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❶ Is it true that China’s first bitcoin exchange closed its business?

It is indeed closed. In early September 2017, the central bank issued an announcement saying that “token issuance financing” is suspected of illegal fund-raising, financial Fraud, pyramid schemes and other illegal and criminal activities are required to be stopped immediately. The three largest virtual currency trading platforms in China have all announced that they will stop all trading operations before the end of the month. The specific content can refer to the following content.

❷ What year was Bitcoin issued?

The concept of Bitcoin (Bitcoin) was originally proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto on November 1, 2008, and was released on January 3, 2009 The day was officially born [1] . The open source software designed and released according to the ideas of Satoshi Nakamoto and the P2P network built on it. Bitcoin is a virtual encrypted digital currency in the form of P2P. Peer-to-peer transmission means a decentralized payment system.
Unlike all currencies, Bitcoin is not issued by a specific currency institution. It is generated by a large number of calculations according to a specific algorithm. The Bitcoin economy uses a distributed database composed of many nodes in the entire P2P network to confirm and record all The transaction behavior, and the use of cryptographic design to ensure the security of all aspects of currency circulation. The decentralized nature of P2P and the algorithm itself can ensure that the value of the currency cannot be artificially manipulated by mass-producing Bitcoin. The cryptography-based design allows Bitcoin to be transferred or paid only by the true owner. This also ensures the anonymity of currency ownership and circulation transactions. The biggest difference between Bitcoin and other virtual currencies is that its total amount is very limited and it has a strong scarcity.

❸ When will bgh Bit Classic be listed on the exchange

This is not yet known. As one of the most potential bitcoin fork coins, BGH (Bitcoin Classic) The potential of BTC fork coins is second only to Bitcoin BCH and BSV, and its value is highly likely to rise. As an upstart in the global cryptocurrency market, BGH improves transaction speed, reduces transfer fees, and deploys Lightning Network compared to the original BTC chain, which is an optimized and upgraded version of the original BTC chain.
Development history
1. The global financial crisis broke out in 2008. On November 1 of the same year, a person calling himself Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin white paper “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer System” on the P2P foundation website. Electronic Cash System”, stating his new vision for electronic money – Bitcoin was born. On January 3, 2009, the Bitcoin genesis block was born.
2. Compared with fiat currency, Bitcoin does not have a centralized issuer, but is generated by the calculation of network nodes. Anyone can participate in the production of Bitcoin, and it can be circulated around the world and can be received at any one Anyone can mine, buy, sell or receive bitcoins, no matter where they are, and the user’s identity information cannot be identified by outsiders during the transaction process. On January 5, 2009, Bitcoin, which is not controlled by the central bank and any financial institution, was born. Bitcoin is a digital currency consisting of strings of complex codes generated by a computer, and new bitcoins are made through a preset program.
3. Whenever Bitcoin enters the mainstream media’s field of vision, the mainstream media will always ask some mainstream economists to analyze Bitcoin. Earlier, these analyses always focused on whether Bitcoin was a scam. And today’s analysis always focuses on whether Bitcoin can become the mainstream currency of the future. The focus of this debate is often focused on the deflationary nature of Bitcoin.
4. Economists of the Keynesian school believe that the government should actively control the monetary aggregate, and use the tightness of monetary policy to fuel or brake the economy in a timely manner. As such, they argue that Bitcoin’s fixed-cap currency sacrifices controllability and, worse, will inevitably lead to deflation, which in turn will hurt the economy as a whole. The Austrian school economists hold the opposite view. They believe that the less the government intervenes in the currency, the better, and the deflation caused by the fixed monetary aggregate is not a big deal, and even a sign of social progress.
5. The Bitcoin network generates new bitcoins through “mining”. The so-called “mining” is essentially using a computer to solve a complex mathematical problem to ensure the consistency of the distributed accounting system of the Bitcoin network. The Bitcoin network automatically adjusts the difficulty of math problems so that the entire network gets a qualified answer about every 10 minutes. Then the Bitcoin network will generate a new amount of Bitcoin as a block reward to reward those who get the answer.

❹ Excuse me, how many bitcoin exchanges are there in China?

According to statistics, there are about thousands of exchanges in China, and there are a large number of Bitcoin exchanges every year. Exchanges appeared, but more died, and many exchanges would run away with users’ assets. Therefore, everyone is advised to trade on stable and safe exchanges, such as Mcoin exchange.

❺ When was the OKEX Bitcoin exchange established?

ShouldIt should be 2017. A very young and fast-growing platform has reached the top three in the world in one year, and its development speed is faster than that of Binance.

