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(1) When can filecoin store useful data

When filecoin can store useful data in May.

A token on filecoinipfs, and filecoin is a way to reward miners by contributing idle hard drives. Filecoin adopts a brand new algorithm (Proof of Work). Simply put, the larger the hard drive capacity you have, the more filecoin rewards you will get.

Interplanetary File System:

It tries to connect to the same file system for all computing devices. In some ways, IPFS is similar to the World Wide Web, but it can also be thought of as a separate BitTorrent group exchanging objects in the same Git repository. In other words, IPFS provides a high-throughput, content-addressable block storage model with content-related hyperlinks.

This forms a generalized Merkle directed acyclic graph (DAG). IPFS combines distributed hash tables, encouraged block exchanges, and a self-certifying namespace. IPFS has no single point of failure and nodes do not need to trust each other. Distributed content delivery can save bandwidth and prevent DDoS attacks that HTTP schemes might encounter.

(ii) What is the price of FIL on July 20, 2021

Although the price of FIL currency has also shown a sharp correction in this bear market, this does not mean that the future of FIL currency is gone. Hope, because FIL coin is one of the very few cryptocurrencies with real value. At present, it is only in the development stage of the entire project, and the value of FIL coin will rise, rather than depreciate before the project is formed.
What will be the price of FIL in the future?
IPFS is not as simple as a project or a coin. IPFS may replace HTTP for decentralized storage in the future. This is the technological revolution in the current Internet update. He overthrew centralized storage methods such as Huawei Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Tencent Cloud, and completed the global consistency of global landing applications. By then, certain businesses, government agencies and major platforms will have to use it.
The only FIL digital coin in the world has hundreds of millions of dollars invested by eight cutting-edge venture capital firms. Its value and vision are unmatched in all projects. Identifying IPFS/FIL is at the forefront of new age trends. More important than taking the opportunity of Alibaba and Bitcoin. Therefore, the future value of FIL coins is immeasurable.
There are a total of 2 billion FIL coins, of which 70%, or 1.4 billion coins, can be mined by miners. According to the issuance and release rules of Filecoin, the distribution rate of miners is 70%, which is reduced once a week. About 700 million will be issued within 6 years after launch. Starting from the first year of mining, the launch of FIL in the first year of the IPFS/Filecoin mainnet is estimated to be about 440,000 FIL coins per day, and at the end of the sixth year it is about 200,000 FIL coins per day.
This market is actually very transparent. Due to mechanism problems, 25% of the daily coins are your coins, and the other 180 days are released linearly. If the price is larger, the price will rise, the current period will shorten, the price will fall, and the return period will extend. It’s easy to understand. FIL mining ultimately depends on the selling price of the coin!
The second type of transaction: speculating and hoarding coins. Don’t go speculating. You can store coins at any time, but the biggest danger of storing coins is that you cannot hold them. The more price you see every day, the less you can hold it. The third way of mining: Mining is the easiest, safest and most profitable way.

Why is fil coin so popular

It is because ipfs has its forward-looking technology and is recognized. Then fil is also a high-profile here. The main network of Fil is now online. I read the announcements of several mainstream exchanges, including Binance, Huobi, ok, ZB, and gate, all of which are very good, and ZB all took out 100,000 usdt. Do the activity. For these reasons, and the love of investors, the prospects for both are good.

(iv) Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission’s policy on filcoin big data storage services

Abstract Sinso is a medical decentralization infrastructure that solves a Filecoin. Because Filecoin’s periphery is not very perfect at this stage, Sinso has a part of the work in the process of building roads and bridges, such as medical data NFT and NFT transactions, data classification, on-chain, storage, transmission, retrieval, etc. It needs to be considered, and it is considered in combination with medical scenarios.

㈤ Is fil currency reliable?

Reliable, FIL is a leader in the distributed storage industry. At present, most platforms are planning to deploy FIL distributed storage, and now FIL is in the long-term. The reason why FIL is so popular is not just virtual currency, but mainly because IPFS network has application prospects for solving practical problems, and it is an application technology in line with the new generation of network data.
Extension information:
1. What is the digital currency of fil?
The digital currency of fil is based on the blockchainThe underlying technology is a digital currency for the development project, which is equivalent to a digital asset. fil is a reward token on the IPFS network, which is mainly used to reward users who provide storage computing power.
There are 2 billion fil tokens, with miners accounting for 70%, official team 15%, ICO investors 10%, Filecoin Foundation: 5%. The Filecoin project adopts PoSt. PoSt uses the size of the data stored on the hard disk as the computing power to allow all miners to distribute rewards fairly.
2. What is the Chinese name of FIL coin
The Chinese name of FIL coin is File Coin, which is an open-source, public-oriented cryptocurrency and digital payment system. The filecoin system aims to create a data storage and retrieval method based on the blockchain system. It is created by “Protocol Labs” based on the interplanetary file system.
3. What is the future of FIL coin
At present, more and more FIL coin-related applications are gradually being implemented around the world. Including Microsoft, Google Chrome, Firefox, the German Space Center, the US Apollo Moon Landing Program, the Canadian government, the US Library of Congress, the World Wide Web, imToken wallet, EOS, etc. Including governments, authorities, Internet companies, digital currency assets in In China, quite a few fields have begun to deploy or are applying FIL-related technologies. FIL coin-related technologies are gradually implemented, and its price is based on a wide range of practical applications. In the long run, the future of FIL coin is immeasurable.
4. The value of FIL coin
The value of fil coin is mainly used for ipfs distributed storage to reward miners who provide storage computing power. Filecoin is a token on IPFS, and Filecoin is a space for storing data by contributing idle hard disks. Fil, a decentralized storage system based on the ipfs protocol, is the only token in the current ipfs system.


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