Especially good-looking doge

① Copy “You are April in the world” with a signature and pleasing to the eye, don’t ask why it’s boring[doge][doge]

, a beautiful friend posted in the circle of friends: I believe I will find someone who is blind and thinks I am good-looking.
The following replied: I have always been blind.
Then I also updated the bar with the same status.
My circle of friends replied one after another

② Please recommend a good-looking Xun Xingwen (Wu Shixun x Zhang Yixing)! By the way, don’t be too cruel if you can. . .

Between bit by bit, Xipi Alliance, you are my Xingxing brother, I am your little mannei, start from scratch, you are my dream, a landscape you gave, I’m
you, what a great thing, I’ve seen the first four, it’s very relaxed and not very abusive, it feels great, it’s a senior Xunxingcp
Recommended, the ones in the back are also recommended by her! Another: Tieba is the place to gather good articles, but you have to follow it slowly~

③ My boyfriend told me that I like whether you look good or not, as long as you are good. Does he mean that I look bad? [

My boyfriend is emphasizing that what he likes is your person, not your appearance

④What is doge?

In the second half of 2013, “dog jokes” appeared on the Internet in the United States, which nonsensically hit some Americans with very low and strange laughing points, and some boring people also specially concocted them. Noun “Doge”.
Not long after, a market speculator in Australia, Jackson Palmer, smirked after seeing the joke of a boring dog when he was studying the market speculation. So he wrote a joke: Come and invest in “Dogecoin”, I firmly believe that this is a big opportunity in the future!
Therefore, a very unserious virtual currency such as Dogecoin appeared, which can only be traded on a small number of trading platforms.
However, there is a saying widely circulated in the international virtual currency player circle: “Bitcoin is Gold, Litecoin is Silver, Infinitecoin is Copper”, which means “Bitcoin is Gold, Litecoin is Silver, Infinitecoin is Copper”.
This judgment of industry insiders is enough to show that, in addition to the most sought-after Bitcoin, Litecoin and Infinite Coin, Dogecoin is also a dazzling, insincere, and stealing phenomenon with many others. Serious virtual currency is not optimistic, it can be said that the prospects are bleak.
Dogecoins, which cost essentially zero after only 2 weeks of launch, once reached a high of $400 per Dogecoin. However, the current price of each Dogecoin has plummeted to $0.0005, which is more than 1/700,000th of the current price. The speculative market bubble of Dogecoin is huge, and the speculative leverage of unscrupulous speculators is high. After unscrupulous speculators trapped a large number of blind Dogecoin buyers at a height of more than 700,000 times, they withdrew their funds and ignored it.
All buyers who intend to buy Dogecoin and other mainstream virtual currencies with sufficient capital injection and less bubbles except Bitcoin, Litecoin and Infinite Coin, should pay special attention to such speculators, especially It is a low-level deceptive trick of American speculators. Don’t be blindly used by speculators to squeeze your hard-earned hard-earned money.

⑤ [cp]#I can’t tell if it’s a pig or a dog for a while#[doge]How a chai pig is raised

eat more meat Rich in protein.
Dog food is mixed with meat and some meat is appropriately added to the dog food. Shredded boiled chicken breasts, diced pork, sliced ​​beef, mix these meats into dog food, and feed them once or twice a day. Don’t feed too much meat, it is easy for Shiba Inu to be picky eaters, just eat properly.
Be careful, don’t blindly pursue whether the Shiba Inu eats fat or not, and whether the face looks good or not. Also, it is okay to be fat, but always pay attention to the health of the Shiba Inu, not for the Shiba Inu Fat and lost health.

⑥ What does the expression of doge mean

One kind of thing and one kind of person:

1, turn to a funny dynamic picture Sometimes, it’s funny to add an emoji to let everyone take a look at it, or it’s because the previous forwarder replied with a slanted glance, which means you’re funny, a little bit contempt for people’s IQ.

2, arrogant and proud.

