Green Bud Killers Club is Bringing the Love of Bong to the Blockchain

The ​​Green Bud Killers Club (GBKC) is a unique community of people who love both good weed and NFTs. Together, the community has a unique offering—an NFT bong!

What makes the project truly one-of-a-kind is that you can determine what your NFT bong will look like. In other words, pick your own colour, shape, base, downstem, bowl, liquid, and accessories to create your perfect NFT!

​​Green Bud Killers Club is dropping its first NFT collection, called The 420 Collection.

The 420 Collection: Meet Green Bud Killers Club’s first NFT collection

The ​​Green Bud Killers Club is all set to drop its first NFT collection. Called The 420 Collection, the project is an ode to the 420 culture. Along with this, the team also values quality over quantity. For these reasons, there are only 420 NFTs in the collection.

As previously mentioned, you can design your NFT bong the way you want it. However, in case you are not into creating your own piece, don’t worry. GBKC has set aside 42 unique bongs as one-off pieces. You can choose either the homemade Skittle Bong or the legendary Stundenglass Gravity Bong.

In addition, the project’s NFT builder also has a randomisation button. So in case, you’re too busy (or stoned) you can simply click the button to create a unique bong!

Actually, the option to create your own NFT is not GBKC’s only unique factor. Similar to how Azuki NFT created its own ERC721A contract, the ​​Green Bud Killers Club is developing a special smart contract that everyone can use. 

You can design your own bong NFT.

Decoding GBKC’s utility and roadmap

To begin with, Green Bud Killers Club has a referral system in place. All GBKC 420 NFT holders will get a commission for referring others. By using your personal reference system, you even have a chance to earn a year’s supply of the best weed!

Besides, as a community member, you will have your own GBKC ID Card. With this card, you can claim bonuses from your favourite brands and shops!

Ultimately, GBKC’s plan is to set up its own virtual reality-enabled metaverse. The project promises a virtual world featuring “a sunset, the ocean and an unlimited supply of weed”. Here, you will also be able to use the NFT bong that you minted. Basically, this will be a virtual world where you can go to relax and hang out with other GBKC members. 

If all this sounds exciting, make sure to get your own bong NFTs on the mint day. The collection will go live at 4:20 pm UTC on April 20 (04/20/2022). The whitelist holders can mint the NFTs for 0.024 ETH. However, the mint price during the public sale will be slightly higher at 0.042 ETH. 

For more information, make sure to check Green Bud Killers Club’s website. Don’t forget to follow the project on Twitter and join its Discord server for all the latest updates.

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