Getting Started with Financial Blockchain

① How to get started with blockchain, is there any private blockchain coach that is better?

Yes, if it is simple to get started, you can go to the chain school community.

② If you want to learn blockchain, which financial training is better

First of all, there is no need to go to a special training place to learn blockchain
You can go to buy a good area first For blockchain-related books, look for yourself first, and find the kind that explains blockchain in popular terms.
If you read the book yourself, it is easy to understand. If you see something you don’t understand, you can just mark it.
And if you participate in some training, you may not be able to understand the blockchain well. After the training, you may forget it. There are also some popular science videos about blockchain on the Internet.

③ What are the introductory books for blockchain

“Blockchain: Defining the New Pattern of Future Finance and Economy”. It introduces the impact of blockchain technology on the future finance and economy.
“Blockchain: From Digital Currency to Credit Society” discusses how the block chain is established from the aspects of history and background, development status, basic principles and technology, application ecology, existing problems and challenges, etc. Why is everyone talking about blockchain, where is the secret of blockchain, what is advanced blockchain (second-generation blockchain technology), how does blockchain work, how to move from the Internet of Information to the Internet of Value, how Use regulations to constrain and supervise the blockchain, where the blockchain is heading, disputes and challenges, and analyze the problems encountered by the blockchain in various aspects and needs to be solved from the perspectives of economy, finance, currency, law, and philosophy of science and technology. Difficulties.
“Bitcoin: An Unreal and Real Financial World” Li Jun, Chang Kui, etc.
carried out a systematic and detailed interpretation of the currency properties of Bitcoin, and the overall attitude is quite objective. The content is more financially oriented.
“Mastering Bitcoin” by Andreas M. Antonopoulos
This book is more technically oriented, and has a more detailed description of the implementation principle of Bitcoin and some technical details.
And then the blockchain aspect:
“Blockchain-New Economic Blueprint and Introduction” by Melanie Swan
The Chinese translation lineup is very luxurious. The macro interpretation of blockchain is still very accurate. At the same time, Tsinghua University’s credit course “Cognitive Foundations Beyond Disciplines” initially decided to use this book as a designated reference book. Worth a look.
“Blockchain Technology Guide” is located on GitHub
The title of the book is somewhat common, and there is indeed a book with the same name. The recommended one is the one on GitHub. Search for blockchain guide on GitHub and you should be able to find it. Many netizens have participated in the contribution to this book. From the principle of the blockchain to the application, there are detailed introductions, and the technology is also very strong. It can be said that the introduction is very comprehensive and systematic.
The above is a list of books that I personally recommend.

④ What is blockchain finance? What does blockchain finance mean

Blockchain finance is actually the application of blockchain technology in the financial field.

Blockchain is an underlying technology based on Bitcoin, which is essentially a decentralized trust mechanism. By sharing in distributed nodes to collectively maintain a sustainable growing database, the security and accuracy of information is achieved. The application of this technology can solve the problems of trust and security in transactions. Blockchain technology has become an optional direction for the future upgrade of the financial industry. Through blockchain, both parties to the transaction can carry out economic development without the need for a third-party credit intermediary. activities, thereby reducing the cost of assets being able to move around the world.

(4) Extended reading of the introduction to financial blockchain:

Since 2016, major financial giants have also followed the news and carried out blockchain innovations one after another Project to explore the possibility of applying blockchain technology in various financial scenarios. In particular, Puyin Group pioneered the “blockchain +” standard digital currency. Standard digital currency is an asset that has been authenticated, evaluated, confirmed, insurance and other processes completed by a third-party organization, and written into the blockchain through a careful digital algorithm to form a standard correspondence between assets and digital currency, which is called the standard system. digital currency.

In order to realize the great leap-forward development of blockchain finance, in order to promote the new development of China’s economy, accelerate the circulation of global assets, and realize the dream of rejuvenation that generations of people have been fighting for, Puyin Group will launch an event in December 2016. On the 9th, the Puyin Blockchain Finance Guiyang Strategy Release Ceremony was held in Guizhou. At the meeting, the digital circulation of assets realized by the blockchain, the financial transaction mode of the blockchain, and the application of blockchain services and social public industries will be launched. Explore.