Doge originated from an online animation series called Homestar Runner. In this animation, the dog is called “doge”. Since then, doge has become a new generation of buzzwords and emoticons.

In 2013, the doge unexpectedly resurfaced on Reddit (the largest online community in the US) and Tumblr (light blogging), eventually appearing in the “Shiba Confessions” blog, which is the A Shiba Inu with an inner monologue.

“Shiba Inu Joke” (known as Doge Meme) has become popular through social networking tools such as Facebook and Tumblr, and the search rate in major search engines in Europe and the United States has exploded.

(6) especially good-looking doge extended reading

At the end of 2013, this picture of Shiba Inu was widely circulated, and doge unexpectedly appeared on Reddit (the largest online community in the United States) It became popular again on Tumblr (light blog), and eventually appeared on the blog “Shiba Confessions”, which is this Shiba with an inner monologue.

“Shiba Inu Joke” (known as Doge Meme) has become popular through social networking tools such as Facebook and Tumblr, and the search rate in major search engines in Europe and the United States has exploded.

The popular pictures on the Internet are mostly simple English with pictures of Shiba Inu and Comic Sans font, often appearing with representative words such as “very”, “so”, “wow”, or PS of Shiba Inu’s facial features. On other objects, sometimes the Shiba Inu’s face is changed with PS to make it look more like a human expression to achieve the effect of “contrasting cuteness”.

The video site YouTube has also followed this trend and made an Easter egg specially for doge. When you search for doge meme on YouTube, the search result page will turn into Comic sans font and the text will turn into color.

