eos coin is the mining cost of the miner

Ⅰ If I buy a mining machine for mining, the cost is not low, why should I buy a mining machine?

The benefits of the purchased computing power contract range from two to three years, you buy the mining machine yourself It is necessary to pre-book the purchase, search for electricity or the hosting of the mining farm, which has a large deployment cost and electricity cost, and also requires manual maintenance. Still troublesome.

II eos is what currency

blockchain currency.

EOS coin is a blockchain operating system designed for commercial distributed applications. EOS is a new blockchain architecture introduced to achieve performance expansion of distributed applications. Called Blockchain 3.0. E0S is of considerable investment value, and it has basically obtained the consensus of the currency circle. It can also be said to be the troika of virtual currency.

(2) eos coin is the mining cost of mining machine Extended reading:


area Blockchain technology is still in an early stage, not only has a unified technical standard not yet been formed, but various technical solutions are still developing rapidly. However, the scalability of blockchain technology has not been tested by large-scale practice, and it is still mainly in the prototype design stage. Therefore, in a relatively short period of time in the future, there are still problems with the speed of blockchain, and it is temporarily unable to meet large-scale commercial applications.

There are various virtual currencies in the market, there are bubbles, and investment should be cautious: virtual currency itself is not real currency, although virtual currency adopts the source technology of blockchain, it has no national power endorsement, There is no actual use value.

Ⅲ Hello, may I ask how much the cost and cost of setting up a bitcoin mining unit will start from November 2015. How much electricity was once the profit point.

It is not recommended for retail investors to go Buy a mining machine for mining, unless the electricity fee is free or extremely low. Now mining is basically controlled by several large mining sites. The following is the basic information of mainstream mining machines:

Current altcoins basically do not allow users to mine, but one or two application scenarios are also planned. For example, Ruitai currency, Weimeng currency and so on.

Ⅳ Don’t buy eos coins again

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Ⅳ How much does it cost to mine

The cost of mining is mainly the cost of mining machine equipment, electricity cost, time cost (technical network cost is ignored)

1. Mining machine equipment cost

With the popularity of Bitcoin, more and more people join mining, and the difficulty of mining has also increased. The mining equipment has also developed from ordinary computers to the current professional mining machines, and the cost of mining machines fluctuates. If the currency price is high, the cost will be high, and the low cost of the currency price will be lower.

The price of different models of bitcoin mining machines with different parameters is also different. At present, the relatively well-known bitcoin mining machines on the market include Antminer s9 and Whatsminer m3. The cost of 10,000 is less than 10,000.

II. Electricity cost and technical management

Electricity cost is also a very important cost for mining. In the case of four-hour operation, a large amount of electricity will inevitably be generated, and the cost of household electricity is relatively high. Therefore, the current mining trend has been transformed into centralized mining in large mining farms. Generally, the electricity price will be lower and cheaper than that at home. Professional technicians can solve certain technical problems

Anyone who wants to know about the mining farm can send me a private message!

Anyone who wants to know more about mining farms can send me a private message!

Ⅵ What is bitcoin mining? How much is a mining machine? Can you still make money from mining?

Now the bonus period of bitcoin mining has passed, and the output will soon be Halving, and now it’s a long bear market. Unless you have strong funds and a very low-priced power supply, don’t enter the mining industry again

Ⅶ What is the current price of eos coins

As of September 21, 2018, one EOS coin is worth 39RMB on the currency exchange.

Ⅷ filecoin mining needs to pledge 90 coins on the official website? How much does 10T computing power need to be invested? I say here that 90 fil coins need to be pledged

As the currency price rises, more and more Many people have invested in the mining army. Then, with the increase of mining machines, the computing power will inevitably decrease. And the higher the currency price, the greater the investment. So how much capital does it take to invest in a mining machine, and how much profit can it make?
At present, the computing power of 1T package requires about 9.5 fil coins, and the GAS fee is 2 to 3 coins. 1T requires about 12 coins (the GAS fee has no fixed value, the average value is taken) according to the current currency price of about 1100. Then packaging 1T requires 12,000.

The price of the mining machine is 96T. A 96T mining machine needs 118,000, and the effective computing power is 64T, which means that 64T ​​needs to be packaged.
The current pledge is about 9.5FIL/T GAS fee is about 2.5FIL/T
The pledge is 9.5*64=608FIL 608*1100=668800 yuan
GAS���2.5*64=160FIL 160*1100=176,000 yuan
Initial investment cost: 668,800 (pledge) + 176,000 (GAS) + 118,000 (mining machine) = 962,800 yuan
Pledged on your mining machine not to mine After that, GAS will be refunded as a fuel fee, which is directly consumed
So the real cost is the consumption of GAS fee and the cost of mining machine
Then: 118000 (mining machine) + 176000 (GAS) = 294000 yuan
96T mining machine can mine for at least 5 years. Packaging takes about 2 months.
The encapsulation period is the process of converting effective storage power into effective computing power. After the miners are put on the shelves, they do not mine coins with the highest computing power immediately, but gradually increase, which is a process from 0T to 64T. Coins can also be produced during the packaging period. It is estimated that about 200 FILs can be produced. The current mining efficiency is 0.1 FIL/T. When the full pledge is full and the GAS is full, the packaging will be filled in two months at the earliest.
The company charges a 20% technical service fee, which is deducted from the daily output

The current average effective computing power is 0.082/T
The daily coin production after the mining machine is fully packaged Yes: 64*0.08*0.8=4.09
It is expected to produce 4.09*(365*5-60)+200=7418FIL
in 5 years. Note: 4.09 is the coins produced after the package is full. 365 is one year 5 means 5 years, 60 is the packaging time, 200 is the coins that can be produced during the packaging period
As the effective computing power increases, that is, the number of participating miners increases, the mining efficiency is decreasing, we have to count this factor 7418*0.7=5192FIL
Calculated according to the current currency price of 1100: 5192*1100=5.71 million yuan. After the IPFS technology is implemented in the later stage, the currency price will also increase. This depends on the individual’s investment concept [Answer]

Ⅸ Bitcoin mining cost, how much do you know

This is hard to say. Antminer once said that its mining cost is only about 200 yuan. In September 2014, major mining machine manufacturers generally believed that their mining cost was around 2,000. The specifics are hard to say. The following figure is the basic information of Bitcoin mining income:


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