Eight hundred times leveraged currency circle

Ⅰ How to operate the currency circle contract

1. The user decides the long and short direction according to the judgment of the BTC price trend, and selects the contract type according to the length of time. At present, OKEX (https://www.ouyi.xin/) provides three types of contracts, namely: current week, next week, and quarter.
The current week contract refers to the contract for delivery on the Friday closest to the trading day; the next week contract refers to the contract for delivery on the second Friday closest to the trading day. Quarterly contract refers to the delivery date of March, June, September, and December of the last Friday of the month closest to the current one, and does not coincide with the delivery date of the current week/next week/monthly contract.
2. The user chooses the appropriate price and quantity to trade.
When a user buys a contract, the required margin is the amount of BTC worth the transaction time and the contract value divided by the leverage multiple. Only when the account equity is greater than or equal to the amount of the deposit after the transaction is successful, the user can perform the entrusted operation.
3. Margin
When establishing a contract trading account, the user needs to select the margin mode. Different margin modes have different trading margin calculation methods and risk control degrees. When there are no positions and no pending orders, that is, when the margin of all contracts is 0, the user can change the margin mode.
When using the cross-margin mode, the risks and benefits of all positions in the account will be combined to calculate. Under the cross-margin mode, the requirement for opening a position is that the margin rate after opening a position cannot be lower than 100%.
When using the isolated margin mode, the two-way position of each contract will independently calculate its margin and income. Only when the available margin for opening a position is greater than or equal to the amount of margin required for opening a position, the user can place an order. In the case of isolated margin, the available margin for opening a position may be inconsistent for each contract.
4. After the transaction, the user holds the position corresponding to the long and short direction.
Under the cross margin, the user’s account equity will increase or decrease according to the latest transaction price; under the cross margin mode, when the user’s account equity is under 10 leverage, the contract account equity is less than 10% of the margin, and under 20 times leverage, When the equity of the BTC contract account is less than 20% of the margin, the system will force liquidation of the position. Under the isolated margin, the unrealized profit and loss of the user’s position in a certain direction of a contract will increase or decrease according to the latest transaction price, and the margin will not change. When the margin rate of a user’s position in a certain direction of a contract is less than or equal to 10% (10 times leverage) or 20% (20 times leverage), the system will force liquidation of this position.

Ⅱ What is the cross-position leverage in the currency circle and how to play it

The currency circle is a natural circle formed by digital currency players. Digital currency is virtual currency, and the number one is Bitcoin.
Cross position means that when buying and selling stocks, all funds are used to buy stocks, and there is no remaining funds. For example, if you have 100 yuan, and all the 100 yuan buys stocks, it is called a full position.
Leveraged trading in the currency circle refers to the fact that when investors trade virtual currencies, they perform leverage operations to purchase more virtual currencies with less funds. Among them, futures contracts are more common in the currency circle. Expanding the investor’s profitability, but also amplifying the investor’s risk.
For example, if the investor adds three times the leverage, when the underlying object purchased by the investor falls by 10%, the short-selling investor will have a return rate of 30% under the action of the three times leverage. If the purchased subject matter rises by 10%, the short-selling investor will lose 30% under the action of 3 times leverage. When the investor’s loss rate reaches 100%, the position will be liquidated.
Generally speaking, the higher the leverage ratio, the greater the risk. Investors should reasonably control their positions during the trading process to avoid being liquidated.

Reminder: The above information is for reference only and does not make any suggestions.
Response time: 2021-10-28, please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank for the latest business changes.

Ⅲ There are several major risks in currency circle investment

First of all, you must understand the entire currency circle industry chain;
It is easy to know how the project came about , what do they do, why do they have this project;
such as eos, ont, trx, btm…. what do they do, what other projects their team has
what are the investors of their team, Which media do you often cooperate with
How reliable are those media recommendations
What exchanges are these coins on? . .
After understanding this series, you can probably have a basic judgment on a certain coin.
But is there no risk in investing in this way?
No, there are risks everywhere in the currency circle.
Even if Bitcoin is bought at highs and lows, the risks are completely different.
At this time, you also need to use analysis tools such as coinsmart and non-trumpet to find trading points.

