ETH transfer fees plummeted

A. Can the handling fee deducted from the bank transfer be withdrawn?

The handling fee deducted by the withdrawal of the bank transfer will not be refunded.

When handling transfer and remittance business, commercial banks need to go through the online clearing system of the People’s Bank of China to complete it. Each time the user must pay a certain handling fee to the bank to ensure the normal maintenance and operation of the inter-bank payment and settlement system. Even if a refund occurs, but the payment and settlement system has been used, the cost has already been paid, and the fee paid will not be refunded. Moreover, the refund is initiated by the receiving bank based on the payee information provided by the user, and it is indeed not controlled by the remitting bank.

Bank transfer settlement refers to the currency fund settlement method that directly transfers money from the bank account of the paying unit (or individual) to the bank account of the receiving unit (or individual) through the bank without using cash.

Bank transfer ATM transfer steps are as follows:
1. Insert the bank card into the ATM;
2. Follow the prompts to enter the password and select the transfer option;
3. , the ATM will display the name of the card holder and the amount you need to transfer;
4. Click OK to transfer successfully.

The role of bank transfer:
1. The implementation of bank transfer settlement is conducive to the country’s regulation of currency circulation. Implement bank transfer settlement, and use bank credit receipt and payment instead of cash flow, so that in economic exchanges between various units, cash is only used for business below the settlement starting point and within the scope of cash expenditures, which reduces the scope and quantity of cash flow and makes it easier to use cash flow. A large amount of cash is removed from the circulation field, thereby creating conditions for the state to organize and adjust the currency circulation in a planned way, and prevent and curb inflation.
2. The implementation of bank transfer settlement is conducive to accelerating the turnover of materials and funds. Bank transfer settlement is achieved through the centralized clearing of funds by banks. The bank transfers funds directly from the paying unit (or individual) to the receiving unit (or individual) through the use of various settlement vouchers and bills in the bank account, regardless of the size, complexity, or distance of the payment, as long as it is in settlement. Above the starting point, all can be handled in time through banking institutions, and the procedures are simple, eliminating the need for cash settlement, such as payment delivery, inventory, storage and other procedures, which is convenient and fast, thereby shortening the settlement time and accelerating the turnover of materials and funds.
3. The implementation of bank transfer settlement is conducive to gathering idle funds and expanding the source of bank credit funds. Due to the implementation of transfer settlement, the funds that are temporarily unused by each unit are deposited into their bank accounts, and these funds have become one of the important sources of bank credit funds. In addition, transfer settlement is implemented. During the settlement process of each unit, the paying unit has paid, but the voucher is still being passed, so the receiving unit has not yet entered the account. The funds in transit formed in this way are also the source of bank credit funds.
4. The implementation of bank transfer settlement is beneficial to the bank to supervise the economic activities of various units. Transfer settlement is implemented. Most of the receipts and payments of each unit are settled through banks. By centralizing transfer settlement, banks can fully understand the economic activities of each unit, supervise the conscientious implementation of financial discipline by each unit, and prevent the occurrence of illegal activities. , to promote better compliance by all units with financial laws and regulations.

B. If the transfer fails, will the handling fee be refunded?

If the transfer fails due to incorrect input of account name, card number, etc., the handling fee will not be refunded . For example, if you send a letter and the letter fails to be returned due to the address and other reasons, the stamp (postage) will not be returned.

