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① What are the steps of how to put Shiba Inu coins in Huobi Wallet

Summary 1. Log in to Huobi platform and register one if you do not have an account.

② SHIB has risen by more than 60%, and the price has reached a new high. Can you still buy SHIB?

A while ago, the currency circle became popular in China , Dogecoin rose and fell sharply in China, and some were happy and some were sad. Dogecoin has skyrocketed since Tesla President Elon Musk posted on social media on May 7 that I am looking for a Shiba Inu copy. The increase once exceeded 60%. During this period, many people leveraged tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of profits with very little principal, and made a lot of money. But with the last American talk show on Saturday Night Live, Musk took the initiative to admit that Dogecoin was a scam, just a joke he made, which led to the price of Dogecoin plummeting after that. 34%. It is also because Elon Musk’s copy that he wants to raise a Shiba Inu has caused the SHIB, which sounds similar to Shiba Inu, to skyrocket several times. Now that SHIB has risen by more than 60%, and the price has reached a new high, is it still possible to buy SHIB now? My personal opinion is that it is not appropriate to buy a large amount of SHIB now, mainly for the following reasons.

1. The transaction of virtual currency is inherently uncertain, so it is very irrational to buy a large amount of virtual currency

The transaction of virtual currency itself has certain uncertainty, so at this time a large number of It is not very wise to buy virtual currency. If someone releases some bad news after buying a large amount of virtual currency, it will lose a lot of money.

③ SHIB fell sharply, have you ever bought virtual currency?

I have, and this time SHIB When it was listed on an exchange, I also participated in it.

For those who don’t pay attention to virtual currency, the virtual currency SHIB may be a bit unfamiliar, because it is originally an altcoin, which is an air currency imitated from Dogecoin. This time I also invested in SHIB. The account originally had some floating profit, but later there was a small loss due to the failure to stop the profit in time.

Let me talk about the slump of SHIB first.

Around May 12, SHIB was listed on an exchange. Originally, the price of SHIB was around 0.000009. On the day of listing on the exchange, it rose to 0.00038 in just a few hours. Some people who bought earlier may have doubled about 40 times. For those who bought later or even chased high, they may be miserable. Some people even bought at a high of 0.00038. In the short term, these people’s accounts can lose at least 20% or more.

FIL: Has the faith been shattered? The current low is suitable for bottoming positions. The time is indeed longer, but it also means that the risk is relatively stable.

SHIB: Is the current price high? For those who have not yet entered the market, it is recommended to wait and see first. This type of currency is an opportunity only when it fluctuates. Still have to congratulate some of the people who have eaten a few waves of profits. Appropriate aggressiveness can also bring unexpected surprises.

DOGE : Although Grayscale is called shorting altcoins, but after all, it has the title of the father of Dogecoin. Since some people regard it as a belief, the currency friends who are in the quilt should stick to it. After the shock pullback is over, 1$ is only a matter of time.

PIG: Matcha is only on the market now. It really is the world of the “animal kingdom”, and both popularity and funds are on the other end of the scale. You can wait for the opportunity, continue the way of SHIB, and seize a wave of profits.

⑤ How to buy spot in Ouyi

Abstract Before purchasing shib, you need to register an okex account, and you need to improve your personal information after registration.

⑥ How to sell shib on Huobi

Summary Before selling USDT and converting it into currency, you need to transfer the USDT in the currency assets to the fiat currency account to find the USDT , click Transfer Transaction, and enter the amount of USDT to be transferred.

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