famine mining times mod

❶ What is the name of the famine mining gem mod?

This? Multi Rocks

❷ steam famine, tree cutting, mining, what is the glowing sword MOD

You can open a mod of ancient technology, ancient technology normally requires It is only available on the second floor of the cave, and it cannot be unlocked after it is made. You can only bring the prepared things to the ground, and they will be gone when you run out.

❸ Famine quick work MOD cannot be one-click What’s the matter with tree cutting and mining

One-click tree cutting and mining is another mod

❹ Famine mining drop gem mod in English is What, is the name on the Steam Workshop

Mineable Gems Author name: star

❺ What is the name of Don’t Starve Infinite Durability mod

Use the six modifiers, you can use the shortcut keys to adjust what you want, search the Internet for “famine six modifiers”
Instructions for use:
F1 ~ Unlimited food
F2 ~ Unlimited Health
F3 ~ Item Durability 10%
F4 ~ 17 Item Count
F5 ~ Torchfire
F6 ~ Infinite Food
Anyway, I feel It’s very conspicuous
Pure hand play

❻ What is the mod called for cutting down trees and mining an axe or iron pickaxe in famine?

You can open an ancient technology mod, ancient technology is normally only available on the second floor of the cave, and it cannot be unlocked after it is made. You can only bring the finished product to the ground, and it will be gone when it is used up.
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❼ Famine, what mod will mine grass and branches.

Universal synthesizer mod, this game is too buggy, it is recommended to use it later, so as not to affect the fun of the game

❽ How the famine character modTheLost (Lost) mines and chops down trees

The Lost (Lost) Health=120 Hunger=180 San value is only 1 point , but it won’t fall easily
The most pitiful thing is that The Lost can’t be equipped with anything on hand, but The Lost (lost) has its own unique tool—-armguards
– 1.2 times faster.
– Teleports a short distance when attacked.
– Attack damage increases with the number of attacks, but it is easy to break defense. – Can attack shadow creatures without pressing Ctrl. ———When you are born, a package will be randomly generated, open it and you will get a demon’s coat (automatic return to san value during the day, greatly reduce the consumption of san value at night), 3 charcoal, 2 pieces of meat

Edward Scissorhands (Edward Scissorhands) health=150 hunger=150 san=90
–damage bonus

The Wandering Cactus (Wandering Cactus)
Health=150 Hunger=150 san=200
-The Wandering Cactus is fully immune to heatstroke. (This is not nonsense!!)
-Once you take damage, there will be a counter-damage bonus, and you can also actively attack the enemy. (Melee damage is the same as spear)
-Have a unique skill – dash, hold down CTRL and click something to rush!
-Keep away from fire sources, otherwise you will take 3x fire damage.
– Never be exposed to the cold, as The Wandering Cactus will enter the cold faster than the other characters. (Be careful during Spring Festival, don’t let the cactus get too wet or he may start freezing)
– Be careful of bees and butterflies as they will be attracted to your flowing red hair.

Ice Witch()
Life=100 Hunger=150 San=150
Ice Witch (Ice Witch) is not officially introduced much, because Ice Witch is currently It’s in beta and there are still a lot of bugs, so there’s only a little bit of information at hand.
-Fully immune to frostbite.
-Automatic small recovery in winter
-2x fire damage
———There are some unique weapons, ice crown, ice dagger, crampon, ICE scepter, frozen Heart BLUEGEM clips.. pictures, looking forward to the follow-up.

The Hexplosives Expert (no Chinese name)
Complete beta version, all attributes are unknown, keep an eye on the author’s dynamics,
Subsequent Will add

The Stray (Wandering)
Life=100 Hunger=100 San=150 Character Traits: So all attributes and their slow way down.
– Has high attack damage and extremely fast attack speed.
– All meats (raw or cooked) can be eaten.
– Can have night vision. (depending on the situation)
-can be shaved with a razor and used for a variety of purposes.
– A huge disadvantage – inability to eat stale and all food after staleness.
—————————-There are two modes
1: When the hair grows to the longest,
br />Health – 250
Hunger Point – 300
San Point – 100
Immune to Winter.
2: When the hair is at the shortest point,
Life – 75
Hunger value – 150
San value – 25
At this time, night vision is available.

Sollyz (slaps the cat) seems like this
This character is a little special, he is based on grades to draw attributes.
At LV1>>LV20S
Health 100>>200
Hunger Value 150>>350
San Value 90>>150
– He moves extremely fast , more than 4 times that of Wilson.
-He is not like the fairy princess by fighting monsters to level up, he is level up by eating fish.
– He only feels hungry in the morning just after dawn, and he doesn’t have to worry about eating at other times, it’s very useful!
———When the Slap Cat is born, it will accompany a fishing rod with unlimited durability. All you have to do is fish and upgrade.

