Half Immortal Ordinary Survival Mining

『One』May I ask why the elderly and middle-aged people in rural areas are so superstitious, and believe in this kind of thing, will there be people who will do jobs like the semi-immortal in the future?

This is not The question of believing or not, but a means of survival, if doing it can maintain a good life, then many people will do it!

『崴』 What are the coordinates of the house where the 10 times explosion rate of the demigod survives

In that scroll-like place (press “j” on the computer, I don’t want to repeat it) and then I don’t remember if it’s the game setting or the world setting, look it up, there is a “reset” and turn it off, and re-entry will keep the progress

『三』How to treat Hebei” The result of the first trial of the “Demigod’s Murder Case”

The semi-immortal murder case some time ago was hotly searched. After reading the title, I felt very funny. The man and his younger brother beat their wife to death after listening to a fortune-teller, which shows that their nature is cruel. The man has lived with his wife for more than ten years and already has a son and a daughter. But regardless of the relationship between husband and wife for many years, he made such a big mistake. In fact, what I want to say is that fortune-telling is inherently unbelievable. Even if your own life is not good, you also fortune-telling for others.

The final result of the trial was that the three of them were sentenced to 13 years, 12 years, two years and two months, respectively. I think this result is what they deserve. First of all, this half-immortal used feudal superstition to deceive others, causing the deceived to implement hunger strikes, self-mutilation, self-abuse and other behaviors and prevent the patient from receiving normal treatment, resulting in death. Secondly, the man listened to the fortune teller’s words, actually fulfilled the fortune teller’s words, and prevented the victim from escaping and was suspected of intentional homicide. And his younger brother chose to help him commit crimes together, and they will all pay their responsibilities.

This world depends on love to survive, and there is no good result for cheating. The happiness gained by educating people with great love and influencing sentient beings is more important than that obtained by other means. We need to work together to protect our society and homeland, and call on everyone to be a good citizen who knows the law and abides by the law.

『4』 The mini-world half-immortal brother and other handsome guys play multiplayer games, build a house together, do something together, and mine together

Hello, they are building monster towers together. “Mini World” is a highly free 3D sandbox game released on April 1, 2016,

“Wu” mini world is off the shelf and what to do with the anchor Banxian

Those streamers can still play the mini world, that’s because as long as the mini world was downloaded before it was removed from the shelves, it can still play now. Or there is a link in the mini world. The anchor Baoge has collected this online, and can download it from any mobile phone. He said that he can send a private message to him if he wants to download it. As for what to do if Banxian and other streamers are removed from Mini World, they have no influence. Banxian also posted a lot of videos on the day it was removed.

『Lu』 Mini World: With a shovel, the half-immortal-level developmental buddy was caught off guard. What was the final result?

Isn’t it courting death to only take a shovel? , It’s just a joke, but Liu Banxian has this diamond and dares to work with this porcelain. Let’s see how Liu Banxian plays with an axe so much.

A half-immortal plays with a shovel. The beginning is to shovel it. Take a shovel and pat it everywhere. After the shovel is almost rotten, change another shovel. , anyway, it’s just changing the digging, but the digging is really slow, and it looks very boring.

In the end, it seems that the final result of this opening shovel is still indescribable, it is too sour, the great god is worthy of being the great god, and the half-immortal brother is worthy of being the great god of the mini world, ordinary If people start with a wooden shovel, they will definitely be destroyed enough in the end.

『柒』 When will Banxian play with Tumeimei to survive

That’s Xiao Lingdang! She is the half-immortal’s younger sister

『渌』 Half-professional half-immortal by the rabbit who pulls the marshmallow txt

Hello, I am the big fish blowing bubbles 1, using the Internet The disk is shared with you, click to save it, the link will be valid forever ^_^ Link: https://pan..com/s/1ErZ_259xPucLe3KEafTIWA Extraction code: jdat

『玖』 Banxian’s survival to Extremely like hanging a map, he built a subway station and a monster tower, what else did he build

Flat rock castle

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