Get The Last Lamborghini Aventador Coupé Ever Made… As A 1:1 NFT

The iconic luxury car brand Lamborghini will auction off its last Aventador Coupé model as a 1:1 NFT! The exclusive digital asset will drop on April 19th via Sotheby’s at 12:00 p.m. EST.

In fact, this is the first NFT auctioned along with a real-life sports car. Considering that Steve Aoki and Krista Kim are both involved in the project, it will definitely be an iconic drop!

Lamborghini marks the end of production for its Aventador Coupe model with an exclusive 1:1 NFT drop. Credits: Lamborghini

Lamborghini’s Aventador Coupé, auctioned as NFT

Lamborghini is obviously a brand that needs no introduction, as is its Aventador Coupé car model. This year, though, the company will stop its production to focus on the upcoming 2023 new vehicle lineup.

Nevertheless, Lamborghini wanted to mark this milestone with a historic breakthrough: an NFT auction.

In essence, the luxury car producer will auction its last Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimate Coupé as a 1:1 NFT. Accordingly, Lamborghini partnered with DJ Steve Aoki, digital artist Krista Kim, and brand agency [INVNT GROUP] to create the digital asset.

Not only is this the first hybrid supercar 1:1 NFT, but also the first NFT tied to a real-life luxury sports car. Prestigious auction house Sotheby’s will host the digital auction, scheduled for April 19th at 12:00 EST.

The lucky winner of the auction will get the unique NFT, as well as the physical Lamborghini Aventador Coupé model. In addition, the collectible brings the following perks:

  • Private tour of the Museo Lamborghini;
  • Exclusive previews of the company’s upcoming vehicles;
  • Virtual Meet-and-Greet sessions with Krista Kim and Steve Aoki.
The renowned digital artist Krista Kim created the artwork of the Lamborghini NFT drop. Credits: Lamborghini

An iconic partnership for an iconic vehicle

Globally renowned DJ and NFT whale Steve Aoki produced a unique track accompanying the Lamborghini digital asset. The musician found his inspiration in the physical Aventador Coupé itself. “Every design element of this car is purposeful. It truly has its
own story, and therefore I wanted my music track to reflect its soulful energy,” he said.

Meanwhile, digital artist Krista Kim is in charge of the collectible’s artwork. Of course, the virtual asset will include her signature gradient style. Accordingly, her vision was “meditating in front of a sublime Mars sunset with Steve, as he transforms the engine sound into a meditative vibe.”

The iconic partnership marks an impressive breakthrough in the hybrid NFT sector. Credits: Lamborghini

Last but not least, the storytelling company INVNT GROUP will put all the pieces of the puzzle together. From its soundtrack to visuals and physical car and perks, the brand will carefully blend all of the components.

Scott Cullather, CEO at INVNT GROUP, believes this is among the most prolific NFT drops of the year, and for good reason. The hybrid Lamborghini NFT paves the way for a new future in the luxury sports car niche: one where the physical and digital worlds collide.

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