⑦ My master is a cold goddess, what should I do all day long with doge emojis

【Men overturning hands over women】【Dark King Demon Pro The World] [Other World Xiuling Emperor] [Proud Wind] [Tenth World Reincarnation] [Evil Eyes] [Flaming God of War] [Seven Evil Empresses] [Charm and Disaster in Another World] [Witch of Confusion] [Eve Fantasy World] [Tai Chi Seal] [Confusion] World Blood Lotus] [Female Lord of the World] [Drunken Crazy] [Peerless World of Wind and Clouds] [Controlling the Sky] [Controlling the Demon] [Reincarnated Saintess] [Xianjia Little Daughter-in-law] [Mysterious Husband and Little Wife] [Saint Star Magic Martial Arts] Academy] [Alternative Goddess] [After Transforming From Another World] [Offline Magic Kitchen Girl] [Cute Kitchen Girl Crossing] [Transfiguration Adventure] [Pharaoh’s Favorite Concubine] [Egyptian King] [Alternate Saintess] [The Rhapsody of Transforming from Another World] [My Soul is in Ancient Times] [The Concubine of the Hell King] [Ripple in Clear Water] [Who Is Crazy] [Journey of Love] [Dream Transformation Song] [Courageous Servant’s Romance] [ The bitterness of crossing and enjoying the grace of a beautiful man] [Ghost Wife] [Confused Time Traveling] [Silly Girl in Ancient Times] [Starting to represent the Queen today] [Heavenly Remaining Girl] [Meow Meow] [囧囧 Saintess’ Immortals] [Sea Poetry Tower] 【Jade Nuan Imperial Court】 【Exotic Angel Witch】 【Fated to Cross】 【Senior Brothers Are Good or Bad】 【My Husband Lives on the Top of the Mountain】 【It turns out to be a wolf】 【Sleeping maid – confused emperor】 【Crossing Yihe It is expensive] [Pregnant women are also crazy] [Qing Ben beautiful woman, but how to get it] [Xin Yipin Cultivation] [Legend of Lianjing] [Tenth World Reincarnation] (a classic work in the heroine’s fantasy text) [Undead Holy Magic Guide] (similarly It’s a great book from the south, so don’t say more.) [North Star Crown] (same as above) [Phantom of Another World] (Zi Xi’s book, the heroine is very strong, and she ends up with the god of death) [Journey to another world] (female The master who traveled to another continent is also very strong) [The Great Adventure in Another World] (The more famous one, the heroine brought a robot to the magical continent, and is already writing the second part) [Journey to Another World] (The heroine also It’s very strong, it seems to have worn more than one world) [The Otherworld’s Chaos] (I also traveled to the magic continent, I remember it seems to be a combination of magic and martial arts) [Nine-year-old Little Demon Empress] (Traveling to ancient times, the heroine There are special abilities) [Legend of Creation] (It is about adventures in various movies, the author is very talented) [Millennium Festival] (long story, the story of the heroine and the four creation dragons) [Goddess Trial] (author The writing is good, mainly about friendship, and it is also from another world) [New 1st Grade Cultivation] (Not finished, it is a combination of magic and cultivation) [Gods also have rivers and lakes] (The heroine is strong, but it is a bit nonsensical, it is funny, It’s not bad) [A ray of ghosts into another world] (The heroine is very beautiful and strong) [Dark Apprentice] (Vengeance is the main line, very good, the first part of the dark trilogy, the second part Roland has been completed, the third part The travelogue of the lord of the Ministry is writing) 【Sky Zong Enchanting】 Content introduction: She is a legend in the killer world, she It is a poison that makes men flock to her, and she is a heartless woman. An accident made her soul travel to a world where the strong are respected – the Continent of Gods and Demons. Perhaps it was the gift of God that allowed her to enjoy family affection in this life; perhaps it was a joke of God that made her suffer the disaster of annihilation in this life. Since she is a life abandoned by God, what about turning into a demon? Heaven and earth are not benevolent, so what’s the harm in destroying this world? Let’s see how a woman traverses the world, uses a sword, turns the clouds and rains, and confuses the world… [Bound Demon] A chain of spiritual sources, a man who can’t see his face, prompts Feng Ranyun to enter a magical continent – Guyuan Continent. Cultivating demons and immortals on the mainland is a completely unfamiliar world. Her body is weak, and she was unable to practice magic, but she was in a cave.Go to the mysterious man to wash the marrow essence and bones, and since then he has become a prodigy of martial arts. Along the way of the wizard, she has revealed a shocking secret that has been hidden for hundreds of millions of years! Who dominates who is right or wrong? Who lost whom? What is the sky? What is the ground? Who is God? Who is the devil? Nalan Qingxiao: The owner of the “Medicine Refining Valley” is a rare all-rounder in Guyuan Continent. His identity is mysterious, but he ranks first in the world with the “Tianchi Jueshan” lord. She was taken in by him when she was four years old, and he loved her like a jewel. Mysterious and strange cave man: washes the marrow and bones for her, and appears to rescue her mysteriously many times. He is inextricably related to the chain of spiritual sources, but he doesn’t know the beginning of everything, but he just follows his destiny in his destiny. entanglement. Feng Jingye: The enchanting and ruthless king of the Demon Realm, the young mansion master of the “Huanshan Cave House”. In an accidental encounter, he was rescued by her, and since then he has played a chase game with her, intending to make her the queen of the Demon Realm. Moyan: King of the blood clan, in charge of the island “Haiyun”, which is rich in crystal ore and