❻ Bitcoin’s largest exchange

Now more and more players are investing in the ranks of currency speculation, and if they want to conduct currency transactions, choose a reliable exchange is essential. So what are the more formal exchanges in China? Which exchanges are more reliable? Let’s take a look below!
OKEX is one of the world’s famous digital asset international stations, mainly providing global users with spot and derivatives trading services for digital assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. When OKEX was founded, it received a million-dollar angel investment from the entrepreneurial workshop co-founded by the world’s top investor Tim Draper. Mr. Tim Draper is also an investor in the world’s top companies such as Hotmail, Internet, and Tesla.
2. Huobi
Huobi is operated by Beijing Huobi Tianxia Network Technology Co., Ltd. and launched in September 2013. It is one of the world’s leading bitcoin trading platforms. Huobi has created the highest record among the global Bitcoin trading platforms, and is currently one of the Bitcoin trading platforms with the largest trading volume in the world.
3. Binance
Binance is a blockchain asset-focused trading platform created by a group of digital asset enthusiasts led by former okcoin co-founder Changpeng Zhao (CZ). The founder, Changpeng Zhao, and his old owner, Okcoin, have been in constant disputes. He was not optimistic at first, but later found that the platform’s performance is still quite strong.
4. ZBG
ZBG was established in Hong Kong in 2018. With its innovative, efficient and globalized operations, ZBG quickly ranks among the top ten in the world in a short period of time, and is known as a new first-line international station. At present, the platform has supported access in seven languages, providing services to 1.8 million crypto asset investors around the world, and the platform has an average daily activity of more than 120,000.
5. TSLAGlobal
TSLAGlobal is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in the United Arab Emirates in October 2017.
Assets of USD 1.937 billion, a total of 287 trading pairs, and a 24-hour trading volume of USD 6.735 billion. It is the world’s first global cryptocurrency trading platform using P2P form. The mission of the TSLAGlobal platform is to make the cryptocurrency market more accessible, transparent and friendly.
6. Bitflyer
BitFlyer was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Japan. The Bitcoin trading volume ranks first in Japan. Bitflyer, founded by former Goldman Sachs employees, intends to fill the vacancy in the Japanese bitcoin trading market after the fall of MtGox. It has received two rounds of financing. The investors include Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group. Dentsu Digital Holdings, Inc., a venture capital company under the Dentsu Group of Japan, etc.
7. BiKi
BiKi Group was established in 2018 and is headquartered in Singapore. It is a global blockchain digital asset trading service provider. At present, the group’s business includes spot trading, derivatives trading, digital banking, blockchain industry investment and other businesses, and has more than 40% of the new market share of small currencies in the Chinese market.
8. KuCoin
KuCoin is a world-renowned digital currency trading service platform that supports a variety of digital asset transactions. Founded in September 2017, KuCoin has grown into one of the most popular digital currency trading service platforms, currently providing currency, fiat, contracts, Pool-X, lending, etc. to 5 million users in 207 countries and regions around the world One-stop service.
9. Poloniex
Poloniex was established in 2014, commonly known as P-net, and is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency international sites. The Poloniex platform offers a variety of altcoin services. , Poloniex has had a very fast growing investment volume since its competitor Cryptsy disappeared in 2016, especially after the altcoin bubble in early 2017, with visits increasing from 7 million per month in February 2017 to monthly growth in May 30 million.
10. B-net
Bittrex, commonly known as B-net, provides currency, dollar and currency services, and registration is very simple. Founded in 2015, Bittrex is an international bitcoin station in the United States, supporting more than 200 trading pairs, with a daily trading volume of billions of RMB. Bitterex team members come from major companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Qualys and BlackBerry, and have more than 50 years of professional security and development experience in the service.

❼ The relationship between bitcoin and exchanges

Because there are bitcoin users who have transaction needs, bitcoin exchanges were born. The exchange provides a place for centralized buying and selling. Everyone puts coins on the exchange, and the exchange centralizes the transaction, similar to stocks and securities. Therefore, banning exchanges does not mean banning Bitcoin, and the Bitcoin network cannot be banned. Bitcoins are sent to the exchange’s wallet, and all you see is a balance that the exchange gave you, you don’t actually own your own coins anymore. The Bitcoin network belongs to the world. Where there is a network, there is Bitcoin. After the exchange is closed, Bitcoin will not disappear, but will return to�Where it should be. However, when choosing an exchange, you should look at it more. The next time you must check the background information of the exchange, otherwise the exchange will run away and lose everything.

❽ In 2010, Bitcoin was traded on that platform

Bitcoin is an electronic currency generated by open source P2P software, a digital currency, a network virtual asset . Bitcoin is also paraphrased as “bit gold”. Bitcoin was born in 2009. It is based on a set of password codes and is generated through complex algorithms. It can be circulated worldwide through any computer connected to the Internet. Anyone can mine, buy, sell or receive Bitcoin. . Bitcoin has evolved into a virtual digital asset with a real price due to its scarcity, and gradually realized cashability, tradability, and extremely low cost of Internet payments (especially micro-payments). It is reported that in foreign countries, Bitcoin has gained wider acceptance, and tens of thousands of Internet merchants supporting Bitcoin payment have appeared.

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❾ The world’s first bitcoin transaction Which

is the first unknown, maybe there is an unknown small exchange before it. But Mentougou is indeed the earliest among all the known larger trading platforms, and some early data for price analysis can only be obtained from Mentougou. Its market share has been above 80% in the early days. The first Bitcoin exchange in China is BTCC Bitcoin China.
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❿ What year was Bitcoin founded

Bitcoin was founded on January 3, 2009.


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