IV What is the meaning of currency circle contract

The contract in digital currency is similar to the futures contract, itIt is a kind of financial derivatives. The transaction object is not the real thing, but the rise and fall of the commodity price. You can go long and short, and buy and sell as you go. For example, if an investor judges that a certain currency will rise, he can buy a rising contract. , if the price rises the investment can make a profit. It should be noted that contract transactions generally have leverage, so the risk will be relatively large. At present, the minimum leverage in digital currencies is 3 times, and the highest is 100 times.
Extension information:
1. A contract is actually a contract signed with an exchange and a certain margin is paid. There are two types of contracts, one is a delivery contract and the other is a perpetual contract. The delivery contract has a delivery period. Yes, just like futures, it will automatically be liquidated when the delivery time arrives. There is no time limit for perpetual contracts. The contract is to buy long and short. When the market rises, buy more to make money, and when the market falls, buy short to make money, and then add leverage. The leverage ratio can be freely selected, and different leverage ratios have different risks. The contract is actually optimized on the basis of leveraged trading, so that users can better operate trading. Compared with the spot, the contract has an option to buy short (the so-called short is to buy or fall), so it is more flexible than the spot. a little.
2. Contract transaction refers to an agreement between buyers and sellers to trade an asset at a specified price at a certain time in the future. In the contract transaction of digital assets, investors can judge the direction of price fluctuations. In contract trading, users can choose to buy long or sell short by judging the ups and downs in order to obtain the benefits brought by the up or down. That’s it. Everyone knows that contracts are leveraged. The advantage of leverage is that it can maximize the use of funds. For example, 100 times leverage means that 10,000 U can be used as 1 million U. Everyone can use leverage reasonably to achieve large returns with small capital.
3. The risk of contracts. Many people have certain misunderstandings about contracts and leverage. So how big is the risk of contract transactions? How to control them? Risks will exist in any investment market, and many people also think that contract transactions have Leverage is very risky. Here again, let me explain to you that risk itself is not leverage, but exists in investors, capital’s perception and control of risk. If you don’t have the ability to buy so many coins, don’t think about eating into a fat man in one bite. Don’t swipe at every turn, and allocate your positions. (The combination of position + risk rate + rate of return + compound interest thinking is the most critical factor in determining whether you can earn more or less).

IV Can I understand the contract in the currency circle as I use the principal to increase or decrease, the leverage is the multiple, the profit is doubled when the pressure is right, and the loss is the same when the pressure is wrong Doubling

Yes, that’s how futures work. Without leverage, the principal can be doubled only if it rises by 100%. With 10 times leverage, you only need to go up 10% to double your principal, and similarly, if you drop 10%, your principal will be lost.

Ⅵ One day in the currency circle, ten years in the world, the next sentence is

The next sentence is “As soon as you enter the currency circle, it is as deep as the sea, and from then on, morality is a passerby.” The understanding of the phrase “one day in the currency circle, ten years in the world” is that the currency circle contract is actually evolved from futures. The so-called contract is actually that you can pay a small amount of money through different leverages of 20 times, 50 times, and 100 times, so as to get a larger return. For example, one bitcoin is worth $6,000. If you buy with 50x leverage, you can buy a Bitcoin call for as little as $120. The platform will charge a 10% handling fee. A rise to $6,120 would yield a return of $120, a yield of 100%. Likewise, if it falls to $5880, your $120 will be forced to break your position and there will be nothing left.
Expansion information:
1. Investing in the currency circle needs to be cautious
One day in the currency circle, ten years in the world, those of us who lack trading system and trading experience, often send money to the platform and analysts Small chives. The odds of making a profit are slim, even worse than gambling! It is recommended that when choosing investment and financial products, you must choose products with controllable risks and relatively good returns. Don’t be fooled by high income and ignore risks. As the saying goes: what you see is the benefit, what others see is your principal. Found some of these companies with low investment and high returns. Coming back to costs soon enough, you see bitcoin selling the next day and the saying goes, “It’s hard to keep your money.”
2. The unit price is between 0.1 yuan and 10 yuan:
People are more willing to accept low-cost currencies, rather than tens of thousands of unit-price currencies. For example, the skyrocketing yta oil tower currency and ADAIDA currency are like this, and their unit price is only a few yuan or even a few cents. For those mainstream currencies with a unit price of hundreds or thousands, it is almost as high as 3-5 times. Of course, these mainstream currencies are more stable than others. If you plan to hold for a long time, you can consider appropriate asset allocation. should�� Landing, the industry has great potential for development Now that blockchain investment has entered a rational era, investors are paying more and more attention to the strength of the project party, which can usually be seen directly from the application of the project. Recently, the integration of blockchain and 5G has been advocated, and the application of implementation is particularly important. The blockchain storage industry is bound to be the best application of blockchain implementation.
3. Focus on ecological construction
Any project needs its own project supporters if it wants to seek long-term development. Otherwise, no matter how good the technology of a project is, it will not have a certain mass base, but it is just a simple and beautiful project. All currencies with huge growth have broad popularity and high support. Therefore, the ecological construction of the community is particularly important. Projects that do not focus on ecological construction will not last long, and projects that focus on ecological construction will not be bad either.

Ⅶ The borrowed 100,000 yuan was instantly cleared, some people doubled it in 1 hour, and the position was liquidated in 5 minutes. How crazy is the currency circle

The borrowed 10 10,000 yuan was instantly cleared, some people doubled in 1 hour, and their positions were liquidated in 5 minutes

In the crazy currency circle, players are racing against time. Some people’s principal doubled, and some people experienced instant wealth clearance.

This week, the currency circle experienced a “bloody storm”. The cryptocurrency lost more than $600 billion in the last week, according to CoinGecko. Thrilling stories are played out every night, and many people wake up with their accounts emptied.

However, more people who failed the challenge said they would never play like this again. Some people sighed: Don’t play the contract (a kind of game), it doubled in an hour, and cleared again after 5 minutes, which is clearly gambling.

Finally, I want to say this: Gambling is risky and gamblers need to be cautious. A little careless, fell into the accounting pit.

Okay, that’s all for this issue.


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