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❶ How to type an emoji by typing in WeChat

1. First, you need to click the + sign at the bottom of the WeChat emoticon, which can be downloaded for free in the emoji, such as cute rabbits, etc.;

❷ What do you think of the earthy special effects in “Why is Secretary Kim?”

This is originally a comic adaptation, so it can be less formal, see It will only be happier in the future, and it feels very fun. Appropriate, appropriate, especially the love that Secretary Kim took out of the bag, and then circled around Yingjun, full of love, and then Yingjun took off the moon in return, although the heroine has turned around, but really It’s full of love overflowing from the screen!

Because the special effects are used just right

❸ Soul Knight also has useless settings, what are some very helpful settings in the game

Soul Knight is a very fun game, and the gameplay in this game is very diverse, but there are some very strange settings in the game, which make many players complain.

The third one is reforging the furnace. For this recast furnace, we can meet it in the brush map, click it, and we can recast our weapons. Of course, the purpose is to make our weapons stronger, but the big For most players, the quality of recast weapons is getting lower and lower, so don’t hold too much hope for this setting. The above are all relatively useless settings in the game, very chicken ribs.

❹ What should I do if the computer keeps getting stuck in preparing for automatic repair when it starts up?

There are basically three reasons:
The first is the last correct use of the computer Sometimes accidentally deleted or damaged some system files.
The second is because the installed software or plug-ins are not compatible with the system and conflict.
The third possibility is that the virus causes the system to malfunction.
For the second and third situations, you can press F8 immediately after powering on (it is to press F8 immediately after powering on, and you can enter by pressing several times. Configure correctly” to enter the computer. If not, press F8 to boot, select “Safe Mode”, and delete the recently installed software and plug-ins after entering, and antivirus. For the first case, if you know what file is deleted, you can download the corresponding missing file, and then follow the second step to enter “safe mode”, and fill in the missing file; if you don’t know what system file was deleted To delete it, you can only reinstall the system.

❺ Of the two people in the picture, which one is handsome and which one is more powerful

None of them are very handsome, and they are not as good as Sister Lu when they kill Matt. It’s awesome, big and small.

❻ Is the mini world going to be taken down?

down the shelf

These are all the evidences about the mini world, and the mini players themselves are healthy Kang

1. On April 4th, the national game server was suspended for one day, but the miniature used the lie of the technical staff to code the bug and kept the server.

2, plagiarized the game. Not only copied my world, but also copied the last ten games, I don’t want to list them here, the mini players know it for themselves

3, krypton gold. One day after the mini pornography, the news reported on the mini world: a child played with the mini world kryptonite and stripped his mother’s savings for half a year. Gu Zhenxing still has the face to say that his skin is very cheap?

4, involving yellow. B station user Xiaoshusheng reported that Mini World was involved in pornography. On April 7th, Mini World banned map comments, which was of no use. Then it was named by a lot of news. Mini World had to be taken off the shelf on April 29. The world’s circle of friends tells parents not to let their children play this game.

5, 2 children were curious about the creative mode in the mini world, so they tried to see if they could fly in real life, and the results were predictable.

6, the quality of the players is touching. Most of them are Zaan elementary school students, and their ability to spread rumors is quack. Not only did it blow up the server, but a few days after it was taken off the shelves, a large number of mini players wrote negative comments below. I just wanted to ask, what does your mini pornography have to do with our mc?

The following is the guilt of the mini world. Seeing this, do you still want this game on the shelves?

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