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1. The upgrade route of WOW mining!

I just filled up the mining~I only went to a few places~I didn’t go to other places~So the map was not opened~~
Since the landlord is already 80!
Then start the tin mine~
You need to go to the wetlands to dig~~Go to Arathi to mine iron ore when you reach 125~~After a few turns, you can reach 175~You need to go to Xin Tran digging~~I spend a lot of time here~~I have practiced to 230~You can mine real silver~I still dig in the Hinterlands~~ After 250, go to the crater~~Dig and dig and you will be When it reaches 275~ I will go to East Plague~ I will reach 300 soon~ Hurry up and run Hellfire and turn 2 laps to get to 330~ Go to Nagrand and more miners to grab the fine gold mine~ I will die for mining~ I bought a big bird with 5000G! ! Digging and digging~~ I finally saw krypton gold! ! ! My first piece of krypton gold was dug at the Void Dragon Island in Shadowmoon Valley~ It was not full at the time~ I saw it~ Hurry up and dig the Void Mine! ! Void Mine will be refreshed very quickly~ There will be Adamantite occasionally! Finally after a circle ~ full! Go back and have a look ~ krypton gold is still there! ! Run down and dig! !

2. How long does the mining scam last at most

Many articles on mining revenue are based on static data, and the current currency price and difficulty are used to support the purchase of mining machines However, the revenue of the miner is directly related to these two parameters. The difficulty of mining increases every 14 days as new mining machines leave the factory every month, and the bitcoin income of each mining machine will decrease. As the difficulty continues to increase, if the currency price does not increase relatively, there will be insufficient income to pay for electricity bills. and downtime. Therefore, it is fundamentally wrong to use static data to buy or not to buy a mining machine.

For the above 4 simulations, (a) the average difficulty increased by 7.4% per period in the past 1 year, (b) the current daily bitcoin income per T is the beginning of the impairment, (c) the current retail investor can Find the preferential electricity price, (d) the current selling price of the mining machine, and (e) different currency prices, as the discount data of the investment mining machine, see the downtime date, the net income and the return value.

1) At the current price of RMB 44,000, the miner can only dig out RMB 32.87 in revenue and then shut down, and can only recover 13.15% of the original.

2) Calculated at the price of USD 10,000, and the price of RMB 68,000, the miner can only dig out RMB 127.79 of revenue and then shut down, and can only recover 51.12% of the cost.

3) 100% return of the capital will be pushed back. For example, the currency price is now RMB 92,305, and the capital will not be returned until the mining stops on April 6, 2019.

4) At the historically high coin price, mining activities will also be shut down on May 18, 2019, with a net profit of RMB 405.88.

Some people will question my data, saying that you just can’t find cheap electricity and mining machines. Then I estimate that the cost price of the mining machine is RMB 125/T, and the bare electricity price of the mine is RMB0.22+RMB0.08 to simulate the construction cost. It is impossible to recover the cost at the current currency price.

Here are a few conclusions:

1) Buying a mining machine now requires a strong expectation of currency price appreciation, otherwise you will never see the day of return. If there is a strong appreciation expectation for the currency price, then you only need to buy the currency, and you don’t need to consider mining at all.

2) The difficulty increased in the past because mining machine manufacturers continued to increase production capacity in order to boost performance. From an average of 70,000 units per month in 2017 to nearly 300,000 units per month (calculated based on S9 13.5T and the increase in computing power of the entire network, ignoring the old mining machines that have been eliminated), the income of a single mining machine is indexed. reduce. From simulation 5), even mining machine manufacturers are losing money in the current environment.

The percentage of difficulty increase does not seem to be much different, but the number of new miners is 4 times. The end result of this devastating investment in production capacity is that people who buy mining machines are all pickers. Mining machine manufacturers are all applying for listing at sky-high valuations. How to support the performance of listed companies in the long run? Is the purpose of listing to raise funds for research and development or to cut leeks in the last wave?

3) Many people are taught that Bitcoin is a good thing and has its existence value. How could it collapse? The currency price will be supported at the downtime price, otherwise, if no miners are willing to keep accounts, the system will be finished. Therefore, many Bitcoin believers have a belief that the difficulty and the price of the currency have an inevitable relationship, and short-term fluctuations do not matter, because they see that the price of the currency is $50,000 at the end of the year, and the long-term mining mentality is long. This fallacy is exactly the same as static data splitting. When the public wakes up, the investment will not come back.

3. There is a mining game, it is to go down to the ground to mine, there are various props, it is a person to mine, it is not a new game, the protagonist is a man.

