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A. Why is the object of self-deprecating always a dog

In the smash hit chorus “Feeling My Body Is Hollowed Out”, the sentence is so tired like a dog I don’t know how much Those who struggled in the North Fifth Ring Road resonated. Coexisting with it, there are single dogs who eat dog food on the Qixi Festival, the brick-brick dog who is still working on weekends, the IT dog who is crowded on line 13 and is about to be led by a dog, kneeling and licking Party A to meet all reasonable and unreasonable demands of Party B. Dogs, they are more dogs than dogs. Suddenly it happened, but I found that I was not as good as a dog.
In the era of self-defeating people, dogs seem to have become synonymous with shortness and poverty. With the spread of diaosi culture, anti-chicken soup culture and negative energy culture, people are no longer keen to show off their wealth, but compare themselves to each other and think of themselves as dogs. It seems that if you don’t compare yourself to a dog, it’s not enough to express how low, poor, and decadent you are; if you don’t compare yourself to a dog, you can’t integrate into this society full of dogs.
Not just in China, self-deprecating with dogs is a global topic. Tired into a dog has a corresponding word in English, called dog-tired. This is not a new word, it has a long history. The protagonist of the story is the British King Alfred the Great (Alfred the Great). This king is a little strange. He is not letting dogs chase people, but letting people chase dogs. He sent his two sons, Athelbro and Edwin, to chase his hounds, and whoever got the most back would be honored that night – sitting on his right and eating. The two sons chased the dog hard, and when they came back, they were naturally more tired than the dog, so the word came about.
In addition to the serious dog, there is also a spiritual pollution dog, doge, which detonated the film dog carnival of the global Internet with its small eyes and noble dog posture. At first, a Japanese preschool teacher uploaded a photo of her Shiba Inu, and then Americans tagged baby-talk beside the Shiba Inu, a simple way to return to a baby but express emotions quickly on Facebook Jump red.
At the same time, people found that this dog face is not inconsistent with anything, so that when people see anything yellow or with three black dots, they will think of doge, and the mental pollution comes from this. Then doge entered the financial industry, and the appearance of the virtual currency dogecoin similar to Bitcoin made the film dog carnival reach its peak. In this way, people have built a healthy dog ​​world and indulged in it.
Why do dogs occupy a place in human society?
As early as in ancient Greece, the Greek philosopher Diogenes, known as the originator of diaosi, said he was a dog. Not only did he say so, but he also did it himself, completely turning himself into a dog. The descriptions of Diogenes are all like this: He was naked, crouched in a bucket, surrounded by rubbish, he urinated in public, ate things in his hands, and pedestrians avoided it. In the face of doubts, he announced to the world his determination to follow the dog: I will be nice to anyone who gives me food, and grin and bark at him whoever doesn’t give it to me. The school he founded is called cynicism, the essence of which is the pursuit of simple truth and rejection of luxurious hypocrisy.
For Diogenes, he was willing to be a dog because he admired the characteristics of a dog. Although he was wild, he was loyal and reliable. Although he lived by wagging his tail and begging for mercy, he was real enough.
In addition to Diogenes, Confucius was also a dog. When Confucius and his disciples traveled around the world, he got separated from his disciples in the State of Zheng, so he stood at the east gate of the State of Zheng and waited for his disciples. Zigong, who was also looking for Confucius, asked people about his teacher. A person from Zheng State described a man in the east gate like this. His head resembled Yao, his neck was like Gao pottery, and his shoulders were like Zigen. If you lost your dog. After Zigong found Confucius, he told the truth about what the people of Zheng State had said. Confucius laughed and said the shape was not yet. And the dog that looks like a bereaved family, yes! It is!
Yao, Gao Tao and Zichan in the previous article are all historical figures who have achieved achievements, but Confucius said that he did not look like these people, saying that he looked like a lost family. Dog, you are right.
The people of Zheng said that Confucius was like a dog, which was really impolite, but Confucius accepted it readily and was willing to criticize himself, which showed the humility of the Chinese people since ancient times. But it’s acceptable to say I’m like a dog. In the face of unfriendly remarks, his self-deprecation also reflects the spirit of Chinese people and the noble. But in the final analysis, Confucius, like Diogenes, recognized the dog as a creature. In the era of Confucius, when the Zhou family had declined and the nations were at war, he wanted to implement his own Confucian ideas to restore the country’s stability, but no one accepted it. It reflected the lost family dog’s loyalty and the frustration when he was displaced.
Mark Twain once wrote a short story from a dog’s point of view called ADog’s Tale. As a dog, the protagonist has the simplicity and persistence of a dog, it is affectionate and righteous, even if the owner is ruthless and unscrupulous,�� Still giving up life and forgetting to die. It bears in mind the responsibility of the dog taught by its mother to rescue the little owner who is still a baby from the fire. However, its children were put on the test bed by brutal humans. In such a strong contrast, people find that the underestimated dog nature fills the vacancy of human nature.
Most self-deprecating dogs are subconsciously aware of these characteristics, so their self-deprecation, like Diogenes and Confucius, is indeed self-deprecating, but it is not that they devalue themselves for nothing.
Dogs are full of energy during the day, run around and jump around, and collapse in the kennel when they are tired at night. What the dogs who move bricks emphasize is the drive to work hard during the day; the dog is greedy and sees other dogs. If there is something to eat, they will look at it eagerly. The singles admire themselves for this kind of straightforwardness that is envied by others even though they have everything I have.

B. How to use the word dog to translate the word disgusting and good

Anyone who has some knowledge of English should know that “dog” is used in certain situations and in certain situations. When a word is matched, it can be used to express people, such as our most common “lucky dog”, which means “lucky person”, but not all words formed with “dog” are like this, such as Xiao Zhang He encountered such an embarrassment, one of his foreign friends said to him “I’ve got a black dog in me”, Xiao Zhang looked at each other suspiciously after hearing this, Xiao Zhang muttered in his heart: “This person has a broken brain. , How do you say you are a black dog?” In fact, “black dog” literally means “black dog”, but in normal use and expression, it means “depression”, which originated in the United Kingdom during World War II Prime Minister Winston Churchill said, “Depression in my heart is like a black dog, it will bite me whenever I get a chance.” Since then, “black dog” has become synonymous with “depression”, so in English and foreign language When people communicate, they must pay special attention to these oral expressions, because English is very similar to Chinese in some aspects, which is polysemy.


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