❶ BCX mining problem, who uses 1080 or better graphics card to mine

No one uses 1080 or higher graphics card to mine

Because of cost performance Too low, the computing power has not improved much, and the price is too expensive.

❷ How to add a route for eth0 in Linux

The naming rules of network cards under Linux: eth0, eth1. The first ethernet card, the second. lo is the loopback interface, its IP address is fixed at, and the mask is 8 bits. It represents your machine itself. 1. ifconfig is to view the information of the network card ifconfig[Interface]Interface is optional. If this item is not added, the information of all network cards in the system will be displayed. If this option is added, the specified network card information will be displayed. For example: ifconfigeth0eth0Linkencap:EthernetHWaddr00:0C:29:F3:3B:F2inetaddr: :0overruns:0frame:0TXpackets:104errors:0dropped:0overruns:0carrier:0collisions:0txqueuelen:100RXbytes:11679(11.4Kb)TXbytes:14077(13.7Kb)Interrupt:10Baseaddress:0x1080You can see: first line: Connection type: Ethernet (Ethernet) HWaddr (hardware mac address) The second line: the IP address, subnet, and mask of the network card The third line: UP (represents the network card open state) RUNNING (represents the network cable of the network card is connected) MULTICAST (supports multicast ) MTU: 1500 (maximum transmission unit): 1500 bytes Fourth and fifth lines: statistics of received and sent data packets. Seventh line: statistics of received and sent data bytes. (1) Configure the IP address of eth0 and activate the device at the same time. #ifconfigeth0192.168.1.10netmask255.255.255.0up (2) Configure the IP address of the eth0 alias device eth0:1 and add a route. #ifconfigeth0:1192.168.1.3#routeadd–host192.168.1.3deveth0:1(3) Activate the device. #ifconfigeth0:1up(4) Disable the device. #ifconfigeth0:down(5) View the configuration of the specified network interface. #ifconfigeth0(6) View all network interface configurations. #ifconfig2, route command to configure and view the configuration of the kernel routing table. For example: (1) The route added to the host. #routeadd–host192.168.1.2deveth0:0#routeadd–host10.20.30.148gw10.20.30.40(2) Routes added to the network. #routeadd–net10.20.30.40netmask255.255.255.248eth0#routeadd–net10.20.30.48netmask255.255.255.248gw10.20.30.41#routeadd–net192.168.1.0/24eth1(3) Add default gateway. #routeadddefaultgw192.168.1.1(4) View the configuration of the kernel routing table. #route(5) Delete the route. #routedel–host192.168.1.2deveth0:0#routedel–host10.20.30.148gw10.20.30.40#routedel–net10.20.30.40netmask255.255.255.248eth0#routedel–net10.20.30.48netmask255.255.255.248gw10.40.20 #routedel–net192.168.1.0/24eth1#routedeldefaultgw192.168.1.1 For points 1 and 2, the following statements can be used: Ifconfigeth0172.16.19.71netmask255.255.255.0Route0.0.0.0gw172.16.19.254Servicenetworkrestart3, the traceroute command displays The route that the data packet takes to reach the destination host, such as: #traceroute.cn4, the ping command to test the connectivity of the network, such as:–c4192.168.1.125, the netstat command to display the network status information

❸ Which phone is better between Huawei mate30 and Xiaomi 10pro

Xiaomi 10Pro vs Huawei Mate30, this article tells you which phone is more suitable.
Xiaomi released the annual flagship Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro, and Lei Jun compared Huawei’s flagship phones on the release, and it seems to beat the Mate30. Today, I choose Xiaomi 10Pro and Huawei Mate30 (5G version) with similar prices, and analyze them from multiple angles, so as to give some reference to consumers who are entangled between the two mobile phones.

WIFI speed, Huawei wins
WIFI6 loses to WIFI5? You read that right! To be precise, the WIFI6 of the Xiaomi Mi 10Pro lost to the WIFI5 of the Huawei Mate30. Xiaomi played a word game at the press conference, first introduced that the maximum speed of WIFI6 can reach 9.6Gbps, and then claimed that Xiaomi 10Pro uses WIFI6. In fact, the final speed of the mobile phone has to go through two hurdles. First, the chip ridge. Xiaomi uses the Snapdragon 865 processor. According to Qualcomm’s official website, the maximum WIFI6 rate supported by the Snapdragon 865 is 1.7Gbps. Secondly, it is necessary to pass the barrier of mobile phone manufacturers. Xiaomi’s WIFI6 chip is actually a castrated version, with a maximum rate of only 1.2Gbps. In comparison, although Huawei Mate30 uses WIFI5, the maximum speed it supports can reach 1.7Gbps, which is far better than Xiaomi 10Pro.

Display effect, Xiaomi wins
Mi 10Pro uses Samsung’s AMOLED primary color screen, the primary color screen is a professional screen customized for designers and photographers, Xiaomi color-calibrates the primary color screen piece by piece, color The restoration can be said to be very accurate. In addition, the screen refresh rate is 90Hz and the sampling rate is 180Hz, while Huawei Mate30 is still an ordinary 60Hz OLED screen, which is relatively inferior.

