Floyd Mayweather’s Mayweverse NFT Collection Fails To Find Buyers

Floyd Mayweather, the globally recognized boxer dropped an NFT collection a couple of days ago called Mayweverse. The collection supply is 5000 and they minted at 0.3 ETH.

Floyd has been in crypto for a decent amount of time. Since his time in the space he has abandoned his last two NFT projects and promoted countless rugs. People see his track record in the NFT space and are staying as far away from this project as possible.

No one is minting Mayweverse, the latest NFT project Floyd Mayweather.

Floyd quite literally said that the mint price is 0.3 ETH “bringing you maximum profit and value.” Further, 0.3 ETH is generally considered a super high mint price. Second, you never reference bringing holders “profit.”

Floyd is Known for His NFT Rugs

The NFT space seems to be finally maturing as people are realizing most of these projects are just celebrity cash grabs. As previously mentioned, Floyd has abandoned his last two projects.

Only 147 NFTs from this collection have been minted out of a potential 5000. It’s ironic that the Discord supposedly has 115K “real” members. Again, the NFT community is ever-changing and has learned from its previous missed steps.

Floyd has claimed that this project is here to stay. In addition, he has plans to build out a metaverse. In regards to these statements, most NFT community members see right through them. Consequently, some are even calling for the SEC to go after Floyd for all his money-making schemes. Finally, a Floyd Mayweather project hasn’t come anywhere close to selling out, as it looks like NFT investors are getting savvier.



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