doge Hua Chenyu

① What are some of the male stars that you will never forget?

Wang Jiaer makes me unforgettable, with good looks, good figure, modesty, and full of humor Feeling and variety show, singing is very good and very patriotic.

②Why Li Yuchun hides behind and eats melons

Recently, in the program “Tomorrow’s Son 2”, Li Yuchun’s performance can be very cute, hiding behind Watch the fun, let’s go and see the scene together!

Oh, but I still want to say that the light of the Son of the Sun can give some power? [Meow][Meow][Meow][Meow]Don’t be too dark ! Don’t you see the screenshots you posted on the promotional program? Everyone is so black… Besides, don’t you have air conditioners, and the three mentors can only hold one fan each? ? …Sorrowful people

③ “I Am a Singer 2018” sixth issue rankings

The sixth issue top four: 1. Hua Chenyu, 2. Tengger , 3.jessie j, 4.KZtandingan

Hua Chenyu’s “nunchucks” exploded the audience, ranking first in the sixth issue is well deserved, many people like his “Monkey King” The really amazing thing is that he completed the “My Skateboard Shoes” in 24 hours, such as arranging, recording, singing, etc.! The whole song is very dynamic, and this time I challenged Jay Chou’s classics and did not disappoint the fans.

In the fifth recording of the singer, KZtandingan, a kicking singer from the Philippines, beat Jessie J and Hua Chenyu to win the championship with the song “Rolling in the Deep”. Eliminate Zhang Tian. According to the competition system, the next 6th period will usher in a knockout round again, an online singer will leave the stage, and a new replacement singer will be ushered in in the 7th period.

After the exposure of the sixth issue of the rankings, heated discussions were aroused, and Tengger, who was the latest replacement, was also very popular. As an old artist and a newcomer, pk is even more interesting. The seventh issue of the playlist has been exposed on the Internet. , let’s take a look first:

The seventh playlist (in order of appearance):

1. Su Shiding’s “Behind” (return)

2. Hua Chenyu “I Manage You”

3. Zhang Shaohan “Dream Chaser”

4. Jessie J “never too much”

5. KZtandingan “say something”

6. Li Quan: “The Love of My Life”

7. Wang Feng’s “Doge’s Youth”

8. Tengger’s “Heaven” ( Replacement)

The singer’s 2018 program is currently on the air, and it has been updated to the sixth episode. Hua Chenyu and Tan Dingan are strong, and the status of Shijie and Wang Feng is also difficult to shake. The sixth episode ranks Exposure, the competition is fierce, it seems that this year’s song king battle must be full of expectations!

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