Guangzhou Bitcoin Mining Machine Market

1. How long does it take for the Tianhe-2 supercomputer to mine 21 million bitcoins?

Tell you, the computing power of a home PC is too low. According to the current computing and programming difficulty of more than 900 million, the computing power of a home PC is generally between 100M and 600M. If you go to mine, the money you earn in a month is not even one-tenth of the electricity bill, so you need a mining machine. The machine on the market today that is optimized and manufactured specifically for the calculation algorithm of Bitcoin generation is the mining machine. A mining machine can process 600GHash data operations per second, and if it is uninterrupted, it can generate a bitcoin in about 10 days, which requires high computer configuration.

It’s not impossible that you can dig 100 a day, to be exact, it doesn’t take a day, it only takes a few seconds to win, provided you can get the world number one “Tianhe No. 2”.

2. The most advanced bitcoin mining machine can dig out a bitcoin in a few days

The most advanced bitcoin mining machine can only mine one bitcoin in one to two years Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining is too difficult right now. If you want to dig, you can dig ether. Now the value is steadily rising every day. According to the current development situation, it will be able to return to the capital in about 7 months, and then it will be profitable.

3. How much is a bitcoin mining machine

This depends on the brand and computing power of the mining machine you purchased. The mainstream mining machine Avalon:

AVALON2 single module
(chip frequency 1500MH/s) ¥488 100 G ¥4.9 /G 340 W¥2.04 /G 0.0037 BTC
¥14.11 51 days
AVALON3 single module
(chip frequency 500MH/s) ¥1,988 290 G ¥6.9 /G 342 W¥0.71 /G 0.0108 BTC
¥40.93 113 days
AVALON3 whole machine
(chip frequency 450MH/s) ¥7,866 800 G ¥9.8 /G 822 W¥0.62 /G 0.0299 BTC
¥112.91 999 days

4 . If you use Tianhe-2 as a Bitcoin mining machine, how would it work?

1. This is a news from last year: some netizens calculated an account and converted the computing power of Tianhe-2 into mining efficiency , about one hour can dig out two to three bitcoins, which is 15,000 yuan.

2. Then 360,000 yuan can be dug out a day. Mayor Chen Jianhua said that the electricity bill of Tianhe No. 2 is 300,000 yuan a day, which seems to make a little money, but if you take into account labor costs, machine depreciation and other costs, “mining” will not make much money .

3. This is the data provided by a press release at the end of November 2013. Of course, according to the current computing power, there will definitely not be so many bitcoins, and the income will definitely be lower. Even mining with Tianhe No. 2 still loses money.

4. Because after all, Bitcoin mining stone is a very professional thing, it needs professional Bitcoin mining machine. And the replacement speed of Bitcoin mining machines is very amazing.

5. Take the mainstream Avalon mining machine on the market as an example, it has been updated for three generations of chips, and the fourth generation will soon come out.

5. What is the relationship between bitcoin mining machine and bitcoin, and how does it make money

Although many investors know nothing about bitcoin mining, they still cannot help the price of bitcoin The temptation of , they have plans to invest in the camp of the mining army. So if you also want to mine, I believe there must be a question in your heart: “What is a bitcoin mining machine? What is the principle of a bitcoin mining machine?” In response to this question, let’s remember some popular science today!

Origin of Bitcoin

To fully understand the origin of Bitcoin, we have to mention the existing financial system.

Bitcoin mining machine dedicated to mining

User downloads software with a personal computer and then runs a specific algorithm , after communicating with the remote server, the corresponding bitcoin can be obtained, which is one of the ways to obtain bitcoin. Popular digital currencies in 2013 include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zeta Coin, Penny Coin (external network), Invisible Gold Bar, Red Coin, Pole Coin, BBQ Coin, Prime Coin. At present, there are hundreds of digital currencies issued around the world.

With the orderly implementation of a cashless society, paper money will inevitably disappear into the long river of history with the passage of time. The future digital currency is believed to be similar to Bitcoin, but it is by no means limited in supply. But when the ability of human beings to produce wealth can be completely matched by the computing power of the computer, the issuance speed of electronic money is proportional to the computing speed of the computer or slightly exceeds a certain ratio to create mild inflation. In the future, mining is also creating value instead of wasting electricity now. In the end, the digital currency realizes the small changes in productivity and the difficulty of computing power. This may be the final form of human currency!

