Guizhou Blockchain Competition

(1) What does the blockchain competition do?

A new application mode of computer technology such as data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, and encryption algorithm.

It is the simplest application scenario of the blockchain, which itself needs to maintain the data consistency of each node, which can be said to have its own information sharing function.


From the perspective of technology, blockchain involves many scientific and technological issues such as mathematics, cryptography, Internet and computer programming. From the application point of view, in simple terms, blockchain is a distributed shared ledger and database, which has the characteristics of decentralization, non-tampering, full traces, traceability, collective maintenance, openness and transparency.

These features ensure the “honesty” and “transparency” of the blockchain, laying the foundation for creating trust in the blockchain. The rich application scenarios of the blockchain are basically based on the fact that the blockchain can solve the problem of information asymmetry and realize the cooperative trust and concerted action among multiple subjects.

Blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, and encryption algorithm.

Blockchain is an important concept of Bitcoin. It is essentially a decentralized database. At the same time, as the underlying technology of Bitcoin, it is a series of cryptographic methods associated with each other. The generated data blocks, each of which contains a batch of Bitcoin network transaction information, is used to verify the validity of its information (anti-counterfeiting) and generate the next block.

ㅡ How to participate in the Golden Chain Alliance China Blockchain Application Competition

No matter what is gold, as long as it is gold, it must preserve its value! It will neither appreciate nor depreciate! In theory, jade is more collectible, but there is no standard and professional trading market for jade at present! It is not easy to trade, but there will be some in the future!

(iii) Where will the first blockchain application achievement experience exhibition be held

GBS Global Blockchain Summit Forum and the first blockchain application achievement experience exhibition will be held on the evening of June 24, 2018 Manila, Philippines ended.

More than 100 media around the world reported the summit, and broadcast live broadcasts to over hundreds of millions of audiences in China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States through video, internet, graphics and other means.

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㈣ What is the use of the blockchain competition for college students

Contestants do not need to be able to write code, they only need to understand blockchain technology principle, understand the situation of integration with the industry, and design a new industrial blockchain application with blockchain thinking, there is a chance to win a prize of 20,000 yuan.

The competition is divided into two competitions: “proposition competition” and “free competition”. There are two chances to win prizes. Excellent application design has the opportunity to obtain investment and incubation, paving the way for entrepreneurship.

Blockchain technology plays an increasingly important role in the development of the digital economy, with huge development potential.

In order to support the development of blockchain technology, “Hot Chainers First College Student Blockchain Application Design Competition” was officially launched!

This competition aims to disseminate blockchain technology, so that blockchain technology can attract more attention, let more people understand and be interested in the application of blockchain technology, and develop blockchain application ideas , explore the application scenarios of blockchain, explore blockchain application projects, cultivate talents in the field of blockchain in China, and nurture the talent foundation for China to become the engine that leads the development of the blockchain industry in the world.

㈤ There are so many blockchain training institutions in Guizhou, where is the better one?

Isn’t there a Guoxing Blockchain Business School, which is particularly targeted and can be customized as needed to choose.

㈥ How about Guiyang Blockchain Finance Co., Ltd.

Guiyang Blockchain Finance Co., Ltd. is another limited liability company registered in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province on 2017-03-21. The registered address is located at No. 1, 9th Floor, Unit 1, North District (1) 1, Financial Business District, Zone B, Zhongtian Exhibition City, Changling North Road, Guanshanhu District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province.
The unified social credit code/registration number of Guiyang Blockchain Finance Co., Ltd. is 91520100MA6DWDJT8W, the corporate legal person is Zheng Haigang, and the company is currently in business.
The business scope of Guiyang Blockchain Finance Co., Ltd. is: (Provide blockchain digital asset technical services. (Projects subject to approval according to law

㈦ Who will start the blockchain developer competition? Can become the next Xunlei Wanke Coin

In 2017, blockchain technology will undoubtedly set off a new wave of technology after the mobile Internet. From the perspective of technology implementation, commercial application and commercial realization, Blockchain is expected to become a new technology that will subvert people’s digital lifestyle after the mobile Internet. At present, the new wave of blockchain technology is fascinated by more and more developers, so the non-profit community-based blockchain Project NEO joined hands with Microsoft to open the first domestic blockchain developer competition, aiming to build on the NEO blockchain and Microsoft’s development environment and tools.�More excellent applications will be born, thus forming a strong application ecology of blockchain developers.

