E-commerce building blockchain

(1) What are the blockchain malls?

This question is only answered now because the blockchain technology has been developing, and it is still in its infancy. The blockchain mall also needs a lot of technical strength and accumulation, what is at the forefront now is the “chain mall” that has been developed for more than a year and has just been launched. How to build your own business model around blockchain technology

This requires your own market research to see if blockchain can solve the pain points in reality.
For example, the problem of opaque public voting can be solved by using blockchain, and it has been done abroad.
Using blockchain technology for crowdfunding, domestic Euroland crowdfunding is being done, combining digital currency and physical assets.
Data storage, using blockchain technology to store data, prevent data theft, etc.

㈢ What are the blockchain e-commerce companies and how are they developing?

Tencent builds infrastructure Tencent blockchain focuses on independent innovation, and will build blockchain infrastructure, open Internal service capabilities, shared with industry partners, jointly promote the development of trusted Internet, and create a win-win ecosystem for blockchain. What Alibaba can see from publicly known information is that in the past two years, Ant blockchain has grown from Public welfare cuts in, and then transfers to mutual insurance, traceability of genuine products, traceability of rental housing, etc.

㈣ How do enterprises build a blockchain platform

ufo is a blockchain-based social retail platform that empowers retail platforms with the distributed and non-tamperable features of blockchain , to create an ecology of “I am for everyone, everyone is for me”. The platform sets points
o2 as the value embodiment of the contribution behavior, creating value in the actions of shopping, sharing and commenting.
How to understand this? An example will make it clearer. Usually, when you buy something on Taobao, you can only receive the corresponding product after the money is paid. Share it with your friends, Taobao doesn’t have to give you any feedback. But shopping on the platform of ufo, you can not only get valuable products, but your shopping behavior has made a contribution to the platform, you can get the accumulation of energy, and energy can help you get points
o2 can be used for consumption, transaction, auction, etc. in the ecology. The current value of o2
is about 1 yuan.
By using the traceability technology of blockchain and its tamper-proof modification, in the ufo platform, each product can be traced back to the origin, and imported goods can also avoid the risk of counterfeiting, and you can buy them with peace of mind.
The ufo platform is an f2c mall. Users place orders with the factory in the form of a combined order, and the factory delivers the goods directly. The intermediate links are removed. The factory retains a low profit margin and makes money from the sales of explosive products.
In general, it is a good application of blockchain technology at present, with good quality and low price, and it is recommended to download if interested. https://cdn.mishua.cn/d/v_206.htm

㈤ What are some of the more successful blockchain e-commerce companies

The first electronic business license should be JD.com Business

㈥ What are the blockchain e-commerce projects

Be careful, dangerous operations, do not imitate

㈦ What are the blockchain e-commerce projects

The one I know is called Chain + Town, which is a blockchain e-commerce. It has some blockchain technologies and many concepts. It is quite good. It feels different from traditional e-commerce. , may wish to play to find out.

㈧ How to build a blockchain website

The website is no longer mysterious, and it is no longer a high-tech activity. Ordinary users can also easily build a relatively professional website. The following is a brief introduction to some of the procedures and precautions for personal website building.
First, the domain name
If you want people to visit your website, a domain name is essential. The domain name should be as short as possible and as easy to remember as possible, such as the .top domain name. Of course, there are not many domain names that are easy to remember and have characteristics. You need to consider it yourself, as long as you feel that there are certain rules or it is easy for users to remember That’s it.
Second, space
To build a website, secondly, there must be a space, that is, a place to store the website. For individual users, it is recommended to purchase web hosting. When buying web hosting, look at its services, speed, response time, etc. Generally, you can choose a service provider with a certain reputation.
Note: Domain name and space are currently better domestic service providers such as Alibaba Cloud, Western Digital, China Data, etc. are very good choices.
Third, the website program
The website program is of course ready-made, because there is no need for individuals to compile a website program from scratch, and there is no such strength. Now there are ready-made website management systems on the Internet, and there are many such systems, which can be selected based on their own comprehensive trial.
When choosing a website program, its versatility and secondary development must also be considered. Not good for generality, unfavorable�Developed in the second phase, although the function is powerful, it is not recommended to use, because it will be very troublesome to design personalized functions after the website has a certain scale. In addition, the program should choose asp (asp.net) as much as possible, PHP, JSP, etc. are not particularly popular in China; between asp and asp.net, try to choose asp.net, after all, it is based on the .net architecture is the trend of development.
Fourth, website design
After choosing the website program, you need to design the website according to your own needs. Generally speaking, it is best if there are professional artists and programmers to modify it. However, individual webmasters may not necessarily have this condition, and can choose the service provider’s intelligent website.

㈨ What are the platforms built by blockchain technology

Triporg travel: a travel service platform built by blockchain technology, which can provide travel services such as train tickets and hotels.


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