famous for refining. Originally wanted to eat her blood, but who knew that she would be devoured by her blood, and from then on, she would die for her, serving as a slave and a servant. Xiao Yan: The first elder of Tianchi Jueshan, the crown prince of Tianchi Kingdom, had a chance encounter, which made him never forget her. Desert Fox: This is the patriarch of the fox clan of the Tianfangyue, who came to the Demon Realm to study and become her magical beast, and she lives for her life. Disillusionment for a thousand miles: The royal family of the Demon Domain, the head of the hidden world sect Nanshan. Because she is a woman whom her cousin Feng Jingye loves, she has never had any thoughts about her, but who knows that she has been quarreling again and again, secretly developing feelings, and she has been entangled in love and not love all her life. [Flame God of War] Description: A down-and-out nobleman in a remote town, as a direct bloodline, she has been reduced to a low-level servant who is not as good as Thunderbolt’s rebirth. Her talent is awakened with a mysterious life experience, and she is transformed into a mysterious life. The dazzling star on the horizon has since walked out of this nameless town and set foot on the vast and incomparably vast continent of magic and martial arts. Since then, fate has opened up a stunning legend that belongs to her! Stunning men and strange women, they are all infatuated and crazy for it… Bright Shine: His Royal Highness, the Prince of the Glory Empire, with black hair, white clothes, and spotless. When one day, the embarrassed and disheveled flame appeared in front of him, he frowned in disgust: “Want to come in for dinner? Go wash up first!” When the situation changed – “Riyan, I am your uncle, But I’m also yours, a part of your body, I’m dead, you’re alive, you’re dead, I can’t live…” – Bright Shining Bodun: The little prince of the Fran Empire, a six-year-old kid When I first saw the flames, my eyes brightened with innocence: “Beauty, I like you, you can date me!” “I was still a child at that time, and I didn’t know what love was, but when I first saw the flame beauty, the first thing I saw , I like her, that kind of like makes me want to integrate myself into her blood and bone marrow, and never be separated from her. Without her, I will die. When my fate finally came to an end, I realized that all this There is an arrangement in the dark.” ——Bodun &#; Fran [Seven Evil Empress] The modern top secret agent is unintentional, the secret genetically modified person of the Academy of Sciences, she has the most stunning face, the coolest mind, the most perfect Physical physique, the most brilliant means, however, she also has no desires or thoughts, cold-hearted, like a high-end computer that has been running continuously for 20 years. She is the Seven Devils Lone Star, an ice device in the world. It was obviously just an ordinary task of stealing cultural relics, but inexplicably fell into this strange fantasy world. The thousand-year-old prophecy, the covenant between the gods and the devil, when the aliens who were once exiled return, when the blood and the flames of war dye people’s hearts, the peaceful continent will be changed because of the arrival of a woman. Indifferent astrologer, cute fox spirit, arrogant demon, arrogant elf king… Who is her choice in the end? Xiao Zimo: I will follow you and protect you, you are the master I chose. Feng Unintentionally: I don’t need your following, your position should be by my side! Huang Jiuli: The wind is unintentional, when this seat is in control of this world, you can never escape again! Feng Wuyi: I’m waiting, waiting to see you obediently go back to the devil world. Yun Che: Unintentionally, unintentionally, unintentionally~ You said you were mine! Feng Unintentionally: I don’t belong to anyone, and you are my… pet! Ye Qianjin: … (stares) Feng Wuyi: … … (You are far worse than air-conditioning!) [Rose World] Author: Mu Lan’s noble bloodline is inherited from her, and the best intellectual brain is in her Came beside her. When advanced technology has landed in the world, when a weak orphan girl has incredible power, Chamila, on this ancient and mysterious continent, [Mist Hidden Sky Xuan] Author: Mengluo Xingxuan Xingluo, the wind is surging. Everything is within the law, but everything is out of control. All things in the world, who is the one? Datong? chaos? Is it a dream, or a fantasy? Legendary Genealogy The First Ancestor: Mysterious and Unpredictable��Unknown, because of his involvement in the war between gods and demons, he was sealed on the Hidden Kirishima, and his whereabouts are unknown. The only certainty is that she is a woman. Yu: gentle and elegant, pedantic, possessing a pair of eyes that can see through the world, it has a great influence on Yuelian. The essential property is earth. Now living in the storage bracelet, in charge of Tianzi Pavilion. Shadow: Cold, taciturn, especially good at swordsmanship and weapon refining, is the enlightenment teacher of Yue Lian’s swordsmanship, and cares about Yue Lian in his own unique way. The essential attribute is fire (who said fire has to be grumpy?). Now living in the middle, in charge of the Yellow Pavilion. Hannv: She is a bit irritable and has a bad temper, but she is good at medical skills. The essential attribute is water (another subversive of traditional thinking!). Now living in the middle, in charge of the Dizi Pavilion. Xuan: He never plays cards according to reason. He is very childish. He is a magic genius. He gets along best with Yue Lian, but he often angers Yu. (No way, who made him always challenge Yu’s endurance limit?) The essential attribute is wind. Now living in