Get Access To The World’s Best Restaurants With Exclusible’s New NFTs

The latest project to drop on the luxury Exclusible marketplace is offering holders unique fine dining experiences. La Table du Chef NFT tokens will allow food enthusiasts access to the most prestigious restaurants in the world.

The sheer access an NFT like this brings to fine dining connoisseurs is remarkable. As a result, several people within the food industry have been praising the idea.

CCO of Exclusible is excited by the new luxury dining NFT collection they are coming out with in partnership with Royaltiz.

Gourmet restaurants have distinguished themselves by offering the highest level of service and cuisine quality. Consequently, wealthy individuals tend to enjoy fine dining experiences as much as anything else in life.

Royaltiz and Exclusible Team Up

Royaltiz a company that allows individuals to purchase a stake in an A-list celebrity’s future earnings. With all their luxury global connections and Exclusible’s infrastructure, the two decided to launch the series of NFTs named “La Table du Chef.”

They are using blockchain technology to create these collectibles which will allow holders to access hidden tables at Michelin star restaurants. Further, holders will be exposed to the world’s best chefs. This is an example of the real-life utility that the NFT community talks about. Additionally, providing holders with value through real-life experiences.

NFTs from this collection will act as a pass required to purchase a restaurant ticket. In addition, holders will be able to use this ticket and redeem it for a hidden table. Not to mention the fact that members receive the chance to try multiple luxury restaurants.

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