Ethereum Core Developer Tim Beiko: Will periodically rerun shadow forks to test client bug fixes

On April 14th, the core developer of Ethereum, Tim Beiko, said again on GitHub regarding the time point of the Ethereum merger that the specific date of the merger has not yet been determined, and only when the client team is convinced that the software implementation has been thoroughly tested, And when there are no errors, the merge date is determined. Separately, Tim Beiko said that as of April 2022, all client teams are working on a merged implementation, including the launch of a new testnet and testing of shadow forks. Among them, the shadow fork running against the existing testnet and the Ethereum mainnet has revealed implementation issues on the client side, which are currently being fixed by the team, and the shadow fork is periodically rerun to test the fixes. On April 13, Tim Beiko tweeted in response: “(Ethereum merger) won’t be done in June, but it could be a few months after that. There’s no set date yet, but we’re definitely at the end of Ethereum PoW. stage.” He then added that the Ethereum merger would be completed within 2022.

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