal clock generates a blockchain, then 10 years after the birth of Bitcoin, that is, by 2019, how big will the blockchain be? Large: 10*365*24*6 ≈ 525G. Another 10 years to 2029, almost 1T. Even at the moment, the results are not that big. So don’t worry too much.

But the space of the blockchain will not only increase with time. At present, the space of 1M per block was not enough to meet the development of Bitcoin. Why? Because of the huge volume of business, each block has aIt needs 1M, and the number of businesses that can be covered is limited, so it is necessary to figure out how to expand the blockchain to break this limitation.
In 2015, the community made many adjustments to the expansion and structure of the blockchain. In the end, we still adhere to the blockchain space as small as 1M, but the “Segregated Witness” technology that can cover more transactions is born, which may be the first step in the expansion of the blockchain. In the future, there will be “lightning accumulation” other technologies to slow down the severe consequences of the blockchain space.
But no matter what, the Bitcoin blockchain cannot be infinitely expanded. In my thinking, the Bitcoin blockchain will eventually become an anchor, and other applications have their own data storage systems, not all of which need to be stored on the Bitcoin blockchain, but the Merkle root of the data can be stored in the Bitcoin block. Chain, once to ensure the security of data

8. What is the relationship between blockchain and the Internet

A SMIC blockchain platform project was established in Changsha Information Industry Park. It is for enterprise users to collect on-chain cooperation

9. What is the relationship between blockchain technology and big data?

Jinwowo analyzes the relationship between blockchain technology and big data. The relationship between them is as follows:
The relationship between blockchain and big data is not very big. Big data is mainly for the management of massive data, and the core of blockchain is to achieve high security and high reliability of data without the inclusion of centralized intermediaries.
Therefore, blockchain and big data do not conflict with each other, nor will they replace each other. They are completely different solutions for data in different scenarios.


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