GMPC mining gameplay

❶ Can I use WeChat to pay for transactions in ❶ g?

Any merchant can apply to become a merchant and get their own G-pay QR code. Merchants can freely choose the assets to the account, and can bind Alipay, WeChat and bank cards to receive payments in RMB. When others use G-pay to pay When the GMPC is equivalent to the commodity, G payment will be converted into RMB according to the real-time exchange rate to the merchant Alipay.
The original name of G Payment is Columbus Planet. G Payment is a mining project extended from BG Exchange. On the surface, the main business of G Payment is payment business, but it is actually a project promotion A means of publicity; but in fact, it is still depositing money to earn interest, and its essence is still a capital disk. Under normal circumstances, G payment has two businesses: payment business and mining business. The operation process of the offline payment business is as follows: the user consumes, pays GMPC, BTC and other digital currencies G payment as a third party, and then settles the GMPC, BTC and other digital currencies into RMB according to the market price, and the merchant can get the RMB p>

❷ 24 coin behavior what no gmpc coin

24 coin behavior without bitcoin, and this bitcoin behavior is very good.

❸ Is it better to invest in GEC coins or buy Zanli for life

1. What is GEC environmental protection coins?

2017 was the most popular year for digital currency ICOs, and it was also the year in which zero coins were born the most.

In this year, GEC environmental protection coin was also born.

According to the official publicity materials, GEC environmental protection coins are designed and issued by the World Environmental Entrepreneurship Foundation, with a total of about 8 billion, which is halved every five years.

After crawling the source code of the official website of the World Environmental Protection Entrepreneurship Foundation, I found that it is basically a copy template.

The operation page of the GEC project is also low.

However, this does not affect the deception of GEC MLM at all.

The first is the commitment to “only go up and not down”.

GEC’s external publicity is “0 investment, 0 risk and 0 operating cost, everyone can participate, everyone is the main body, the mining machine is exclusive, the mining currency is owned by itself, and the benefits are huge”.

Let’s add GEC’s violent currency price increase in the past three years. At present, the GEC price exceeds 1,300 yuan, and it has increased by more than 18,000 times in three years. Are you a little excited? It can be said that it deeply touches human nature.

The second is the people-pulling mechanism that is essential for MLM coins.

It is obvious from this that there are two core ways to get more GEC coins:

1. Keep buying cloud mining machines;

2. Continuously promote cloud mining machines and revenue sharing.

As a result, the wheel of MLM is turning. According to official information disclosure, the number of registered users of the GEC platform has already exceeded two million.

It’s been two or three years, why is GEC still alive

Before this, there were not a lot of funds under the banner of blockchain and mining, such as Wuxingcoin, Magic root coins, etc., but it will collapse or be cracked by the police in less than a year.

The World Environmental Entrepreneurship Foundation, the issuing organization of GEC, was also named and exposed by the official media “Beijing Business Daily” in April 2019, and pointed out that its high income, attracting people, suspected of pyramid schemes, and illegal A series of issues such as ICO were also included in the list of illegal social organizations by the Zhejiang Civil Affairs Department on June 12.

On April 14 this year, a netizen asked the relevant regulatory authorities whether the GEC environmental protection coin was an illegal pyramid scheme in the voice of the people on the red net. After an investigation, the Longhui County Market Supervision and Administration Bureau gave the The clear conclusion is that the operation method of “GEC Environmental Coin” is suspected of pyramid schemes.

Seeing this, a big doubt came to my mind, why is GEC still alive after 3 years of being classified as a MLM scam?

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