C. How long does it take for the eth transfer to fail to be returned?

The time for each bank to refund is different, if it is fast, it should be returned on the same day, Monday to If it is a different place on Friday, you should be able to return to your account within 1-2 working days. If you transfer on Friday, it may take until Monday (in the same city), because the settlement system of the People’s Bank of China is closed on weekends.
If it is an off-site transfer made on Friday, it may not be sent until Monday, so the possible return time should be within the next 2 working days.
Extension information:
I. How long does it take for a refund if the inter-bank transfer fails? Alipay transfer failure is generally returned after 24 hours. The process of Alipay transfer to bank card:
1. After logging in Alipay, enter My Alipay, and click Transfer Out;
2. After clicking Transfer Out, select “Transfer to Bank Card”, and then select the bank card ( If a bank card has been bound, it is not required; if not, you need to select a bank card, the account name of the bank card must be the same as the name verified by Alipay);
3. Enter the “transfer amount” , after checking that it is correct, enter “Alipay payment password” and “Confirm transfer to bank card”, then the transfer to the bank card is successful.
Operating environment: (Alipay App opens version
Second, inter-bank remittance�How long does it take for the account to be returned incorrectly? If the account number for inter-bank remittance is incorrect, the remittance will be returned to the account you remitted to within three working days, but the handling fee will not be refunded. Inter-bank transfer and remittance is a business that transfers and remits RMB or foreign currency to corporate or personal accounts opened in other domestic banks.
1. Inter-bank transfer can take up to 3 working days to arrive at the account, generally within 24 hours;
2. Inter-bank transfer needs to fill in accurate payment information: the name of the payee/account name , bank card account/card number, name of the opening bank, otherwise the account will be refunded
3. During weekends and legal holidays, the People’s Bank of China clearing system is closed, and it is best not to perform inter-bank transfer operations during this period, otherwise it will lead to Arrival delay.
3. Use online banking inter-bank remittance method:
1. Over-the-counter transfer: the lowest cost performance After the National Development and Reform Commission and the China Banking Regulatory Commission jointly issued the “Notice on the Catalogue of Commercial Banks Serving Government-Guided Prices and Government Pricing”, the handling fee for personal over-the-counter transfer and remittance shall not be allowed. After more than 50 yuan, each bank generally charges a handling fee of 0.5%-1% of the remittance amount, with a cap of 50 yuan. This traditional charging method has the highest cost, and the manual operation of the counter is not advantageous in speed.
2. Online banking transfer: There are hidden fees for online banking transfer, and the handling fee is basically half of the counter or even lower, but there is also a hidden fee for online banking transfer, that is, the cost of security tools, such as dynamic electronic password card, ukey . It is understood that at present, ukey of various lines charges a cost ranging from 50 to 80 yuan.
3. ATM transfer: 10% off the handling fee but there is an upper limit on the ATM inter-bank transfer fee. Generally, the ATM inter-bank transfer fee will be 10% off on the basis of the counter transfer fee, but the daily ATM transfer amount cannot exceed 50,000 yuan.
4. Mobile Banking Transfer: Cost-effective Transfer by Instalment Most banks’ mobile banking transfer is free, but not all banks’ mobile APP transfers are free. What should the bank that charges do? Users can use small tricks to save transfer fees.

D. Is there a handling fee for real-time transfers

(China Merchants Bank) From September 21, 2015, all debit card customers of China Merchants Bank will use mobile banking ( Fees are waived for domestic intra-bank/inter-bank, intra-city/inter-city transfer and remittance and foreign currency transfer between accounts under your own name, and fees for other channels are temporarily No deductions

E. Why does the Ethereum transfer return part of the transaction

In the Ethereum blockchain, when a transaction is generated through a node or wallet, This transaction needs to be sent to other nodes for verification. The method is to encrypt the transaction data with a digital signature and obtain a unique Hash value representing the transaction through the Hash function, and then broadcast the Hash value to other participating nodes in the Ethereum blockchain network for verification. . These information are stored in a block with a certain stored value. When too much memory is occupied, the excess transfer will be returned to the original way. At this time, the user needs to perform an operation again to transfer it to the next block for verification. Similar mistakes have appeared frequently on the Ethereum chain recently. For example, the transfer amount and the handling fee were reversed several times a few days ago, and the handling fee of more than 10,000 eth was deducted from the transfer of 0.5 eth.

F. Today I went to transfer and deducted my more than 40 yuan handling fee. There is also a fee for transferring money! Really pit. So I want to know about the handling fees of various banks. Do you know

  1. There is a handling fee for depositing money in other places, but not locally

  2. Alipay If the transfer is done with a mobile phone, the amount is small and no handling fee is required. If it is too large, part of the handling fee will be charged. You can see the handling fee requirement when transferring money.

  3. There is no handling fee if you withdraw money from a rural commercial bank in Guangzhou; a certain handling fee will be charged for cross-regional (outside Guangzhou) or inter-bank deposit and withdrawal.

    This is what I know, the third one I’m not sure about

G. eth is charged for transferring money from 91token wallet

This fee is not charged by the wallet, but is automatically charged by the blockchain of the coin.


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