the middle, in charge of Xuanzi Pavilion. Yang: Incomparably handsome (nonsense, it is said that the family is full of handsome men and beautiful women), with great power (another nonsense). For some unknown reason, he activated the seal of life and disappeared into the world together with Kiriyin Island. He is also a mysterious figure. Yue Lian: The heroine of this book, who originally had powerful powers, was later sealed, and is no different from ordinary children (except for her appearance). The essential attribute is water (currently using the power of fire). He is currently practicing in Xuanji mainland. “Feng Xiao Jiu Tian” Chapter 1 I am the King Chapter 1 In front of the qin, a pair of white and slender hands are fiddling, and the simple and lyrical mountains and flowing water flow down from the qin, looking up along the pair of white and slender hands, The woman was wearing a simple white silk Tang suit and sat in front of the qin. As she moved her hand, the soft clothes also swayed. She continued to look up. The last two on the top are not buttoned, the white neck and the exposed collarbone look very beautiful, looking up along the white neck, that… is a beautiful face, soft Her slightly long hair has reached her ears, her brows, thin lips, her nose is straight, her long eyelashes are slightly curled, her drooping eyes are focused on the strings, and there seems to be a thin layer around her. The transparent aperture makes people unintentionally destroy such beauty! Compared with the calmness of the woman, the people around her may be described as sweating like rain. This is a room built with high-grade wood. The design inside is like a Japanese room, and even the door is used. It is a Japanese-style sliding door, but the interior is decorated with bamboo products, which is fresh and elegant. In stark contrast to her was the man directly opposite her who was restrained by two black-clothed men and knelt on the ground, with a seal in his mouth. The woman in front with a coveted peerless face! There was a whimpering sound because of the cloth glue on her mouth, and the beautiful brows of the woman in front of the piano frowned slightly without anyone noticing, and it was fleeting. The sound of the piano came to an abrupt end, and the beautiful thin lips parted lightly, and a beautiful voice like a nightingale drifted out from the thin lips, “You know what you’re afraid of?” The still smiling face made it impossible to understand what she was thinking at the moment. With four short words, everyone present invisibly breathed a sigh of relief. Are you afraid? After those simple four words, I am afraid that what I have to bear is not the pain of flesh and blood! The person who was suppressed and kneeled on the ground wanted to cry out, and looked at the young woman with a terrified smile like a god! It is hard to imagine that such a beautiful young woman can have such a terrifying aura! Crazy Yanqingshi (The Killer Crosses the Women’s Strong Text) Description: In the past life, she was a genius of ancient culture, and a strange killer. In this life, she has excellent martial arts, and the double cultivation of medicine and poison has paid for her hatred, even at the expense of dyeing her hands with blood again. Transformed into a demon, drenched in blood, she walks hard, and she walks gracefully to settle grievances, she regains family affection, she comes and goes freely in the palace, she competes with ministers in the court, and she wears armor on the battlefield, Su’s hand waved the situation lightly, she was strategizing and winning thousands of miles away. She is the most feared chasing shadow on the rivers and lakes. She was named the king of the town as a woman. She was the iron-blooded god of war who let the enemy country hear the name and surrender without fighting. She is a myth, a legend, and she The body of a woman has achieved unparalleled fame and fame. In her life, there is no one in the past, and no one has come since. At one thought, she became a demon and a Buddha. She was between the Buddha and the devil. She saved people and killed people. She was kind, she was vicious, and someone loved her. She, some people hate her, she is a strange woman who can do whatever she wants and is never bound by secular etiquette. She represents two extremes, extreme ruthlessness, extreme love and righteousness, she is the sky.�The evil star is destined to make the world blood flow into rivers. She is also a lucky star from the sky, so that the world can live a prosperous and stable life. [Introduction] Ning Fei abandoned her husband and abandoned the house, exiled herself, and married Su Xixun in front of her ex-husband’s army. ——There is no love for being attached to a man. Only by being equal to each other can it last for a long time. Content label: Strong women travel through time and space, grievances and grievances from gangsters and gangs, protagonists: Ning Fei, ┃ supporting role: Su Xixun ┃ Yan Guo plucks hair “Concubine Madness” Author: Ren Xiaoyao Volume 1 Tyrant Chapter 1 Anger and Joy “The old lady is a ghost town I won’t let you guys and girls go…” The voice resounded like a lion’s roar, shaking the world even more. Thinking of her bloody Chiba, she is tall and tall, and although she is not a beauty, it is remarkable. What’s more, she is the only daughter of the head of the family of Xueshamen. Even with such a deep family background and such a dark background, her man could not resist the seduction of the goblin. The most maddening thing about Xue Qianye was that she was pushed down the stairs by the dead goblin with a beautiful face, and her eldest lady’s excellent skills were not only useless, but also his mother’s