5G, Huawei wins
Mate30 uses Kirin 990 5G chip, its SoCIntegrated, while the Snapdragon 865 is plug-in 5G, in terms of power consumption and delay, the Mate30 is even better. In addition, the process of Kirin 990 5G is 7nm EUV, which is one process era ahead of Snapdragon 865’s 7nm process. Some people may ask, the 5G speed of the Snapdragon 865 is faster, why don’t you mention it? This is because 5G has just started, and the national 5G rate is limited to less than 1Gbps. At this rate, the rates of the two 5Gs are excessive, so there is no need for comparison.

Chip performance, Xiaomi wins
In terms of architecture, Xiaomi Mi 10Pro adopts the latest A77 architecture, and Mate30 adopts the A76 architecture released the year before. In terms of running points, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro AnTuTu has an overall running score of 560,000 points, while Mate 30 has a score of 450,000 points. In addition, in terms of CPU and GPU running points, the Mate30 lags behind.

AI computing power, Huawei wins
Here is a direct comparison of the chip data of the two mobile phones. According to the authoritative ETH AI-Benchmark evaluation, the Kirin 990 5G AI score with the self-developed DaVinci architecture NPU is 52403, and the 865 score is 27758, which is basically only half of the 990 5G.

Photography, Xiaomi wins
In the DXOMARK evaluation, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro refreshed the DXOMARK list record, ranking first in the world in the three tests of camera total score, video and sound quality. In terms of parameters, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro uses a 100-megapixel custom outsole camera with a maximum digital zoom of 50 times. The Mate30’s camera is only 40 million, and the digital zoom is 30 times.

Easy to buy, Huawei wins
Mate30 has been on the market for nearly half a year, the production capacity has gone up, and it is relatively easy to start. According to Xiaomi’s announcement, the first snap-up sales reached 200 million in 1 minute (sold out), and it can be roughly estimated that the shipment is only 50,000 at most. Although the production capacity will increase in the later stage, it will take two to three months for consumers to buy this mobile phone on the market relatively easily.

The charging power of Xiaomi wins
The maximum charging power of Xiaomi Mi 10Pro is 50 watts, while that of Mate30 is 40 watts. However, the power is not the bigger the better, here is a popular science. When the mobile phone is charging, it does not always go to the maximum power. Generally, the charging power is higher when it is below 90%, and the power will continue to drop after 90% to 100%. At this time, you will find that the charging speed becomes slower. The reason is to protect the battery. Continuous high-power charging can indeed shorten the charging time, but the consumption of the battery is very large.

Huawei wins in the system ecosystem
Due to the US sanctions against Huawei, Huawei has to start developing the system ecosystem. Since last year, news of Huawei’s self-developed Hongmeng system and the development of HMS has continued to break out. If Huawei succeeds in making its own ecosystem, it can be the dominant family. If it fails, it may not be easy in the mobile phone industry. In any case, Huawei has at least taken the first step. Compared with Xiaomi, which has not lost Google’s authorization, it can continue to swim in the sea of ​​Android. If Android is one-size-fits-all to China in the future, then the domestic mobile phone industry will inevitably be in chaos, and Xiaomi will also be in chaos. Not spared.

Both mobile phones are excellent works in the domestic mobile phone industry, and consumers can buy them according to their needs. Those who pursue performance, take pictures, display effects, and like fashion can choose Xiaomi Mi 10Pro. Those who have requirements for Internet access and AI, prefer business styles, and have an urgent need to buy a machine recently can choose Huawei Mate30.

❹ What level can 1070ti be replaced with 30 series

In terms of price, 1070TI can be replaced with 30 series 3060, which belongs to the mid-range graphics card level.

In terms of performance, the 1070ti is about the same as the 3060, but the 3060 is a new card that can be used for light tracking, and after driver updates, the performance is stronger than the 1070TI, and the 3060 has 12GB of video memory It will be better to deal with some games that eat video memory.

In January this year, NVIDIA officially released the RTX 3060 graphics card at CES 2021. The graphics card has the second largest memory capacity of the 30 series so far, 12GB, second only to the RTX 3090; it uses a 3584 CUDA core, the GPU frequency can reach 1.78GHz, and it is equipped with 12GB of GDDR6 memory with a 192-bit memory bit width.

At noon on February 25th, Beijing time, the RTX 3060 was officially released, priced at $329. However, if you want to use it for mining, you need to think carefully. A few days ago, Nvidia said in a statement restricting mining.

The company’s consumer-grade graphics card, the RTX 3060, limits the hash rate, or cryptocurrency mining efficiency, to 50 when it detects certain properties of the Ethereum (ETH) mining algorithm in progress. % about.

Comparison between 3060 and other graphics cards:

According to the super test report, the performance of 3060 is higher than that of 2060S, but in terms of performance under 1080 , Throwing away the light chase, it is not as good as the AMD5700 graphics card. You must know that the price of the 5700 graphics card was only 1999 for a long time before.

