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The founder of “One” metadoge coin

Oge Dogecoin founder Elon Musk

  • The name of “Dogecoin” It comes from the popular expression package Doge on the Internet, but it is indeed a serious digital currency. According to the introduction of Wikipedia:

Dogecoin” is an Oregon State Poetry currency. It was invented by Tran-based programmer Billy Marcus, who wanted to create a cryptocurrency that would appeal to a wider audience than Bitcoin. In addition, he also wants to distance the currency from the “black history” of other digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

While Marcus wanted to create a more fun and attractive digital currency, But he didn’t have any good ideas at the time. At the same time, Jackson Palmer, a sales employee at Adobe in Sydney, tweeted a tweet, making fun of two of the hottest things in 2013, Bit Coin and Doge emoji. It’s time to invest in ‘Dogecoin’, which must be the next big thing.”

  • Palmer just posted a joke, but he didn’t expect to get After getting replies and support from a lot of people, and after getting some responses on Twitter, Palmer bought the domain name, put a splash screen on the site, added the “Dogecoin” logo, and sporadic Comic text. Marcus saw a link to the Dogecoin “website” in an IRC chat room, and after approaching Palmer, he started working on compiling Dogecoin”. So Dogecoin” was born in a joke .

『細』 mercenary [doge] is the one who goes down to the basement every time you play Buddhism?

Which character do you use? .
Down in the basement? Actually, he wasn’t beating, he was “not suitable for children”.
You can understand it this way, the butcher is expressing his love for the character you use.

『Three』 The meaning of doge in boys

The meaning of male god hair is to like a woman and treat him well. Hope she can be happy. Asking a boy to take her home shows that the boy has given her a great sense of security and goodwill. She trusts him and relies more on him, hoping to establish a more intimate relationship in this way.

In fact, most women in the world are fragile and gentle, and no one is born a woman.

A lot of times they say they don’t need protection, because they know that they can only rely on themselves when no one can rely on them, so they learn a skill, that is, “death support”.

When a girl shows the weakest part of her heart in front of you, it means that she has lifted her guard against you, needs your protection, and needs a shoulder to rely on.

Then the question is, why should a man’s desire for protection be stimulated?

The desire to protect is to make men feel that they have a sense of existence

If you don’t know how to stimulate a man’s desire to protect, everything is on your own Take it all over, like a small tank, then the man around you will feel that you don’t need him, and he has no sense of existence.

If you do everything a man is supposed to do, he will hurt his self-esteem even more. Men will think, since you can do everything by yourself, then I have nothing to do, and you will do it yourself in the future.

When we watch TV dramas, we often see scenes like this, where the hero euphemistically rejects the heroine and tells her:

“You are fine, but she You need me more. You are so independent and powerful, you can live wonderfully without me, but she can’t… So, I’m sorry.”

You must be saying in your heart, this male protagonist Is your brain alright? Just because the heroine is beautiful, rich and independent, should she deserve to be abandoned?

Yes! Because every man has a hero’s dream in his heart, the saddest thing is not that he can’t become a hero, but to find that he has become a hero but others don’t need your protection.

Maybe you will say, I am such a female man, I do not need protection from others, I can protect myself.

Well, that’s true, but if you want to be a man’s marriageable partner, you have to stimulate his raw impulses while also stimulating his protective desires.

Because behind the desire for protection, there is a man’s sense of responsibility towards you. When a person feels needed, it is also when he can find his sense of responsibility.

If a man doesn’t have primitive impulses towards you, but only desires to protect you, then he may only think of you as a sister.

However, once the sense of responsibility arises, you will have weight in his heart. If a woman can inspire a man’s desire to protect her, then it is estimated that this man will not be able to escape her Wuzhishan!

So, why stimulate men’s desire for protection? Because the desire to protect makes a man feel that he is needed by you, it has a meaning to exist.

ProtectivityThe heroic feelings of a man

We often say, what kind of animal is a man? Men are heroic and sympathetic to weak animals.

It is the nature of men to sympathize and protect the weak. When we are weak and being bullied, we very much want someone to help us.

Similarly, when others are weak and bullied, we will naturally tend to the weak out of instinct.

Now is the era of peace, and it is difficult for men to show their heroic behavior. Once there is a man who can inspire all the protective desires of men, then this moment is simply a glorious explosion of humanity.

So, why stimulate men’s desire for protection? Because the desire to protect can inspire a man’s heroic feelings and make him want to protect you more.

I always hear a lot of people complaining that they are used to being strong, and with the increase in age, they really can’t learn to show weakness and coquetry from little girls. Not suitable for myself.

I want to say that the reason why women want to stimulate a man’s desire for protection is because you love this man, and this man is worthy of your love.

A woman’s coquetry can make a man stronger, just like after many women learn, their husbands become more confident and attractive than before.

