Ergozi mines my world

1 Minecraft is a kind of manuscript that can dig up a large piece of manuscript, how to do it?

You can install mod, for example, the huge manuscript in the twilight forest mod can dig 4× 4 area, there are more creeper mods, there are manuscripts that can mine 3×3 range

2 minecraft 1.72 chain mining mod

1. Open mods. .

⑶ Minecraft chain mining instructions. (Complete)

1. Open the folder and you will see the Minecraft folder, as shown below.

⑷ How to mine in my world, I have been digging for a long time, but I haven’t found a single diamond…

I dug slowly, If you really can’t do it, go to the mine. There are ore next to the underground magma, but not 100%.

⑸ How to mine in my world

Roll wood and make a manuscript Dig

⑹ Who has minecraft 1.10.2 chain mining mod

  • tools/raw materials
    Minecraft forge Version
    Minecraft Chain Mining

  • Methods/Steps
    1.Open the mod in the game
    2.Click vein miner (that’s this mod). Then click conflg
    below. 3. Select the manuscript again, and press the Block list on the right.
    4. In the upper dialog box (well, not a dialog box), enter minecraft: stone Refers to the stone, used as a demonstration) just press Add!

⑺ When I was playing minecraft, a voice suddenly popped out when I was mining, it was a man speaking English, and it was frightened intermittently. Quit the game.

Me too, I was going to a village and saw a guy, I was playing single player mode. The man had a pattern on the back and was dressed in white. Suddenly I started speaking English, and I was so scared that I quit the game.

⑻ When I was mining in my world, I dug into the ground and there was something like a puppy that would bite. What is it to solve?

Silverfish, traditional Chinese version Silverfish are small insect-like creatures with silver skin and black eyes that hide in special blocks in the fortress. These blocks look exactly like stone bricks, cobblestone, and normal stone, but take a little more time to destroy. When the block is destroyed, silverfish will appear and start attacking. In general, silverfish blocks are very rare. If left alone, silverfish will re-burrow into some blocks, such as cobblestone, stone, and stone brick. Silverfish do not directly harm the player, but they will swarm and push the player, which is not only annoying, but in some cases even dangerous.
When attacked (but not killed), silverfish may awaken silverfish in all silverfish blocks within its 21x11x21 radius. If there are enough silverfish blocks nearby, this will cause a swarm of silverfish to swarm, and uncontrolled swarms will quickly destroy the stone bricks in the fortress. They will disperse quickly after the player has gone too far.

⑼ In my world, killing iron golems is much more convenient than mining. I hide in the corner to kill one. As a result, the iron golems will attack me as soon as they are born, what should I do?

You burn down all the villagers’ homes and buildings, so that no new ones will be refreshed.

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