⑤ The application of blockchain in the financial industry

The application of blockchain in the financial industry solves the problem of payment. The blockchain + model is very popular. The park itself has built a SMIC blockchain service platform project, which is aimed at enterprises.To integrate the chain, it is necessary to create a blockchain industry alliance.

⑥ What Books to Read for Introduction to Blockchain

“Dahua Blockchain” is a book published by Tsinghua University Press in September 2019. The author is Zhang Yingping. This book is a blockchain book that comprehensively explains Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and EOS, a blockchain development guide from the basic skills of engineers, development languages ​​to smart contract development, and a blockchain development guide from technology, projects to careers A guidebook for blockchain engineers for development planning.

“Dahua Blockchain”

“Dahua Blockchain” is a book that emphasizes both theory and practice, easy to understand and easy to understand. Without losing professional blockchain books. The blockchain technology guide part (the first three chapters) mainly explains blockchain concepts, blockchain applications and mainstream blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and EOS, which can be fully understood by each reader by learning The implementation principle of mainstream blockchain technology, and understand the future development trend of blockchain. The actual development part (the last two chapters) starts from the basic skills of blockchain, simulates the development of real blockchain projects, and explains in detail the design, development and deployment of smart contracts and DAPPs. By learning, each reader can master blockchain development. .

⑦ I am a finance student and want to know how to learn about blockchain.

Recommend Hashton blockchain, and work with Shenzhen Blockchain Association to work on the district Blockchain education and training to systematically cultivate talents in this area.

⑧ What is blockchain + finance

In addition to issuing coins, blockchain + finance can also be applied to fields such as supply chain finance, small, medium and micro loans, etc. Guang said If you don’t practice the fake handle, you can search the SMIC blockchain public service platform. They do blockchain and have blockchain + financial cooperation with Changsha Bank. The project has also been implemented, so you can familiarize yourself with it.

⑨ What does blockchain finance do

Furious currency or something.

The current application of blockchain technology is virtual currency. Therefore, virtual currency is also known as the first birth product of blockchain in the true sense. The popularity of virtual currency is also obvious to all, setting off an investment frenzy in many countries. According to foreign media reports, the number of virtual currency transactions in the United States has reached 5 million; and South Korea is estimated to be the most crazy people in the world to speculate on currency, 1 in 50 people speculate in currency, and 31% of the working class are in Buy and sell virtual currency; Venezuela has issued the world’s first virtual currency with national sovereignty – petro.

With the popularity of virtual currency, market investors are not only satisfied with the conventional trading methods of buying low and selling high, but actively seeking simpler and more convenient trading methods to obtain more profits. The trend of virtual currency From this, the trading method was born and successfully captured the hearts of investors in a short period of time, becoming a mainstream trading method.

According to

, the virtual currency trend trading method is exclusively launched by the international financial service provider Jisu Xinou SPEEDXO Yes, it mainly trades currency pairs composed of virtual currency and real currency, and it can make profits as long as it is bullish and bearish. For example, if the investor trades “Bitcoin/USD”, he only needs to judge whether the price will rise or fall after 30 seconds, and buy the rise or fall according to the trend. If he buys in the right direction after 30 seconds, he will get 93% of the investment amount. pure income. It is this advantage of earning both ups and downs, short time-consuming, and no need for a pick-up man, that the trend trading method quickly swept the entire currency circle.

⑩ How should finance students learn about blockchain

You can sign up for the courses offered by the Water Quantum Community. The following three or two are recommended. Advanced training courses – 7-day training Become a high-level course, explain and practice the in-depth application of blockchain, participate in the creation and practical operation of blockchain projects, and provide entrepreneurial project support. The 14-day advanced training course for blockchain engineers of the FinTech Academy of Sciences focuses on the development of skilled and practical talents. The courses are set up in Taipei and Malaysia, and are professionally trained by the technical experts of the FinTech Academy of Sciences.


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