6. How much is a Bitcoin mining machine

It depends on what configuration of Bitcoin mining machine you buy. Take Avalon mining machine as an example,AVALON2
1T set (10 single modules): The price is 13999 yuan; the price of AVALON2 single module 100G is 1599 yuan; the price of Avalon 2 generation mining machine 2 module 200G is 2500 yuan. At present, the third generation of Avalon chips has been released, and the Avalon3 mining machine is about to enter the market.

7. Which bitcoin mining machine is good in China

The American Butterfly Lab is from the United States. He prefers to evade fares. He seems to have been prosecuted recently. As we all know, the garden mining machine is not good in overall performance. The energy consumption of the ant mining machine is relatively small, but the chip uses a 55nm process technology. According to the development of the current technology, it will soon be eliminated. The Roast Cat mining machine was once brilliant, but with the technological progress of other mining machine manufacturers, it gradually went downhill. In contrast, Avalon has been at the forefront of innovation. Avalon delivered the world’s first asic mining machine. Avalon1 once went from 8,000 to more than 300,000. The computing power contributed by Avalon’s second-generation chips to the entire network accounted for about one-third of the entire network’s computing power in January. one. At present, Avalon has delivered the first orders of three generations of chips using the 40nm process technology.

8. The latest relevant information about Bitcoin mining machines?

Mining machines have been around for a long time, and the efficiency of mining machines can kill PC installations in seconds, but the mining machines can only correspond to It is a kind of mine, and in the current market, this is very dangerous. Once the coins you mine fall, your hardware will be useless, and it is easy to lose money.
So now it is popular to install PCs for mining. Although the mining power consumption of graphics cards is much higher than that of professional mining machines, the efficiency is not so good, but the advantage is that if this coin is lost, you can mine another coin. It’s easy for someone to take over your mining equipment after you sell it.

9. How long does it take to mine a bitcoin with a cheap bitcoin mining machine?

Ordinary retail investors may dig every day for several years, but they can dig less than half a bitcoin. To tell the truth, it may be faster to speculate on Bitcoin. This is due to the model and the market. Domestic bitcoins, flow ore, and now Xiaosan can also mine flow ore. It is said that small mining machine hardware is expected to come out, we will wait and see.

10. What is the bitcoin mining machine doing?

The bitcoin mining machine downloads the mining software and then runs a specific algorithm. After communicating with the remote server, the corresponding bitcoin can be obtained. to get bitcoins.

Any computer can become a mining machine, but the benefit will be relatively low, and it may not be able to mine a bitcoin in ten years. Many companies have developed professional bitcoin mining machines, which are equipped with special mining chips, which are dozens or hundreds of times faster than ordinary computers.

Bitcoin miners can neither increase their rewards by cheating nor deal with fraudulent transactions that disrupt the Bitcoin network, because all Bitcoin nodes will reject blocks containing invalid data that violate the rules of the Bitcoin protocol. Piece. So even if not all Bitcoin miners can be trusted, the Bitcoin network is still secure.

(10) Guangzhou Bitcoin Mining Machine Market Extended Reading:

Mining consumes computing resources to process transactions, ensure network security and keep the information of everyone in the network synchronized Process. It can be understood as Bitcoin’s data center, the difference lies in its completely decentralized design, miners operate in countries around the world, and no one can have control over the network.

This process is called “mining” because it is similar to panning for gold, as it is also a temporary mechanism for issuing new bitcoins. Unlike panning for gold, however, bitcoin mining rewards services that ensure the safe operation of the payment network. After the last Bitcoin was issued, mining was still a must.

Anyone can become a Bitcoin miner by running software on specialized hardware. Mining software listens for transaction broadcasts over the P2P network and performs the appropriate tasks to process and confirm these transactions. Bitcoin miners complete this work and earn transaction fees paid by users to speed up transaction processing and additional bitcoins issued according to a fixed formula.


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