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1. Which famous blockchain companies are there in China

There are still many companies doing blockchain technology in China, such as Funchain Technology, Vientiane Blockchain, Energy Chain Group, Complex Technology, Galaxy Blockchain, Zhigui Technology, and Medical Chain Group are all well-known companies in the industry with good technology. Internet giants basically have blockchain sections.

2. Is the certificate of “Blockchain Application Analyst” real?

The certificate number can be found on the official website. This will not be fake.

3. Which famous writers in China have written “Introduction to Blockchain Finance”

Liu Xingliang, a well-known Internet scholar, born in Liulin, Shanxi Province, Master of Computer Science, Southwest Jiaotong University, Introduction to Blockchain Wang Siyuan, Zhang Hua et al.
Expanding information
Blockchain finance is actually the application of blockchain technology in the financial field. Blockchain is an underlying technology based on Bitcoin, which is essentially a decentralized trust mechanism. By sharing in distributed nodes to collectively maintain a sustainable growing database, the security and accuracy of information is achieved. The application of this technology can solve the problems of trust and security in transactions. Blockchain technology has become an optional direction for the future upgrade of the financial industry. Through blockchain, both parties to the transaction can carry out economic development without the need for a third-party credit intermediary. activities, thereby reducing the cost of assets being able to move around the world. Since 2016, major financial giants have also followed the news and launched blockchain innovation projects to explore the possibility of applying blockchain technology in various financial scenarios. In particular, Puyin Group pioneered the “blockchain +” standard digital currency. Standard digital currency is an asset that has been authenticated, evaluated, confirmed, insurance and other processes completed by a third-party organization, and written into the blockchain through a careful digital algorithm to form a standard correspondence between assets and digital currency, which is called the standard system. digital currency.
In order to realize the great leap forward development of blockchain finance, in order to promote the new development of China’s economy, accelerate the circulation of global assets, and realize the dream of rejuvenation that generations have been fighting for, Puyin Group will hold a meeting on December 9, 2016 at Guizhou held the launch ceremony of Puyin Blockchain Finance Guiyang Strategy. The meeting will discuss the digital circulation of assets realized by blockchain, the financial transaction mode of blockchain, and the application of blockchain services and social public industries. This conference will mark the beginning of the application of blockchain finance and the transformation and development of a new financial ecosystem.
On June 1, 2020, Xinhua News Agency was authorized to broadcast the “Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port” issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council. The plan will “actively participate in the formulation of international rules for cross-border data flow, establish data rights confirmation, “Standards and Rules for Data Transaction, Data Security and Blockchain Finance” as one of the key tasks of Hainan Free Trade Port before 2035.

4. Where can I learn about blockchain skills training and certificate exams?

Considering all aspects, if you are not familiar with blockchain, you can Don’t follow the trend, often say very pleasant things, the traps are also unfathomable, and ultimately fall miserably! That thing is really good. If you don’t make a fortune by yourself, you still need to make such a big noise and fight to publicize and agitate? !
A person who is engaged in a profession he likes and relies on his ability to eat can be practical, secure, and confident at all times, and can last for a long time.
In the face of temptation, it is difficult to be sober and unmoved, but we must also persevere and persevere. From professional Q user: Mr. Bu
Thank you for the invitation.
Blockchain is a new industry that has emerged in the past one or two years. The heat is not bad, and some hot money has gone in. There are still many differences in understanding in terms of policy disputes and the practical application and realization of blockchain technology.
I personally take it with caution.

Regarding the skills training of blockchain, I have not seen any information about such training and education provided by professional institutions. Even if there is, it is recommended to understand it clearly.

If you want to do research, I suggest to consider securities funds, securities fund analysts, sponsors (this securities bull is a mess)
I hope it will help you. From professional Q user: Mr. Xing

5. What is the relationship between blockchain technology and 5G? Does the country or recruitment company recognize the certificate of blockchain application analyst?

None of the two Direct connection, blockchain is a technology for data storage, transmission, identification and encryption, while 5G is a communication technology. At present, there is no such a certificate as a blockchain application analyst. If there is one, it is issued by a liar. The

6. “Blockchain Application Analyst” (Advanced Certificate) that registration

This kind of certificate is false at first sight.

There is currently no national standard and testing process for blockchain, and everything is being tested.

Most of them are paid training.�I’ll give you a certificate, that’s how it should be.

7. Blockchain Technology Research Center

Blockchain Technology Application Research Center is a directly affiliated institution of the Blockchain Technology Application Research Institute
Blockchain Technology Application Research Institute It was established in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province under the policy guidance of the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Science and Technology.
Initiated by the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Promotion Association, a well-known professional analyst in China, and the most authoritative blockchain research expert in China. School experts and professors, and CEOs of well-known companies participate in the research institute that provides blockchain technology landing solutions for Zhongyuan enterprises. It is the earliest established and currently the only third-party technology research institution in my country that takes the research, dissemination and service of blockchain technology as its own responsibility.
In line with the working principles of authoritative, normative, systematic, open, and public welfare, the Blockchain Technology Application Research Institute assists the government in formulating industry supervision mechanisms and assists the government in promoting practical solutions. The purpose is to provide Zhongyuan enterprises with research and promotion of blockchain technology implementation plans, popularize and enhance the concept and awareness of the majority of enterprises on blockchain technology, play a guiding role in the development of Zhongyuan, and promote the healthy and orderly development of Zhongyuan blockchain technology. Help the Central Plains economy to rise.
Blockchain Technology Application Research Institute will connect one billion capital resources within two years to support 1,000 Central Plains enterprises to implement blockchain technology applications and help the Central Plains economy to achieve overtaking in curves.

