Exchanges that can mine

(1) If you want to get coins, whether to mine or buy directly from the exchange

If you want to get coins, you must go to the exchange to buy, because the exchange is basically normal, and if it is If you choose to mine, there may be a big security risk and it is not feasible.

㈡ Which exchange can do investment mining?

It is recommended to go to a regular futures company to do futures

iii There is a new trading mode that is mining

1. Coinbene

Country: Singapore

Mining Description: Coni is issued by CoinBene, a global high-quality digital asset trading platform, with a total of The amount is constant at 1 billion, and it is guaranteed that there will be no additional issuance. CoinBene provides an online service (platform) that allows users to exchange different block chain codes between users. 100% of the platform’s revenue is converted into ETH (according to the hourly closing price of ETH), and the return is uniform at 3 pm the next day. Transaction fee line discount: Coni holders will enjoy a special discount on the transaction fee.

2, FCoin

Country: United States

Mining Description: FCoin is the world’s first digital asset trading platform with transparent assets, which will transfer 80% of the platform’s Income is regularly distributed to FT holders. FT (FCoin Token) is a certificate issued by the FCoin trading platform and represents all the rights and interests of the trading platform itself. The issuance of FT is gradually released according to the principle of “trading is mining”, with an upper limit of 10 billion, which will never increase. The specific method of the “trading is mining” personal transaction fee return mechanism is: starting from 0:00 every day (GMT+8, the same below), the transaction fee generated by the user will be converted to 100% of the FT every hour for accumulation. , the converted price is calculated based on the average price of FT in the hour (the average price is calculated as total transaction amount/total transaction volume). It will be returned once every hour, and the mining output of the same hour interval 24 hours ago will be returned. For example, in the interval of 7:00-8:00 on a certain day, the mining output in the interval of 7:00-8:00 of the previous day will be returned.

3, Bit-Z

Country: United States

Mining Instructions: Vote is adopted to achieve currency listing, and mining will generate BZ in real time, every 60 minutes Settlement is refunded once. For every 10 million mined, a 3% handling fee will be issued according to the return rate. “Transaction mining”, users who participate in the transaction can get a fee rebate (return in the form of equivalent BZ, and need to complete the third-level certification); 10 million BZ per phase, gradually released, and automatically enter the next stage after completing 10 million mining Phase one. The return ratio of each period decreases by 3%; at the same time when mining is started, the platform promotes the opening of BZ transactions according to the mining computing power of the entire network; before BZ opens transactions, the handling fee is returned according to the formula in “2”, and after opening transactions, it is based on the BZ real-time price of 100 % refund; Quoted price calculation: Before opening trading: 1BZ = 0.158 USDT, 1BZ = 1DKKT, 1BZ = (0.158 / BTC price on the entire network) BTC is open; after trading: real-time quoted price calculation.

4. Bige-Coin Court

Country: Hong Kong, China

Mining Instructions: The total amount of BIGO coins is 25,050,000 pieces. No additional issuance. The only way to get BIGO coins is for users of BIGO Exchange to obtain them through transaction mining or after going online. Mining: Users conduct transactions on the Hong Kong Coin Court platform (all currencies except BIGE coins and BIGO coins), that is, “transaction mining”. “Miners” (users) increase the total transaction volume of the platform through transactions, and the trading system automatically airdrops BIGO coins to “miners” as mining rewards.


Country: Australia

Mining Instructions: AU is based on ERC20 contract tokens, with a total issuance of 5 billion pieces, which will be issued forever. No additional issuance. All AUs are frozen and require mining to unfreeze, 50% of which are released through transaction mining. The “mining” of AU is realized in the form of personal transaction dividends. The specific calculation method is: daily income of miners = transaction fee of the day / AU currency price of the day * dynamic transaction mining rebate, among which, “transaction fee of the day” refers to the daily transaction of the miner in the AU trading area of ​​U network in Australia The sum of the fees incurred. “The price of AU currency on the day” refers to the daily average price of AU currency on the Australian U network platform. “Dynamic transaction mining rebate” means that the platform will subsidize and return 100% to 200% of the total transaction fee in the AU trading area on the day according to the total mining quantity and currency price of the day.

There are still more than a dozen others, and there are too many words in the post, so let’s see the portal for yourself.

Continuous update: Trading is mining! The most complete list of mining exchanges in history

㈣ What are the most famous digital currency exchanges that can be mined at present

Exchange: Bit-Z
Transaction mining launch time: June 2018
Project introduction: Bit-Z, founded in Hong Kong in 2016, provides digital asset trading and OTC (over-the-counter) services.
Dividend method: “transaction mining”, users who participate in the transaction can get a refund of the handling fee (return in the form of equivalent BZ, and need to complete the third-level certification); 10 million BZ per phase, gradually released, each completion 10 million mining will automatically enter�� Issue one. The return ratio of each period decreases by 3%;
The total amount of tokens issued: 1.2 billion BZ.

㈤ Is there any virtual currency that can be mined

The virtual currency like Bitcoin is worthless now, and these virtual currencies have extremely high requirements on the configuration of the computer.

㈥ Can ZB exchange deposit coins for mining?

Yes, currently only EOS and VSYS are supported.

㈦ Is LFAC exchange mining true?

Just some worthless speculative symbols with no trading value. If you have funds to participate, just hype it, and if you don’t have funds to participate, the final price will be zero. I suggest that you don’t have to spend your time on these things.

㈧ Which mining trading platform is recommended

Learn about Kunpeng Hashrate, Kunpeng Hashrate provides a one-stop mining transaction service platform, through leasing mining machines and subscribing computing power contracts , you can start digital currency mining in real time. The professional technical team of Kunpeng Hashpower will serve you wholeheartedly and help you obtain stable mining income. . If you are satisfied, I hope to adopt it, thank you

㈨ Is transaction mining a new model launched by Bihao Exchange?

Since the appreciation of Bitcoin, various altcoins and digital currencies have Scams abound. Mining is an adjective for obtaining bitcoins. There is no innovation at all, and it has long been there.
The country has issued a policy to prohibit domestic transactions of all virtual currencies. So what you said about the currency is a scam, deceiving you into the pit.
The current bitcoin has long lost its former glory, and the price has fallen sharply. The digital currency bubble burst.


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