❺ How much does the Ethereum mining machine 1080 graphics card cost

The quotation on the honeycomb is about 4200, and their channel comparison price is moderate.

❻ Mechanical properties of 0Cr18Ni9 stainless steel tube

0Cr18Ni9 and 00Cr19Ni10 steel grades heat treatment process Ób/MPa Ó0.2/MPa ð5(%) ψ(%) HRB Akv/J 0Cr18Ni9 1080~1130℃ water cooling 539~686 211~402 51 ~71 665~77.5 74 192~234 00Cr19Ni10 1100℃ water cooling 510~745 196~490 45~68.5 68~81.5 / / 00Cr19Ni10 1050℃ water cooling 541~618 235~274 53~69 69~77 / / 0Cr019Ni9 of Ni0Cr19 Heat treatment process of high temperature instantaneous mechanical property grades Ób/MPa Ós/MPa ð(%) ψ(%) 0Cr18Ni9 400℃ 1050℃ Water cooling 412 108 45 69 80℃ 382 98 45 69 600℃ 333 82 39 58 700 ℃ 235 74 35 36 800℃ 147 69 30 28 00Cr19Ni10 200℃ 1050℃ Water cooling 412 118 52 75 426℃ 392 96 48 68 538℃ 353 82 45 67 b/MPa ð(%) ψ(%) Akv/J 0 274 ​​903 65 75 208 -20 245 996 56 67 198 -50 241 1123 50 71 198 -100 227 1307 43 69 172 -140 252 1395 41 – 68 16 196 236 1641 38 67 172 Welding:
Good weldability, the welding method that can be used depends on the wall thickness, argon arc welding should be used for the work with thickness within 2mm, medium and thick plates can be used manual arc welding and submerged welding. Arc automatic welding, no knife-edge makeup corrosion after welding, mechanical properties of weld metal ≥510MPa ≥35%
Heat treatment:
Solid solution treatment: 1080-1100℃, water or air cooling
Cold drawn steel billet return system: 970℃, water cooling
Cold drawn material intermediate annealing system: 850℃, water cooling

❼ How much is nbminer pumping

I tested it with nbminer, the latest kernel of claymore, pumping about 0.6%, the computing power is stable and has not decreased much.

ETH mining:

Edit the start_eth.bat file, modify the mining pool address after the -o parameter and the wallet address or username after the -u parameter. Double click start_eth.bat to start mining.

If you use 1080, 1080ti, 1060-5X and other users who use GDDR5X video memory, run the OhGodAnETHlargementPill-r2.exe patch with administrator privileges and keep it running in the background before mining.

nbminer tutorial

Edit the start_btm.bat file, modify the mining pool address after the -o parameter and the wallet address or username after the -u parameter . Double-click start_btm.bat to start mining. BTM+ETH dual mining: Edit the start_btm_eth.bat file and modify the -o parameter to the mining pool address of BTM, and to modify the -u parameter to the wallet address of BTM.

The mining pool address after modifying the -do parameter is the mining pool address of ETH, and the wallet address after modifying the – parameter is the wallet address of ETH. Double click start_btm_eth.bat to start mining. Different cards have different configurations for dual mining. Please test the optimal value of the appropriate mining intensity parameter -di by yourself.

❽ What is the mining power of 1080ti graphics card?

Litecoin is 1.8G computing power. The computing power of the entire network is only 8600Gh/s, and the 1080ti graphics card exclusively occupies 1/4700.
Ether (ETH), the computing power is only 32MH/s, and 1070 has 40MH/s. Many people say that the 1080Ti can’t pull up the computing power because of the high latency of the gddr5x video memory. Sure enough, the A card is better for mining. I saw someone on the Internet saying that the 480 can have a computing power of 65MH/s.
ZEC coin, computing power 724Sol/s, close to three 1060 3G computing power, the total price is more expensive than three 1060 2K soft sister coins. However, compared with the A-card RX480 8G, which is in short supply, the price of 3 cards is less than 5K, and the computing power is 900+Sol/s, but it is useless if there is no market for it.
This card is too wasteful to use for mining, just play, it can’t hurt.

❾ Why does Zotac 1060 mining eth get stuck

1. Do not install too much software, and need to clean up some software that is not commonly used. Tencent Computer Manager – software uninstall function is relatively good. Can be cleaned relatively clean.
2, do not have too many junk files, clean up junk files. Tencent computer housekeeper has to clean up the garbage, sweep it (can be regularly).
3. There are many temporary files in the Internet and other systems. Clean up.
4. The free space in the system area is too small, so expand the remaining space. If it is win7, it is recommended that the system partition be 50G+.
5. The system partition is too fragmented. Regularly defragment the partition. Defragmentation software comes with the operating system.
6, also pay special attention. If the notebook has been used for a period of time, there will be a lot of dust on the fan, which may lead to slow heat dissipation and affect performance (Tencent Computer Manager – Toolbox – Hardware Detection, pay attention to the temperature at any time, and pay attention to cooling)

❿ Ask for advice on how to overclock 1080ti graphics card

  1. software overclocking;

  2. graphics card BIOS overclocking.


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