eth bearing heater

A. Which bearing heater brand is the most popular in China

1. It depends on how you classify it

1.1. The cheap product is considered as one type, and it is considered as class A.

1.2. The heater is easy to use and not very expensive. It is considered a kind of heater (this kind of looks a little expensive compared to A-type), and it is considered as B-type.

1.3. The heater is not very easy to use but the propaganda is very useful. It is considered as class C (sometimes the price may be similar to that of class B).

Types A and B are the most popular brands. Type A is because of its low price, and type B is because of its high cost performance. Users of category C will not get good results after a period of time, and will eventually go to buy category B brand products because the effect cannot be achieved, such as long heating time, inability to effectively demagnetize, uneven heating, and so on.

2. As for the principle of classification or the factors to be investigated, it mainly depends on the heating principle, product material and heating effect of the bearing heater , heating time, etc.

2.1. The principle of bearing heaters

As far as I know, the most advanced is the principle of electromagnetic induction, and there are many towers like The heater and the heater that uses the heat transfer effect to heat (many A-type products are this kind, because they are simple and not technically difficult, so the price is very low, but the effect is not good), generally the overall heating, the effect is not electromagnetic induction The heater effect is good, because the heating method of electromagnetic induction is that the inner ring of the bearing starts to heat.

But it should be noted that many bearing heaters based on electromagnetic induction principle are also Class A products, because the use of sub-grade materials leads to slow heating or insulation effect. Not good; there is also a lack of key demagnetization technology, which leads to ineffective demagnetization after heating, and the bearing absorbs particles and debris during operation, reducing the effective service life of the bearing.

2.2. Material and heating effect of bearing heater

Coil material (affects heating effect and heating speed, copper has good effect and short time; aluminum has poor effect and long time) ; The thickness of the silicon steel sheet (affects the heating effect, thin is good, thick is poor), pay attention: there are many brands that use sub-grade product raw materials in order to grab orders. When users buy back and find that the effect is not good, they will follow The user said that the power purchased is too small to achieve the effect. If the impact is really great, you can increase the money and replace it with a higher power. In fact, this is not the case! ! ! Seriously, the power thing can be solved in one go. The rest are, the quality of the insulating paint (affecting safety); whether the automatic demagnetization can reach the standard (cannot or no demagnetization, easy to attract things, bad fast), this is the key technology, if there is no automatic demagnetization or can not reach the standard The effect can only be counted as Class A or Class C products.

To tell the truth, whether or not to conceal the above information is a very important factor to test whether a bearing heater brand has conscience, because it reflects whether a brand puts customers on top of their hearts .

2.3. Heating time The heater based on the electromagnetic induction principle has the fastest heating speed.

2.4, other factors

After-sales guarantee Many brands that are not strong enough do not dare to have after-sales guarantee

The size of the brand is done with heart and mind, and use a reassuring Viterui to calculate an electrical control switch.

Whether the electrical control switch is particular, everyone is familiar with safety and durability, of course the cost will be higher

The shell material can be strengthened The best insulation material

Whether the appearance is beautiful

These factors have an impact on the brand, and I won’t say how Yes, everyone understands. Factors that affect the heating effect have a greater impact on the price, and those that do not affect the heating effect have a lesser impact on the price. There is also a market for Class A brands. After all, we cannot ask everyone to produce conscientious products. Besides, there is also the situation of wanting to eat rebates, no matter how poor the technique is, it is better than hitting with a hammer. I wrote a lot for people who really want to buy a bearing heater. Please don’t take my meaning out of context if you see it in the future. Finally, to sum up, the B-type bearing heater brand is the most popular. If you want to say one, it is from WTR. At least the courage to explain things is also an attitude of being responsible to the guests.

B. Which brand of bearing heater is good?

I have done some research recently, and foreign brands such as SKF\FAG\TIMKEN\BEGA are good. The best reputation in China is WTR\PIEN, the quality and service are in place. The effect of automatic demagnetization after the bearing is heated is also the best.

C. A detailed instruction manual for the Australian Lehman Linmast bearing heater

Does that thing still need an instruction manual? Is your device broken? There are just a few buttons, just press it and you will know, it is nothing more than the time mode.�Temperature mode, press the up and down keys to adjust the time or temperature, and then start it. Unless you want to adjust the power, I know that only Hoson’s bearing heaters do not need manual adjustment

D. What are the more well-known brands of bearing heaters

There are many such as NSK Seiko bearings, NTN bearings, KOYO bearings, etc. Bearing technology companies in the world include SKF in Sweden, IMROK bearings in Germany, FAG bearings, INA bearings, and Timken bearings in the United States. The above are world-class Bearing brand