Drilling boy

4. Is the mining salary high? The kind that goes down by hand

The salary of miners is not as high as that! To put it bluntly, miners are manual workers. Now social manual workers are basically at the bottom of the society. Is it possible for the wages to be high? China has the most people.

5. How is the mining market now?

From the bear market a few days ago, the price of coins has finally stabilized in the past few days, and those who speculate can finally breathe a sigh of relief!

As the saying goes, the bull market sells coins, the bear market mines,But the real bull market is still expected to come a little slower!

Now, only mining can relieve the mood, salmon miners, mining anytime, anywhere, learn about the artifact of beginner mining!

6. What should I do if I can’t get out when I go down to mine?

If you want to mine the mine first Sleep in your own home (set the respawn point at home), bring a compass (it will point to the respawn point), bring as few unnecessary items as possible when mining, bring a bucket of water, three or four sets of wood, iron Two pickaxes, one workbench, torches (you can bring a lot of coal mines without multiple caves, you can make your own as long as you have wood), first explore the entire cave and mark it with a sign. If you can open peace, just follow the dark place. Where there is no light, there is no need for heartache. When mining, when there are diamonds, make sure that the diamonds will not fall into the magma (in fact, as long as you sneak close to the ore, the ore will be sucked into the backpack before falling into the magma), don’t dig under your feet, if you find a lava lake, you can use a bucket Water extinguishes magma, which can be collected in buckets, used as fuel, and used as a stone brush machine. If you find that there is no wood in the middle, you can dig up first (provided that there is no magma or gravel, sand on it), dig to the ground and mark it to dig some wood nearby and then go down to dig, if the backpack is full, use the box first Load minerals and write down the coordinates. After mining, you can actually collect some ore in a box every time you dig some ore to prevent you from falling into magma and dying. After digging, you can find the exit and go back along the original road, or dig directly to the ground, and use the compass to guide you home. The compass can also be made of live minerals during mining.
If it is an artificial mine (such as the fishbone method), it can be dug at the corresponding height of the mineral. There are many methods that can be checked and adopted on the wiki
Thank you.

7. Can the mining circle continue to mine in the future?

From the current ZC point of view, with the development concept of “carbon neutrality”, it is no longer suitable for mining in China. If you want to participate in mining, you can only seek overseas mining farms to host mining machines or purchase overseas cloud computing power to participate in mining. Some old miners around them have transferred overseas mines through the “Zionodes x Yilu Going Overseas” platform. Zionodes is already an old brand in the mining circle. Currently, it has hosted 100,000+ mining machines, which are overloaded by more than one million. You can learn about it. Down.

8. In my world, I dig down to dig purple things, and I will fall to hell when I go down, why

I have never encountered this kind of problem, you are a mod, right? Under the circumstances, the bottom is bedrock that cannot be played, but there is a very low chance of digging out the stones at the bottom of the feet and falling into the void to die. Hope to accept. Thanks!

9. The problem of wow mining,

Mining in order…

1 Newbies of various races in copper mines Districts and low-level districts
65 Tin Ore Low-level District
75 Silver Ore (Rare)
125 Iron Badlands, Stranglethorn Vale, Hillsbrad Foothills, Thousand Needles, Ara Highlands, Alterac Mountains. Badlands are recommended.
155 Gold Ore (Rare)
175 Mithril Ore Appears in both medium and high-level areas. Badlands are recommended.
230 Truesilver Ore (Rare)
230 Dark Iron Ore Searing Gorge, Burning Steppes, Blackrock Depths
250 Thorium Burning Steppes, Azshara, Un’Goro Crater, Winterspring, Eastern Plaguelands, Western Plaguelands, Silithus, Blasted Lands, Felwood,
275 Rich Thorium Mine Eastern Plaguelands, Burning Steppes, Western Plaguelands, Silithus, Winterspring, Azshara, and Un’Goro Craters will mine in Outland after 300. Every map in Outland may have mines of different levels such as magic iron, adamantine, rich adamantium, and kryptonite.

The meaning of rare ore is:
A ore basically has 3 refresh points, and it is impossible for these 3 points to appear at the same time, because they are actually the same ore. This ore is generally a fixed type of ore, but occasionally it will be a rare ore. Tin ore spots may be brushed into silver ore, and iron ore spots may be brushed into gold ore. Mithril Mines may be brushed as True Silver.

Hey, I found a typo.

10. In my world, it’s better to mine down or slant this way.

I usually dig diagonally…then at 15– Start looking for diamonds on the 11th floor. Generally, you dig into the mines, especially the mines with magma and very low layers (about 11th floor), there will be diamonds, at least you will not dig into the magma when you dig diagonally, and the exploration range is wider. Large, it is recommended to dig diagonally


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