back on the spot. Braids up! Can she not be wronged, can she clench her steel teeth without hating! But what about being a ghost, isn’t it better to let the pair of dogs and men live happily, fortunately, her dear father avenged such a humiliating revenge for her, and her blood Qianye completely said goodbye to this flowery world! “Which bastard is hitting her in the face, this little devil in hell is too inauthentic, alas, why are you pulling your hair!” Xue Qianye patronized the complaining full of resentment, but did not find a serious one. The problem, she is feeling pain now. “Niangniang, Niangniang, come, Niangniang hug, Niangniang…” The sky is the red shore, the sunset is “he” is their beloved fourth brother, “he” is suave, wise and talented, well-spoken, martial arts. Until one day, they discovered the true identity of “his”… a lost history! A legend that spans time and space! A magnificent “man”… She is their beloved fourth brother, but she is forced to become the monarch of the proud party. With a sword and a horse, why is Hongyan so angry? The sky is whimpering, and the setting sun is like blood. Love and hatred, love and hatred, family and country, what is right and what is wrong, who controls ups and downs, who is right and who is wrong? The red dust is rolling, the yellow sand is long, and only the sky… is the end… “A Dream Like a Water Gone I” Author: Liuyu Copywriting She was born and died because of a conspiracy, and she is a thorough conspiracy theorist . She wandered in conspiracy since she was a child and helped her father win the control of the family’s group, but died at the hands of her own younger brother, just because she had the ability to seize power that made her father and them deeply jealous. If there is an afterlife, she will no longer allow herself to miscalculate in the slightest – let her pay the price of her life in this life, and she must live on her own strength in the next life, and she must live a true spring breeze! Reborn in another world, she became a criminal who was secretly hunted down. Strong enemies are waiting around, and the crisis is at stake. God seems to have set up another conspiracy for her that is difficult to break through – she already knew that there would be no good things waiting for her. How can she, who has always been cold-hearted and well-versed in power, save herself and start her life in another world? As time went on, the deeper she entered the game, the tighter the entanglement became. The seemingly powerful court was in peril, with feudal lords standing in all directions, and all the honors and respects. A woman who knows how to survive in a conspiracy, and a few men who are bound to gain power, use or be used, it really doesn’t matter at all, what is eternal is only interest. God throws her into the darkness, and she will continue to walk in the darkness. The country is easy to change, her nature is hard to change, and she will not change her conspiracy theories when she gets the chance to be reborn, and she will continue to sink in a sober state… “Night Crow Qing Yan” Author: The green onion finished the heroine dressed as a crow… = =+ Copywriting: The history of “stupid crows fly first” with average IQ but hard work! They are all traversal, which part is the past life? First acquaintance: – Don’t call me an adult! – (probing) Uncle? ! His veins burst out! The second acquaintance: – Don’t call me an adult! –(timidly) Uncle? ! The corners of his mouth twitched. Even if the memory disappears, can the feelings remain? Let me find you again and never let go! The five-year-old queen mother [[Arrogant Ecstasy]: 1. A ball fell from the sky] “!!” A call went straight to the sky, and several red birds flying while chatting were shaken and their wings cramped, they shook their heads and whispered He muttered: “We’re going to suffer again!” The electric light flashed with a “swoosh”, and on the multi-colored glaze cloud, the night ecstasy sat cross-legged, a 360-degree rotation fell gracefully, a dazzling silver-white armor, legs close together, He raised his chest and raised his head, and answered with determination, “Yes!”Fork, the index finger tapped, frowned and said: “What did you do! You have eaten big duck eggs again this time! This is the first time you have been ranked first!” : “I’m sorry, my lord, I won’t do it next time!” My ancient time, I call the shots, the stunning demon concubine of the transcendence Author: Junzi Yan, the rich color of the transcendence (transmigration female strong text, compare YY) 1. Wedge caterpillars follow one by one Crawling forward, the direction is always the tail of the previous caterpillar. Occasionally, a small part deviates from this innate inertia. This very small part gives up the law of being a caterpillar, and they get a transformation that other caterpillars can’t imagine… Humans have experienced thousands of times. Thousands of years of evolution have gradually established one civilization after another. In this civilization, some people, like those small caterpillars, chose to leave the human world, so they entered the heaven. Is this natural selection or evolution? s Choice? Change is eternal, and this inheritance continues… Above Jiuxiao, all sounds are quiet, and the stars are dotted, which makes the sky even more mysterious. In an instant, there are thousands of colorful neon lights of different sizes and shapes. A group of Yan Zi circled several times faster than the speed of light and then fell straight down, piercing through layers of fog, and stunned on a passenger plane that was about to take off. A magical story began… “Flying The F to Hong Kong is about to take off, please board the plane as soon as possible.”