Mike Mason, technical director of the Office of the Chief Technology Officer at ThoughtWorks, a global software consulting firm, said: “People are using blockchain technology in more interesting ways as the basis for ‘decentralized applications’ , rather than just using it for applications such as financial technology and cryptocurrency. You must know that the “blue ocean” has never lacked players, and some Internet companies are trying their best to land on the beach, and have established that the blockchain industry market has become an inevitable development. Choose. In China, Xunlei’s wholly-owned subsidiary Wangxin Technology has used blockchain technology in an innovative cloud computing model – “shared computing”.

early In the past, Xunlei implanted the concept of sharing economy into the field of cloud computing, and created an original “shared computing” model. By collecting users’ idle computing resources and converting them into innovative cloud computing services for enterprises, on the one hand, it can effectively solve the shortage of social computing resources. On the other hand, it can greatly reduce the operating costs of enterprises. In August 2017, Xunlei launched a new sharing economy intelligent hardware player cloud, which means that in the shared computing ecosystem, Xunlei has added blockchain technology to distribute Wanke Coins to users who share idle resources such as bandwidth, storage and computing power through Wanke Cloud intelligent hardware.

Wanke Coins It is a digital asset based on blockchain technology under the Xunlei shared computing ecosystem. The launch of Wanke Coin has made Xunlei a pioneer in China’s blockchain technology, and also made Xunlei’s shared computing have many advantages: First, Wanke Coin is based on Shared computing and blockchain technology, through smart contracts, ensure that users share computing resources and content with equal pay and income, which is non-repudiation; secondly, through decentralized ledger records, to ensure that all transactions are true and transparent; thirdly, through the district The blockchain registers user copyrights and modification records to protect users’ copyrights from infringement.

Actually, blockchain technology has strong advantages in network security, cross-border payment and other fields, and is very important for building a community of shared future in cyberspace It also has important value. On October 31, 2017, Chen Lei, CEO of Xunlei Group and CEO of Wangxin Technology, proposed the All in blockchain strategy, announcing that starting from the player cloud, Xunlei will increase investment in blockchain technology to discuss Application of the integration of cloud computing and blockchain technology. On the day of the conference, Funke Cloud also signed a copyright content distribution agreement with 4K Garden, trying to integrate shared computing and blockchain technology to provide a platform for copyright distribution and content distribution. In the future, Blockchain will also generate more application scenarios in Xunlei’s shared computing ecosystem. Xunlei’s innovative attempts may give more inspiration to developers of other blockchain technology applications.

At the same time , as a pioneer enterprise in the blockchain application market, Xunlei is also actively guiding the healthy development of blockchain applications, insisting on not doing ICO, not on third-party trading platforms, and severely cracking down on third-party platforms that illegally trade and play Kebi, and Suppress speculation and speculation through measures such as the real-name system of Wankebi wallet act. Therefore, blockchain application developers should also abide by the law and avoid risks.

Xunlei’s “Player Cloud” is based on blockchain technology, taking the lead in creating a C-side application of China’s blockchain technology, which has played a role in promoting China’s blockchain technology to participate in the global blockchain ecological development It has created important value in the development of the digital economy. “The history of the development of the Internet is a history of innovation and entrepreneurship of Internet talents.” The development of blockchain also requires a lot of talent support. We are looking forward to the first domestic blockchain developer competition to have a refreshing “blockchain”. + “App is born!


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