The Cowardly Slacker
Life=120 Hunger=200 San=60

The Lnvader (The Invader of ZIM!)
Life=120 Hunger=160 San=40
The rest of the content Coming Soon (coming soon)

The Living Candle (Waxworth) ps: This character specifically states that it cannot be Use with Reign of Giants
Health=150 Hunger=150 san=100 (I like this character better too, good shape and abilities)
– Waxworth passively emits the same torch as the torch bright.
-Waxworth loves the dark, and the rate at which he regenerates san is 1 every 7 seconds.
– Waxworth is fully immune to both Freeze and Fire damage. He’s a candle, so he’s used to fire, and when he’s on fire in the harsh winter, he’s not cold at all.
But Waxworth is similar to The Lost in that he can’t use his tools and can’t wear a hat.

The Mind Reader (sleep)
Life=150 Hunger=150 San=250
She is a replica of Wendy, and her attack method is a modification of Wendy’s attack method
– Can read the thoughts of animals around her.
– Pets that can be tamed by giving them food. Each pet has its own tame specific item(s).
– Animals are not afraid of her, and she is not hated by humanoids like pigs.
– Has a higher base san, but loses the animals she hurts that trust her.

Here are the animals she can tame
-Rabbit: Let san restore. can be picked up.
– Beefalo: Assists Enlightenment (Saotori)’s blows and protects her from any danger. Fertilizers are produced at any time.
– Koalefant: Defensive pet. Prevent freezing in winter. Drops of feces from time to time.
– Tallbird: Attacks pets. Monsters that can be fed meat, but don’t like new pets.

Shambling Abomination

This character is quite special, it only shows up in the game, but I think this character seems to be from Black Friday Bar!
Life = 350 Hunger = 250 San = 50 Although this character is powerful, the author did not introduce it much. The
-san value is low, but not easy to drop.
– The action is too slow.
———At birth, a large knife with infinite durability (seemingly Nepalese) can be used to kill people or chop down trees. Ash is often useful.

The Evil Mastermind (Maxwell)
Health=120 Hunger=200 san=250
– will reduce melee damage by 25%
– hit rate Lower
– Like Librarian, born with level 1 Science and Technology
—– He can also craft extra stuff
– His own goons
– All kinds of attack attributes of making super robot water are increased. (The side effects are abnormally large, do not make)
—— Generally speaking, this character is funny in shape, but the character attributes are still good.

Fearless and invincible (I don’t even need to know about this character!)
Life=200 Hunger=100 San=130
-Regeneration (of course)
– When regenerating, both speed and strength are increased, and no damage from freeze and fire is taken, it’s just that hunger drops quickly and san value is reduced to 80.
– This character cannot use ointments and bandages, otherwise less life will be lost.
– If the health is lower than 20%, it will become angry, the speed and attack will increase greatly, and the eyes will turn red.
Ah, I have worked so hard for the typesetting, please like it.

❾ How to change the amount of mining in famine

I just started playing this game yesterday and found that minerals are non-renewable. This is rather depressing, and there is no such thing in the forum. I found a mod for mineral regeneration, but I only found the modification method of collecting mines. I always felt awkward. I found that there are many people in the forum who want such a mod, so I plan to make one myself (in fact, there are many ways to brush materials, but brush them up Too discordant, loses the balance of the game, and can easily ruin a good game). For this mod, I spent an entire night, my back was sore, and I just finished it. I tested it myself and found that there was no problem, and then I posted it. �Hope you guys like it.
The following is the basic description of the mod:
Added 3 states to the mine:
Large amount: more mines are excavated
Small amount: less mines are excavated, more than 20~ 30 days will become a large number of ore veins: the foundation of the ore, after 10 to 15 days will become a small amount of ore, if the ore is dug out, it will not be able to regenerate, after digging out a large amount of ore (knock and knock it hard) ).
Basically, it takes a hoe to dig out a bunch of mines, including veins.
PS: Why does the mineral regeneration take so long to be set, because most people can’t finish digging and then hang up. In fact, the purpose is to affect the balance of the game to a minimum extent. If the regeneration is too fast, then everyone will not be full of pictures. Mining will reduce a lot of game fun.
Forgot to mention, there seems to be a MOD that automatically picks up mines in this area. In theory, that MOD conflicts with this MOD. There are no tests. You can try it yourself.

❿ What are the best MODs in Don’t Starve

Iron Bone Net brings you a summary of which premium MODs in “Don’t Starve” “Don’t Starve” premium MODs, Let’s take a look together~

Page 1: Brick and Frostmourne (Single Player)


Which Mods of “Don’t Starve” are always hot However, in the face of many choices, you may not be able to choose the one that suits you, so don’t worry, today I will bring you a recommendation of high-quality stand-alone and online mods for Don’t Starve, and bring you a group of interesting characters and functional mods. I hope everyone like.

How to use Mod

Steam version

1. Click the link address of the creative workshop and subscribe.

2. You can also download and decompress the mod, put the file in the “mods” folder, right-click on the game installation path, and click properties – browse local files to view.

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