Teaching a woman to act like a spoiled child is not for you to take all the bones out of your body and stick it on a man, or to kneel and lick a man.

It requires you to recognize yourself first, figure out what things are meaningful to you, and what characteristics of a man you need, and then use your coquetry skills on key points.

It is definitely not something that can be achieved overnight to stimulate a man’s desire for protection. If he is usually a straight woman of steel, a sudden showing of weakness will only make the man feel completely unsuitable, so that the effect will not be achieved.

『四』What is the meaning of doge in boys

The meaning of doge in boys is: a deliberately funny anthropomorphic interjection, in order to liven up the atmosphere.

Doge originated from an online animation series. In this animation, the dog is called “doge”. Since then, doge has become a new generation of buzzwords and emoticons. In 2013, doge unexpectedly became popular again on the largest online community and light blog in the United States, and finally appeared in the blog “Selfie of Shiba Inu”, which is the Shiba Inu with inner monologue.

Other pictures and expressions that are popular on the Internet are: , Yes, shopping bag emoji, Internet post bar bear, QQ emoji, UC emoji, Fetion emoji, Tusky, Tusky imitation, Mung bean frog, Bubble, Cannon Artillery, Ya Xingbao, Rogue Rabbit, Yoxi Monkey, BOBO.

baby cat, teat boy, little cutie, Hello Caicai, icoool mango boy, Mocmoc, big and small BB, Sinbawa Tanbawa, Momo family, princess peach, OKAY A Hua Prince.

“Wu” What does the online term [doge] mean

“Shishi Inu Joke” (known as Doge Meme) through social networking tools such as Facebook and Tumblr It has become popular on a large scale, and the search rate of major search engines in Europe and the United States has exploded. The prototype is a Japanese female Shiba Inu named Kabosu. This picture of Shiba Inu, which was originally just a cute dog, was changed into various characters, and after adding phrases with strange grammar such as “wow” and “such XX”, its nonsensical style swept the global Internet circle and was dubbed as a “proprietary”. The noun “Doge” (slang for the English word “dog”) has been named a cultural phenomenon of the year by TV stations such as NBC, and there is even a virtual currency (Dogecoin) marked by its emoji. In China, it is jokingly called “spiritual pollution” by netizens because its spoofed image is flooding the Internet, causing netizens to have illusions when they see other characters and things.

The term “doge” on the Internet is an expression that expresses an inner monologue.

『Lu』 Does Binance have any DOGE activities?

There are trade DOGE cards to share the $100,000 DOGE prize Tens of thousands of people have already participated in the event, and the threshold is still quite low. During the event, if you collect all 4 Dogecoin fragments and synthesize a complete Dogecoin card, you can participate in the $100,000 DOGE event prize.

『柒』 Ask for a full set of expression packs for this little cartoon DOGE!

Sina Weibo doge emoticon package, used by computer QQ, download address:

『 呌』 Who is the prototype of this doge expression? What is the original expression image and what is not the original image of doge?

God annoying dog, it is a Japanese Shiba Inu! Shiba Inu!

What’s the meaning of the expression of “9” doge

One kind of thing and one kind of person:

1, make a funny dynamic It’s funny to add an emoji to let everyone take a look at the picture, or the previous forwarder had a god reply.Squinting means you are funny, a little bit contempt for people’s IQ.

2, arrogant and proud.

Doge originated from an online animation series called Homestar Runner. In this animation, the dog is called “doge”. Since then, doge has become a new generation of buzzwords and emoticons.

In 2013, the doge unexpectedly resurfaced on Reddit (the largest online community in the US) and Tumblr (light blogging), eventually appearing in the “Shiba Confessions” blog, which is the A Shiba Inu with an inner monologue.

“Shiba Inu Joke” (known as Doge Meme) has become popular through social networking tools such as Facebook and Tumblr, and the search rate in major search engines in Europe and the United States has exploded.

(9) Doge’s trophy extended reading

At the end of 2013, this picture of Shiba Inu was widely circulated, and doge was unexpectedly posted on Reddit (America’s largest online community) and Tumblr (light blogging), eventually appearing on the “Shiba Confessions” blog, the Shiba with his inner monologue.

“Shiba Inu Joke” (known as Doge Meme) has become popular through social networking tools such as Facebook and Tumblr, and the search rate in major search engines in Europe and the United States has exploded.

The popular pictures on the Internet are mostly simple English with pictures of Shiba Inu and Comic Sans font, often appearing with representative words such as “very”, “so”, “wow”, or PS of Shiba Inu’s facial features. On other objects, sometimes the Shiba Inu’s face is changed with PS to make it look more like a human expression to achieve the effect of “contrasting cuteness”.

The video site YouTube also followed this trend and made an Easter egg specially for doge. When you search for doge meme on YouTube, the search result page will turn into Comic sans font, and the text will turn into color.


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