E. The working principle and use method of the bearing heater

The induction heating of the bearing heater is the use of electromagnetic induction to make the heated workpiece itself The internal current magnetic field causes the workpiece to generate eddy currents for heating, and the energy of these eddy currents is used to achieve the purpose of heating. The basic components of the bearing heater induction heating system include: induction coil, AC power supply, workpiece and control part, using the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert electrical energy into heat energy, the equipment passes through the heating host with the induction coil, and converts the alternating magnetic field. When the magnetic workpiece is used for bearing, the eddy current generated in the bearing body causes the bearing surface to heat up evenly at a high speed by itself, and the temperature of the host remains unchanged. The bearing has a fast heating rate, high production efficiency, and can directly save about 80% of electricity. The bearing heater equipment is easy to install, the system is simple, and it is easy to operate and power on. The electrical parts of the equipment have strong versatility and are more convenient to maintain. The frequency is 50-60H without magnetic radiation, which is harmless to the human body.
The induction heating of the bearing heater is derived from the electromagnetic induction phenomenon discovered by Faraday, that is, the alternating current will generate an induced current in the conductor and cause the conductor to heat up. It can provide high power density, highly flexible selectivity in heating surface and depth, extremely low equipment loss, no physical pollution, in line with environmental protection and sustainable development guidelines, and is one of the green and environmentally friendly heating processes.
The advantages of the bearing heater; this product can be automatically demagnetized during the heating process, the bearing residual magnetism after heating is: 2A/CN conforms to the 2Q33-85 mark, the workpiece is heated evenly, and it is absolutely clean, which is beneficial to improve the assembly quality, Save electricity and fuel, save the floor space of the workshop, and increase the work efficiency by more than 4 times, one operator can easily solve the assembly problem, built-in overheating protection system, safe and reliable, no fire danger, no oil fume to pollute the air, which is beneficial to the environment Improve the health and well-being of staff.
Application of bearing heaters: series bearing heaters are used for mass induction heating assembly of annular and cylindrical parts such as bearings, bushings, gears, couplings, diameter rings, etc. The need for interference assembly is an induction heater that is really suitable for production and assembly-level assembly lines for a long time, and can adapt to most harsh working environments.

F. What is the bearing heater for?

The bearing heater is used for the installation of workpieces such as bearings, gears, bushings, couplings, flanges, etc. a tool.
Why is it called a bearing heater? Because by heating these workpieces to be installed, the inner ring of the workpiece can be thermally expanded, resulting in an interference amount, so as to meet the needs of interference assembly. To put it simply, the bearing is sleeved on the shaft through thermal expansion.
The function of the bearing heater depends on different models and different brands. The function of ordinary bearing heater: set the temperature value, display the temperature value. A better bearing heater: dual control of temperature and time, automatic demagnetization after heating is completed.
The working principle of the bearing heater: use the metal to generate eddy current in the alternating magnetic field to make itself heat.

G. Which brand of bearing heater is good

There are many brands of bearing heater, good brands recommend SKF, BEGA, WTR, SKF and BEGA are more expensive , and be sure to buy genuine!

H. How to use the bearing heater

1. Place the yoke on the end face of the host.

2. Insert the plug into the power socket with the control switch.

3. Check whether the ground wire is in good condition, and test it with a test pen after power-on.

4. Turn on the power according to the requirements, at this time the host automatically detects the probe and ambient temperature, and displays the ambient temperature at the same time.

5. Check that the yoke should have no voltage to the ground.

6. Select the yoke sleeve according to different specifications of bearings or other workpieces, and place the yoke on the top surface of the host, and it should be flat.

7. Press the button to select temperature or time control. If you need to adjust the temperature or time, please press the up or down key to select the appropriate parameter.

8. Press the start button. The host starts to heat the workpiece. When the set time is reached, the host automatically stops heating and automatically demagnetizes the workpiece. During temperature control, when the set temperature is reached, the workpiece is in a constant temperature state, and when it needs to be installed, just press the stop button.

9. When the bearing is heated to the required temperature,��, it will automatically turn off the power or press the stop switch.

10. After the heating is stopped, the yoke moves to the left or right. After removing the bearing, put the yoke back on the top of the host.

11. If the machine is used repeatedly and the bearing is heated continuously, it is only necessary to put the processed bearing into the yoke and press the start button.

(8)eth bearing heater extended reading:

Notes on bearing heater:

1. The grounding wire of the power supply must be good.

2. Precautions for the wiring of the self-controlled bearing heater power supply: The heater power supply should use 380V three-phase four-wire power supply, and the yellow-green line should be connected to the neutral line.

3. It is strictly forbidden to press the start button switch before the yoke is placed on the host, otherwise scratching will damage the instrument or burn the fuse.

4. Do not place the magnetic control head on the heating workpiece for a long time to prolong the life of the probe. When heating the bearings of the same specification, try to use time control to prolong the service life of the probe.

5. The temperature of the ball bearing heater should not exceed 150°C. Otherwise it will cause | bearing annealing.

6. When the bearing heats up, refer to the table below for the amount of bore diameter expansion. Take away one piece and pay attention to high temperature to prevent burns.

7. In order to improve the heating efficiency, when selecting the corresponding yoke according to the size of the bearing inner hole, the yoke with a larger cross-sectional area should be selected as far as possible.

8. The heating part in the yoke must be removed only after the host is powered off.

9. The main engine must be placed flat and not inclined. The yoke and the end face of the main engine must match.

10. Do not place the magnetic control head on the heating workpiece for a long time to prolong the life of the probe, heat the bearings of the same specification, and try to use the time control to prolong the service life of the probe.


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