⑧ Is this person good-looking.

This young man is talented, personable, with a big belly, a big waist, a disheveled hair, a tiger-backed waist, well-dressed, and a dignified appearance. Jade bone, ice, jade, bright eyes, bright teeth, greasy face, greasy hair, closed moon, shyness, flowers, sinking fish, falling geese, moral appearance, beautiful colors, delicious food, national color, heavenly fragrance, white daihei, Fu powder, Shi Zhu, graceful dress, Chu Chu Ting, jade standing, closed moon, shame, flowers, ice muscles, jade bones, talent, beauty, Shen Yu Luo Yan City, Xu Gong teeth, white lips, red frown, and crying Makeup, water, hibiscus, graceful and colorful, light makeup, heavy wiping, 28 beauties, Fu powder, He Langgu, shooting gods, national color, natural fragrance, natural beauty, flower appearance, moon appearance, fat swallow, thin, petite and exquisite, peerless beauty Bright eyes, white teeth, alluring beauty, allure Pan An’s lips and teeth are white!
At first glance, it is a rare talent [doge face]

⑨ Are there any male stars in the entertainment industry who are handsome when they don’t smile, but collapse unexpectedly when they smile?

There are so many handsome guys in the entertainment industry. Some people like Lu Han and Wu Yifan, and some people like Wu Jing and Zhang Jiayi. One of the things that makes fans laugh is that some male stars in the entertainment industry can’t bear to look straight when they laugh. These male stars look handsome without laughing, but when they laugh, their faces collapse.

The last one is Zhang Han. Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang once starred in the idol drama “Let’s Watch Meteor Shower Together”. The two quickly exploded and started a relationship. Zhang Han is still very handsome and sunny in the video, attracting the hearts of blockbuster girls. But when he smiled, his face collapsed, making people ridiculed as “pond owner”. The pictures of him laughing can be used as emojis. It is recommended that Zhang Han still smile lightly.

⑩ Is she beautiful?

After makeup, she can be considered a beauty. Inner double eyelid, nose is a bit biased, mouth is average, face shape is OK


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