8. How expensive are blockchain talents

What is the most expensive in the 21st century? Probably blockchain talent.

Zhang Yan (pseudonym), who graduated with a master’s degree from a 211 University in Shanghai, started an internship in a blockchain company this summer. He is mainly responsible for the collection of industry information. The salary during the internship is 8,000 yuan. 22,000 yuan.

Zhang Yan’s starting salary is already much higher than the salary level of fresh graduates for their first employment. According to the statistics of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, among the 2017 Shanghai college graduates, the average monthly salary of graduates with a bachelor’s degree is 4,793 yuan, and the average monthly salary of graduates with a master’s degree or above is 8,001 yuan.

Analysis of industry insiders pointed out that at present, the shortage of talents in the industry is high, the talents who meet the recruitment requirements are few, and the imbalance between supply and demand leads to a high talent premium. When it fully blooms, the supply and demand relationship of the market will enter a stable stage.

How expensive are blockchain talents?

“Our recruitment has not been smooth. We may be able to recruit 5-8 people in a quarter, which can only reach 20% of our expectations.” Deng Xu, founder of Yunxiang Blockchain, has always hoped that the team will be quickly Expanded to a team of 100 technicians, but struggled to find the right talent.

A company’s recruitment information

How to break the embarrassing situation of high salary and no one can be found?

“My ideal blockchain talents mainly have two standards, one is computer foundation, and the other is algorithm foundation.” Deng Xu said.

According to the introduction of Yan Li, the founder of the computing power think tank, there are three types of talents in the blockchain:

First, in terms of content research, most of these talents were originally engaged in financial information. , traditional research, etc., after one to two months of training and adaptation, you can start the job;

The second is the technical development of products, which requires mature computer technical talents, such as researching the development of underlying data , data storage, etc., they need to redistribute their own work areas in the blockchain scenario, and they can adapt to the job requirements after two to three months;

The third is the refiner of product requirements, which is the The most difficult to find talents, they need not only understand the business logic of the blockchain, dig out the pain points, but also understand the technology, and be able to communicate and connect the needs of customers with the capabilities of technical developers.

Yiou think tank analyst Shang Yang also pointed out to Sino-Singapore Jingwei that blockchain is essentially a distributed encrypted database, and the core idea is decentralization. The blockchain evolved from Bitcoin. Before that, there were almost no related courses in colleges and universities. Therefore, most of today’s blockchain technology practitioners are self-taught. Objectively, anyone with a computer professional background can learn it. But technology is not the key, the key is to find the right application scenarios. Only in a certain scenario, the distributed storage of data can be irreplaceable and bring significant benefits to the enterprise. It is a good application scenario, so the application on the chain is still in the exploratory stage.

“There are too few applied talents,” Shang Yang said. The application and transformation of any new technology requires a process, and many technicians currently do not understand products.

Deng Xu analyzed that there are three main reasons for the current shortage of blockchain talents. Blockchain is actually a comprehensive technology, including four major blocks, including computer language, algorithm, communication, and cryptography. At present, the talents cultivated by colleges and universities are generally��Have a knowledge reserve in one or two aspects. In addition, with the popularity of ICO last year, a large number of new blockchain companies were born, which further exacerbated the imbalance between supply and demand of blockchain.

With the popularity of the blockchain concept, some colleges and universities have begun to offer courses, and training institutions have also entered the market one after another. Yan Li suggested that top colleges and universities that are partial to science and engineering can continue to take advantage of their advantages and cultivate talents for blockchain technology applications; in terms of business, they still mainly rely on talents transformed from traditional industries to fill; social organizations, research centers and other institutions can organize Vocational training for talents in the blockchain industry, but good vocational training must last two to three months, rather than two or three days of “crash” training.

However, Deng Xu pointed out that at this stage, training can only supplement some low-end technical talents for the industry, but it cannot solve the problem of high-end talents. Shang Yang also pointed out that universities that offer relevant courses are also facing difficulties in retaining teachers. “On the one hand, it is easy to be poached by enterprises. On the other hand, most people who really understand technology and applications choose to start their own companies or speculate on coins.”

“Blockchain technology is a long-term strategy With the recent technology, many people can’t settle down to do technology, and the technology is very complicated and boring.” Deng Xu said.

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9. Which industry blockchain training teacher is better

It is worth learning.

10. Who will be the big dark horse of the blockchain

The big dark horse of the blockchain may be Eggone, because the main reason is that the institutions behind it are too powerful.

trustnote’s accounting method is like a jury passing multiple votes. If there is no wrong transaction information, it can be easily verified. Incorrect transaction information will be listed separately for verification. If there is a problem, you can judge the double spend according to the size of the primary and secondary. This design completely completes Bitcoin’s queuing logic. Block confirmations on the Bitcoin network are more like a toll gate, where blocks have to go through one by one. If one module fails, the entire network will be paralyzed.


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